How to Use Pigments—5 Ways

Ask and you shall receive—we’re talking all about pigments! Pigments are a super versatile product and there are many many ways to incorporate them into your look. Read on for the skinny on pigments and our 5 favorite ways to wear them!


What are Pigments?

Pigments are a fine, loose powder and the main ingredient in eyeshadow (minus the binder that keeps them pressed in a pan). Typically, when binder is added, it dulls the pigment’s color. Without binder, the intensely pigmented loose powder is known as pigment—they’re usually shimmery, but pigments can be matte as well.

How to Use Pigments—5 Ways

1. EYES–When you’re short on time, adding pigment to the lower lid is super quick but still packs a glamorous punch! Tap a light/medium shade into your pigment lid or onto a flat surface and use a stiff, flat brush to pick up the pigment (don’t forget to tap off the excess!) and gently pat on the lid. You can keep the color below the crease or bring it up slightly past the crease—either way works! Use a fluffy dome brush to blend out the crease and feather out any harsh lines. ProTip—You can also use a light pigment to brighten the inner corners of your eyes or highlight under the brow bone—both will make your eyes appear larger.

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2.  CHEEKSPigments are an amazing multi-purpose product—aside from adding a pop to your lids, they’re gorgeous as a cheekbone highlight. Hello, instant glow and dimension! To use, tap pigment into your pigment lid or onto a flat surface and use a cheek highlighter brush to pick up the pigment (don’t forget to tap off the excess!) and sweep along the tops of your cheekbones. Be sure to choose a light colored pigment that complements your skin tone. We love our pigment in New Years Eve for most any skin tone…it’s a stunning soft beige with flecks of gold.

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3.  LIPS–Pigments can be mixed with lip gloss to create your own custom lip color. Take a small amount of clear lip gloss on the back of your hand (or another flat surface) and use a brush to mix your favorite pigment in with the clear gloss until you have a sort of paste consistency. Apply the paste with a small lip brush—don’t use the lip gloss wand to mix or apply as you’ll transfer the color back into the remaining clear gloss. Pigments can also be mixed with lipstick to tone down a bright color, change the undertone or add shimmer—mix pigment with a small chunk of lipstick (cut from the tube) just as you would with lip gloss. Mix and match to get the perfect shade! ProTip: Add a light pigment to highlight the Cupid’s bow and make your lips look fuller!

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4. EYELINERS–Pigments work extremely well as a liquid eyeliner, especially when you need a custom shade. To make eyeliner from pigments, you’ll need to foil them first, then simply line your lids as usual with a Makeup Geek Bent Liner Brush. Check out our video, Beauty Bites–How to Foil Pigments. ProTip—You can also apply your foiled pigment all over the lid for an intense metallic look. 

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5.  HAIR & NAILS–The endless pigment possibilities extend beyond makeup—use them to add a bit of sparkle and shine to your hair!  Do so by using a brush or small scoop to add a tiny bit of pigment in with MAC Fluid Plus or any hair product with a thin consistency. ProTip—The thinner the hair product, the the easier it will be to evenly mix in the pigment. You can also sprinkle pigment onto wet nails to add shimmer or mix them with clear nail polish to create a color that’s all your own.

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There you have it, 5 fun and different ways to make use of your pigments! Don’t be intimidated—once you play around with them, pigments will have you feeling like a real artiste in no time. We promise! With pigments in hand, the only limitation is your imagination. Get creative, Muggies…and as always, stay happy and healthy!

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