How To Get A Messy Bun

Everyone loves a quick and easy way to style their hair. The bun has made a huge comeback in the last few years. But today’s bun is a far cry from the slicked back prim and proper look we all remember. It has been replaced by the chic messy bun that has a stylish, yet effortless look. Perfect for a day in the hot sun, or added to a polished office look, this versatile style is ideal for any occasion. Since it takes less than 5 minutes to achieve this amazing look, it’s great for a day when you don’t feel like spending time styling your hair. No matter if you have thick or thin hair, curly or straight, this is a look everyone can love.

Remember, you can always dress it up by simply pulling down some strands around your face or adding decorative hair clips to the side of your hair.

Here are some quick and easy tips on how to achieve this iconic look:

  • Step 1: Finger comb your hair pulling it back into a low ponytail.
  • Step 2: Spray any fly aways with a light weight hairspray, such as Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity Hairspray  and add a little to your ponytail to provide some extra texture.
  • Step 3: Take a boar bristle teasing comb, or any teasing comb or brush, and tease the ponytail slightly.
  • Step 4: Wrap the ponytail around itself and when you have about three inches of hair left separate the sections and twist in opposite directions.
  • Step 5: Secure the pieces on top of the bun with a few bobby pins.

That’s all there is to it! A great look that you are sure to love. :-)

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