Dark Green & Gold Smokey Eye using Makeup Geek Eyeshadow

Nothing is more intriguing than a smoldering, smokey eye. Here, Meredith Jessica a.k.a. Pigments and Palettes, has created a stunning deep green and gold smokey eye using Makeup Geek eyeshadows. Perfect for a night out with friends, or to grab the attention of special someone, this elegant and classic look is sure to become a quick favorite. This is also a good chance to use some of the Makeup Geek shadows you have had but haven’t been sure what to do with.


  • Begin with a good eyeshadow primer such as Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Urban Decay Primer Potion or Palladio Eye Primer and apply a thin even coat to the entire eyelid.
  • With a small brush like Makeup Geek’s Detail Brush, transfer NYX’s Black Bean onto the inner and outer corner of your eyes coming in 1/3 of the way and connecting the color in the crease. Don’t worry if this looks messy, it will be blended out. This step is to help intensify the color of the eyeshadow that will be placed over it.
  • Using a small brush like the Makeup Geek Small Crease Brush, blend the black color out to match your eye shape. When blended out properly the color should look faded to a light grey color. Remember, you are just using this as a base for your black eyeshadow.
  • Now take Makeup Geek’s Corrupt and using the same small crease brush apply the Corrupt over where you placed the NYX’s Black Bean. It is important to remember that Corrupt is very highly pigmented and a little goes a long way. Start with a little, you can always go back and add more to get the intensity you desire.
  • With a fluffy dome brush like the Makeup Geek Crease Brush, blend out any harsh lines from the black you have placed on your eye. You want the color to fade gradually as it goes toward your brow bone.
  • Now with your Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencil in Zero, or any black eyeliner of your choice, line the inner and outer half of you lower lid. You are recreating the same effect on your bottom lash line that you did on your eyelid.
  • Using a smudge brush like the Makeup Geek Eyeliner Smudge Brush, gently smudge out the eyeliner that you just placed on the bottom of you eyelashes. Make sure NOT to connect the color, you want an open space between the black.
  • With the Makeup Geek’s Sea Mist, and a small dome brush like the Makeup Geek Small Crease Brush, or for smaller eyes the Makeup Geek Outer V Brush, begin to work this color above your natural crease over lapping the edge of the black.
  • Apply the same color, Sea Mist on the outer corner under the eye where you have the black placed. Make sure not to completely cover the black.
  • Now with Makeup Geek’s Mermaid and using a fluffy dome brush, blend the color right above where you placed the Sea Mist. Once again, you want this to barely overlap the previous color so it begins to create a gradient effect. Blend the color up to the brow bone fading the color as you go.
  • At this point you may need to go back and retouch some of the shades you have already placed to get the desired amount of pigment you want on your eyes. You can make this as dark or as light as you want.
  • Grab the stunning shade Shimmermint, and a flat stiff brush such as the Makeup Geek Flat Eye Brush. This brush is great for pick up and packing a lot of pigment onto your eyes. Place the color Shimmermint on the center of the eyelid between the black. Keep patting until it is blends seamlessly. Blending this shade with in the middle of the other two colors will give it a gold toned appearance.
  • Wipe off your smudge brush and take a mix of Corrupt and Envy and place in the crease to help redefine it and add depth and dimension.
  • With the same brush, and mixture of Envy and Corrupt, run the brush along the lower lash-line to blend out the liner you placed earlier.
  • Again, wipe off your fluffy dome brush or grab a new one, and place Makeup Geek’s White Lies to the brow bone as your highlight color and to blend out the color Mermaid you placed there earlier.
  • Take Urban Decay’s 24/7 liner again, or a black liner of your choice, and line the top of your eyelid close to your eyelashes.
  • Also, with your eyeliner, line the upper and lower waterlines. Lining the upper waterline (tight lining) will help create the effect of fuller lashes.
  • To connect the upper and lower lids, take the shade Mermaid once again and your small dome brush and blend the color on the outer portion of your eyes going over the edge of the black coming in 1/2 of the way.
  • Finally, for the inner corner apply the shade Shimmermint over the edge of the black to lighten up the eye and keep it from looking too dark. Blend the two colors together meeting in the middle of your lower lash-line.
  • Curl your lashes and add a couple of coats of your favorite mascara.
  • Keep the cheeks delicate by adding a soft pink shade to the apples of the cheeks and blend back toward the hairline.
  • For the lips, use a barely there nude color or even just a sheer gloss for a soft wash of color. Remember, the eyes are the center of attention with this look.


Add a dot of Makeup Geek’s White Lies to the inner corner to pop open the eyes. A great pair of false lashes with this look will add depth and drama. You could also add a few individual lashes to the lower, outer corner of the eye for more intensity. If you want to add more gold to the middle of the eye, opt to use Makeup Geeks Gold Digger or apply a small amount over the Shimmermint.

And there you have it, the perfect dark green and gold smokey eye. Perfect for you brown, blue and even you green eyed babes. The colors work wonderfully with every eye color and draw out hazel eyes as well. No matter whether you choose to play it up, or tone it down, it’s the ideal smokey eye that will grab tons of attention.

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