Beauty Tips For The Active/Athletic Girl


Hi Everyone!

I’m Jena. I wanted to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me and what I do here at Makeup Geek.

I am the Marketing Assistant, and basically, I have about the coolest job a girl like myself could ask for. I get to dabble with all of my favorite things and call it a job. I get to take photos, design graphics and packaging, write for the site, review/test new makeup formulas, and best of all I get to chat with all of you. You are always so cheery and fun, chatting with you, really brightens my day!

Hiking, cliff jumping, soccer, snowboarding, golfing or pretty much anything active and outdoors are some of my favorite things to fill my spare time. Throughout the years, I’ve learned the hard way how to avoid looking like a complete mess while still keeping my makeup routine simple and fool proof. So today, I wanted to share with you some simple tricks to help you look good even when you’re working out! With the hot summer months coming up, makeup can be such a bother as it seems to smear easier and quite literally melt off your face. When you are exercising outside, or just laying out by the pool the key is to have breathable makeup.

This past weekend, my sister and I decided to head to the beach to hike on the dunes and just enjoy the beautiful weather. I knew I’d be sweating after a few steps up those treacherous sandy dunes, and I also knew we were meeting up with some friends afterwards. So, the trick was to keep my makeup barely there but still look decent enough to meet new people later.

You want to find that balance between no makeup at all and wearing too much. The best way is to only apply where you actually need it. The tips I share below are what I follow for days that I’m on the go.  You won’t look your absolute best, but that’s not the goal here.  Save that for girls night out. The goal is to get by without looking like a sweaty mess.


Unfortunately, my skin isn’t as clear or as evenly toned as I would like and because I have naturally lighter hair, my lashes and brows don’t show up well on their own. We all have our problem areas, but just because you are working out doesn’t mean you have to let them show. Whether you’re heading to the gym, out for a hike, or kayaking out on the lake, you can still look your best without layering on the makeup. After all, you never know who you’ll run into. ;)


Let your pores have some air when you work out. Only cover up what you have to with a matching concealer, a very light/sheer tinted moisturizer or BB Cream and again only apply where needed. If you wear too much you risk the chance of clogging your pores as you sweat. I prefer just using a concealer stick. It’s more discreet to carry with you for touch ups later. Just use your finger and lightly dab it on any blemishes, blending it into your skin.


Tinted Lip Balm is the perfect way to add a little light weight color to your lips. You’ll forget you even have it on. Having that extra boost of color will help your lips stand out and brighten up the rest of your face with one effortless swipe. My favorite brands are Maybelline’s Baby Lips, and Palladio Tinted Lip Balm. If you choose the right shade, these can double as a blush when you’re in a pinch. Just put a little bit on your finger, dabbing it along your cheekbone to add an extra splash of color.

  • Maybelline Baby Lips
  • Palladio Tinted Lip Balm 


I never wear waterproof mascara. I have found it clumps like mad once wet, doesn’t come off and, to me, is just a pain. I always wear regular mascara, so if I end up going to the beach spur of the moment and want to take it off easily (before it runs down my face) I simply rub my lashes gently between my fingers with a little water. If I know I’m going to be surrounded by water, I skip the mascara altogether. If you absolutely hate going with bare lashes, try vaseline or clear mascara. They’ll define the lashes and help you avoid looking like a raccoon.


If you have darker hair/fuller brows, you can afford to skip this step. If you have lighter brows like me, the extra definition really helps. Keep your brows looking natural, just filling in where needed.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. I use the Palladio brow pencil in taupe. I personally prefer pencils over powder, but that’s just me. Fill them in with whatever works best for you. By filling in your brows, you are creating a sort of frame to your face, helping your other facial features stand out more.

  • Palladio Brow Pencil


It’s simple, out of your face and cuter than the average ponytail. Between the basic three strand braid, fishtail, french, and dutch, there are plenty of styles to help you switch it up.


If you are doing something low key, you can wear a pair of simple studded earrings. It may seem silly to wear jewelry when you're playing tennis or whatever it is you're doing, but most people won’t even notice them. All they will notice is the overall effect. A pair of sparkly studs will play up your eyes and leave them looking bigger, and brighter.


Throw on a pair of stylish sunglasses if you’re doing something outside and less intense so you won’t lose them. They’ll protect your eyes from any harsh sun rays, hide any ‘no makeup’ fears you might have and do it all in style.


Always, always, keep your skin hydrated. Use your favorite moisturizer and lather up. For summer you can get away with choosing one with a little added shimmer to boost your natural glow.  My skin can be easily irritated so I stick to Cetaphil Fragrance Free as it seems to work best for me.

Keeping your makeup natural and quick to throw on can be such a breeze. I hope you find that following some of these tips are helpful and have you feeling good about yourself. Go out, be active, and enjoy the weather this summer without worrying about how you look!

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