Anatomy of Eye Makeup


Hi, Makeup Geeks! We know that achieving perfect eye makeup can be tricky when you don’t know where to start. Don’t fret, we’re here to help! We are breaking down the anatomy of eye makeup to give you the confidence to try out any look you desire. Pull out your notebook and grab a pen, class is in session. (P.S.-This will be the most fun you’ve ever had in class—we promise not to make you fall asleep during this lesson!)


What is it? The eyelid is the largest area on the eye to apply eyeshadow.

Best brush? A flat shader brush—it packs on a lot of product.  

Best eyeshadows? Take your pick! You can use any color eyeshadow & finish. We suggest shimmer finishes, because they work best to open up the eyes.


What is it? The outer v is the outer corner of the eye that extends from the lash line to the crease, forming a sideways V shape.

Best brush? An outer v brush—it’s designed to deepen up this area.

Best eyeshadows? Use medium to dark colors to give this area the most dimension. We love matte finishes that balance out shimmery shades usually found on the lid.


What is it? The crease is the folded area of the skin just above the eyelid, where it literally forms a crease.

Best brush? A dome-shaped brush—it gets right into the crease and blends shadows out easily.

Best eyeshadows? Go for medium to dark matte shadows to add the most depth to the crease.


What is it? The transition areas are the areas of the eyelid just above the crease.

Best brush?  A dome shaped brush—it follows the natural curvature of these areas and allows you to blend out colors with ease.

Best eyeshadows? Choose light to medium matte shadows for the transition areas. Light shades work beautifully to blend out harsh lines.


What is it? The highlight/brow bone is the area just under the brow.

Best brush? A small to medium dome-shaped brush—it’s the perfect size for this tiny area.

Best eyeshadows? Use light/neutral shades in either matte or shimmery finishes to highlight your brow bone. These shades will reflect the most light and give you an instant brow lift.


What is it? The inner corner is innermost area of the eye, near the tear duct.

Best brush? A small dome or small flat brush—it’s small enough to get very close to the tear duct.

Best eyeshadows? Always pick light/bright colors in a shimmery finish, because they add reflectiveness and open up the eyes.


What is it? The lower lash line is the area just under the bottom lashes.

Best brush? A pencil brush—the fine tip gives great precision.

Best eyeshadows? Medium to dark shades in any finish work best to frame the eyes & complete the look.


What is it?The waterline is the area inside the lower eyelid on the inner rim.

Best brush? NONE—do not use a brush here because it can scratch your waterline. Ouch! Use an eyeliner pencil instead.

Best product? A pencil or gel liner. Do NOT use liquid liner on your waterline because it may burn!

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