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Work Glam

TAGS: Neutral, Eyeshadow, Grey, Red, Yellow, Gradient, Winged Liner

Wearable, glamorous looks can be perfect for work! If you are looking for a bit of inspiration, this gradient, winged liner tutorial is perfect for you. Featuring Had Me at Yellow, Flame Thrower, Clean Slate, and Bitten.

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Step 1

Using Espresso Eyeliner Pencil, draw a C-shape on the outer corner of the eye. Using a Small Dome or Outer V Brush, buff inwards to create a base.

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Step 2

Using a Smokey Eye Brush, apply Bitten to the outer 1/2 of the lid. Make sure you buff this inwards to avoid harsh lines.

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Step 3 image

Step 3

Using the same Smokey Eye Brush, apply Had Me At Yellow in the crease and blend slightly upwards.

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Step 4 image

Step 4

Using the same Smokey Eye Brush, apply Clean Slate on the inner 1/2 of the lid.

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Step 5 image

Step 5

Using a Pencil Brush, apply Flame Thrower under the lower lash-line and bring it out to the side just under your outer corner color.

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Step 6 image

Step 6

Using a liquid liner, line the upper lash line. Then add a wing just abover the copper color (use this color as a guideline).

Fill in your winged liner shape and then line the inner tearduct to the upper lash-line to create a point.

You could also use a black eyeliner pencil and a small liner brush.

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