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TAGS: Neutral, Eyeshadow, Beige, Brown

Enjoy the cool breeze, autumn leaves, and a relaxing Hayride. This Neutral Glam Fall Look features Deja Brew, Magic Act and Honey Badger.

Step 1 image

Step 1

Using a Small Pencil Brush, apply Deja Brew by drawing a line from the outer corner of the eye to the crease.|Step 1 and Step 2 Combined should looke like this once you are finished.

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Step 2 image

Step 2

Using the same Small Pencil Brush, apply Deja Brew to the crease. Start at the end of the last step and draw inward.

Using a Smudger or Buffer Brush, blend this crease line upwards a bit.

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Step 3 image

Step 3

Using a Crease Brush, apply Honey Badger as a transition shade to blend out Deja Brew in the crease.

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Step 4 image

Step 4

Using a Smudger Brush, apply Deja Brew to the lower lash-line and smoke out the first line you created in Step 1.

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Step 5 image

Step 5

Using a Flat Shader Brush, pack Magic Act on the lid.

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Step 6 image

Step 6

Enjoy creating this beautiful look with our Fall Scenes Eyeshadow Palette. One Palette, so many ways to wear!

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