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Cider Mill

TAGS: Color, Eyeshadow, Red, Smokey Eye

Enjoy taking a stroll through the Cider Mill! Eating hot donuts and drinking cider has never been so fun. Recreate this look using Had Me At Yellow, Curtain Call, and Berry Shady.

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Step 1

Using a Shader Brush, apply Berry Shady all over the lid. Blend slighlty upwards into the crease.

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Step 2 image

Step 2

Using the same Shader Brush, apply Had Me At Yellow above the crease as a transition shade. This will blend out Berry Shady to avoid any harsh lines.

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Step 3 image

Step 3

Using a Flat Shader Brush, apply Curtain Call all over the lid.

Using a Small Dome Brush, apply Curtain Call to the lower lash-line. Buff this out slightly to avoid any harsh lines.

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Step 4 image

Step 4

Using a Pencil Brush, apply Give Me The Dirt to the upper lash-line to darken the lashes.

This step is optional if you would like to leave this look a bit lighter.

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Step 5 image

Step 5

Enjoy creating this beautiful look with our Fall Scenes Eyeshadow Palette. One Palette, so many ways to wear!

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