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Laura Beth
Greetings, Makeup Geeks! My name is Laura Beth and I'm a private music teacher and makeup hobbyist. I love the idea of looking totally different every day, and my makeup allows me to achieve that. My only hope is that my creations inspire its viewers to step out of his or her comfort zone and try something new.

Laura Beth's 8 Must Haves

Create My Own Palette
I absolutely love neutral eyes with a bright, punchy inner corner, and Pegasus complements the warm undertones of the mattes so well. Don't be afraid of the shimmer in Mango Tango! It makes a wonderful peachy transition shade with no visible shimmer when blended out.

"Technique is undeniably important, but it takes a backseat to confidence. Dust off that purple lipstick you never wear, or break open the glitter liner still wrapped in plastic. Try some pink brows, or glue stars to your face like freckles. In the words of a good friend, 'If you can put it on, you can pull it off."