Jasmine Airdelle - Beauty Profile

Jasmine Airdelle
Hi, I am Jasmine Airdelle and makeup is my forte! I fell in love with makeup and haven’t looked back since! It is awesome to share my love for makeup with you, giving tips & tricks, everyday looks as well as bold and smokey! Makeup is fun, break all the rules! xo

Jasmine Airdelle's 11 Must Haves

Untouchable Power Pigment
It was impossible to find the perfect red eye shadow until I used Untouchable! It is super pigmented so you can achieve a bold red eye look, but if you wanted to just get a hit of red you can apply a small touch! It is also really easy to blend out and looks amazing against my skin tone!

“What better medium than makeup? What better canvas than your face? ” – Jasmine Airdelle