Katrina Liza - Beauty Profile

Katrina Liza
Hey Dolls! My name is Katrina Liza, better known on social media as THE MAKEUP DOLL. I am an award winning, internationally published makeup artist + influencer. I have a passion for mentoring and helping others along with their makeup journey!

Katrina Liza's 6 Must Haves

Mixtape Foiled Lip Gloss
My faves are the foiled glosses! There are no other glosses on the market like them! They are completely opaque, and have a beautiful metallic finish that always turns heads! These glosses are not sticky and are long lasting!​ If I had to pick my go to shade, it would be Mixtape! ​Definitely ​a​ fave!

"Beauty has no boundaries. When it comes to beauty, there is no one definitive answer. Beauty is defined differently by each person on this planet. Lets make our definition of beauty one to remember." -Katrina Liza