Travel Vault Palette

$1 $18.99
The perfect palette to store your valuable cosmetic essentials while on the go.

Fits: 9 Eyeshadows / Power Pigments or 1 Face Pan (Blush / Bronzer / Highlighter) and 5 Eyeshadows / Power Pigments

About this Palette: This solidly constructed palette features an open magnetic interior. Encased by a rose gold gunmetal lid with an embossed Makeup Geek Logo and a luxurious black soft touch base. It also includes a high-quality mirror in the lid to help you with touch-ups on the go.

  • Matte black base with a velvety soft touch finish
  • Magnetic interior
  • Rose gold gunmetal lid with interior mirror

How It Works: All Makeup Geek products are pressed in pans made of metal that are attracted to magnets and hold firmly to the Travel Vault interior. Any other brands other than Makeup Geek may be pressed into non-magnetized metal pans such as aluminum or tin, therefore they may not adhere to the magnets.

Product Details

Interior Magnetic Area: 3.7 inches x 3.5 inches
Exterior: 3.9 inches x 3.9 inches
This product is sold as an empty palette.
Cosmetics featured in the images above or on social media are sold separately.


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