Winged Liner Stencil

Tip: Struggling with winged liner? Use a sticky note as a stencil. Line up from edge of eye to edge of brow. Use liquid liner, gel liner, pencil liner or eyeshadow to create an instant cat-liner look!




Today is all about getting that perfect winged liner! All you need is a small sticky-note, an eyeshadow, and a small flat brush. 


STEP 1: 

Take tiny sticky note and connect it to the bottom lash line and past the brow. 


STEP 2: 

Choose an eyeshadow you would like to use. Marlena used Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Enchanted Forest.


STEP 3: 

Take a small flat brush with your eyeshadow on it. Run this along the sticky note and join to upper lash line. 

You can do the same technique using gel liner, liquid liner, pencil liner, or eyeshadows. Marlena likes using eyeshadow because it gives her more colors to choose from! 

THERE YOU GO, Instant Cat-liner with just a shadow and a sticky note!

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