Eyeliner As An Eyeshadow Base

Tip: Make your eyeshadow appear more saturated or brighter by using different shades of eyeliners as a base.




Tip 1: Make your Eyeshadow Brighter and Pop!

Use an eyeliner that is close in color to the eyeshadow you are using. 

*** Marlena is using Mystical Foiled Eyeshadow and Plumeria Eyeliner Pencil

On the lower lash-line apply the eyeliner pencil. Then take a Small Dome or Pencil Brush and blend it out. Using the same brush, dip it into your eyeshadow and place it over the top of the eyeliner. This will make the eyeshadow brighter and pop a bit more

Tip 2: Change the color of your Eyeshadows!

Using white and black eyeliner pencils as a base can change the color of your eyeshadows! 

For brighter eyeshadows, use a white eyeliner. 

For deeper and more saturated colors, use a black eyeliner.

*** Marlena used Ivory and Obsidian Eyeliner Pencil and Mystical Foiled Eyeshadow to display the difference.

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