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Movie Night

TAGS: Color, Eyeshadow, Pink, Blue, Halo

Grab some popcorn and enjoy a cozy Movie Night with us! This Halo Makeup Tutorial uses a technique that has a darker color on the inner and outer lid with a light shimmery color on the center of the lid. It works well for wide set eyes. Featuring In The Spotlight, Pinky Promise, Espresso Yourself, and Time Travel.

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Step 1

Using a Stiff Dome Brush, apply Time Travel to the outer and inner lid.

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Step 2

Using a Small Dome Brush, apply Espresso Yourself on the lower lash-line.

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Step 3

Using a Crease Brush, apply Pinky Promise to the crease and blend slightly upwards.

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Step 4

Using a Flat Shader Brush, apply In The Spotlight to the center of the lid for a metallic pop.

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