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Girl's Trip

TAGS: Color, Eyeshadow, Pink, Brown, Blue

Ready for a fabulous weekend away? Enjoy a Girl's Trip full of laughter, fun and adventure. This halo eyeshadow look features: Whimsical, Cupcake, Deja Brew, and Time Travel.

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Step 1

Apply Cupcake Eyeshadow to the outer and inner lid using a stiff dome brush.

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Step 2

Apply Deja Brew Eyeshadow to the crease and blend slightly upwards using a crease brush.

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Step 3

Using a flat shader brush, apply Whimsical Foiled Eyeshadow to the center of the lid for a metallic pop.

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Step 4

Using an angled brush add Time Travel Eyeshadow to the Lower Lashline.

Then upward and outward to create a lower lashline wing.

Use a pencil brush and Time Travel Eyeshadow to smuge out the line.

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Step 5 image

Step 5

Add Ultramarine Eyeliner Pencil to the waterline

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