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Firework Display

TAGS: Color, Eyeshadow, Purple, Brown

Summer isn't complete without an amazing Firework Display! Enjoy amazingly bright colors in a smoky night sky! Featuring eyeshadows Creme Brulee, Cheetah Bear, Give Me The Dirt, and Mystical with our Full Spectrum Eyeliner Pencils Ivory and Obsidian.

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Step 1

Add Creme Brulee to the crease and blend slightly upwards using a crease brush.

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Step 2

Add Cheetah Bear to the lid with a crease or flat shader brush.

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Step 3

Using a small dome or angled liner brush add Give Me The Dirt to the upper lashline and lower lashline. Make sure you smudge out slightly to avoid harsh lines.

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Step 4

Using a Gel, Liquid, or Pencil Liner and a bent liner brush create a winged liner shape.

Check out our One Minute Winged Liner Tutorial for more details.

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Step 5

Apply a small amount of Ivory eyeliner pencil to the inner corner and smudge slighty with a small dome brush. Apply Mystical over Ivory in the inner corner.

  • Adding a white base under an eyeshadow will make it brighter and a little lighter.

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