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Z Palette

De-Potting Spatula


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The OFFICIAL Z Palette De-potting Spatula! This deluxe, double-sided spatula makes de-potting a breeze and doubles as a mixing tool for creating custom shades!
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This deluxe, double-sided spatula makes de-potting a breeze and doubles as a mixing tool for creating custom shades! Featuring a non-slip grip and designer, multi-color metallic finish, the Z Palette De-Potting Spatula is the perfect metal tool for de-potting everything from metal pans out of plastic packaging to lipsticks and concealers out of the tube!
Manufacturer Z Palette
Finish No
Multi Color No
Vegan No
Cruelty-free No
Paraben-free No
Color Family No
Shade No
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THANK GOD FOR THIS!!!!1!!11!!!
This spatula saved my marriage! never ever understood why all my eyeshadows would break when i hit them with a hammer. Thought it was just the hammer, its fairly old, about 15 years or so, so i brought it back to the shop. Well you should have seen the look on the assistants face when i handed her the hammer- shocked! Even had the cheek to tell me it was too old to be returned?? Well to say she didn't know what was coming., ended up getting arrested for assault. When my husband picked me up he said he didn't know what ad become of me. Getting arrested plus he thought the shattered eyeshadow had been a new type of drug. I knew i had to change my ways when i caught my daughter pretending to snort lines in her Barbie jail will her dolls. so i purchased this and as i said- saved my marriage! would highlu reccomend
Un wrote on 7/19/2016
Depotting Eyeshadows...
Deporting eyeshadows is fairly simple. I was nervous at first but after watching several YouTube videos, I decided to give it a try. You MUST get on YouTube and watch "how to depot eyeshadows". Instead of using a flat iron and parchment paper, I used aluminum foil and it worked just fine. I also placed two on the iron at a time. Just watch them closely and you'll see the pans rise up from the plastic. Make sure to keep track of their names! Instead of trying to remove the stickers from the MAC containers, I bought those labeling dots in school supplies. And don't forget the Back to MAC program :)
Whitney wrote on 1/3/2015
Wonderful Tool!!
When i bought this i was excited about depotting my eye shadows and making room! Sadly i do not know how to use this thing lol can somebody plz HELP..... :)
winter wrote on 12/10/2014

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