Wearable Yellow Eyeshadow Look

Hi Makeup Geeks! Yellow can be one of the most intimidating eyeshadow shades to work with. In this tutorial, I’ll show you a few simple ways to incorporate color into your looks while still staying day time appropriate. When working with any bright shade, the key is to pick one specific location to apply the color. For this look, I toned it down by adding a slight shimmer to the lid, keeping the bright color in my crease and blending everything out. I also added winged liner to add definition and contrast. So grab your favorite yellows and let’s get going on this look. :-)

Wearable Yellow Makeup-2


  • Korres Quercetin & Oak Anti-Ageing Concealer – (Amazon), (eBay)
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation – (Amazon), (eBay)
  • Cover FX Natural Finish Oil-Free Foundation in N20 for the face and N30 for the neck. – (Sephora)
  • Maybelline Dream Matte Powder – (Amazon), (eBay)
  • Sephora Microsmooth Powder in Matte Tan – (Sephora)
  • Lorac Perfectly Lit Powder in Spot Light – (Amazon, (eBay)




  • Maybelline #90 Electric Shock  (for a brighter look) – (Amazon), (eBay)
  • NYX Nude Peach Extreme Lip Cream – (Amazon), (eBay)



I hope you’ve found this tutorial to be helpful in creating wearable looks using yellow eyeshadows. As always, I hope you all are staying happy and healthy!


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I love this! I’ve been doing a pop of “florescent” colors on my eyes lately and have been having a blast with that… (I’m over 40 too, and totally rock it!!)

But I really love this bright yet very soft look. This would translate so well to any bright color… Thank you for always giving me ideas!!

hey hey, Thats a good look!, E.l.f. black label at Target has some really profound lipsticks and retractable lip colors im highly fond of, ‘nearly nude’ is only $3 but has lasting color and power, perfect also for lining, hope u look into it!


Hi Marlena! Gorgeous as always!
I know you don’t usually reply to all of the comments, but I have an important question. I’m going to prom soon, and my dress has a sparkly gold top, and ruffly white bottom. I love makeup, and I’m not afraid to go all out, so if you have any color or style recommendations for makeup, that would be amazing! :D
If anybody else here has recommendations, PLEASE reply!

If you don’t want to go all out, you can do a pretty shimmery-but-neutral look (there are lots to choose from!) or you can do something with a pop of colour. Since you’re wearing gold and white, try something like a soft lilac. Hope this helps! Enjoy prom! :)

I’m so excited I just purchased the lemon drop and chickadee colors. The wearable yellow video has just sparked my curiosity. Along with my colors I ordered the angled stippling brush because I want to tackle my fear of contouring. I’ll keep you posted.
Thanks for all your helpful tips