New Years Eve Makeup: Magnificent Sparkles

This amazing look is a recreation of the most requested of the Sephora Holiday looks. This dazzling creation will look stunning as you ring in the New Year with friends or that special someone. You are sure to be the center of attention as the light catches those stunning eyes and flawless face making you the most beautiful girl of the night. Don’t just limit this look to New Years however, this is ideal as a Halloween Angel or for adding some magic to your Christmas.


  • Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach    (Bobbi Brown)
  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation    (Amazon)
  • NARS Loose Powder     (Sephora)
  • NYX Peach Blush   (Makeup Geek Store)
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in “Soft and Gentle”   (MAC)




Products Used in the Sephora Look:

  • Makeup Forever Black Cream Eyeshadow    (Sephora)
  • Makeup Forever Glitter- Silver 2     (Sephora)
  • Makeup Forever False Lashes #26      (Sephora)
  • Tarte Natural Beauty Cheek Stain    (Sephora)
  • Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit     (Sephora)
  • Bare Escentuals Lipstick in Las Vegas      (Sephora)




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Marlena, you look fabulous!!

and you look like you lost so much weight in this video!! good job hun!

hi marlina u look gorgeous very pretty i love u soooooo much u r my barbi doll.
marlena i request to u for many time but u even dnt ans me i said that plz do a toturial about facial for dry skins i want to look like u my dear plzzzzzzzzzzzz ans me barbi.

i like this look i was thinking of doing very dark but bold colors like dark purple and like a dark aqua color for my eyes for new years but i think u have convinced me to do this one i love this look…. its very pretty and glamorous …… love it muah!

hey, esther the mac 109 is the best for contouring, its stiff but soft and round and dense but just the right size for doing cheeks and and jawline..i love it! give it a try.

Bonjour Marlena
Un grand merci pour tes tutorats magnifiques, je suis une grande fan de ce que tu fais!!!!
A bientot
Amandine from Paris (France)

hey! very nice! looks great! already enjoying new year’s eve!! LOVED your little talking problems! :-) That’s why I couldn’t tape tuts, I’d be out of anything all the time LOL
Merry christmas!

You put the model on the cover to shame ………… your look is much better and at least you wont take off if you blink :-)

..Marlena.. for the front cover i say ! .. happy new years eve to all xx

Thank you so much for doing this look! It is so much fun. I can’t wait to try it out tonight. I have a hugh Christmas party tonight and this will be a great party look. Thanks again. Have a Merry Christmas!!!

Absolutely gorgeous!!! I have a feeling I am going to be getting some beautiful glitter for Christmas so thank you for doing this tutorial Marlena, great tip with the eyelash glue!! I feel ready for the New Year now. :)
I hope you are enjoying the holidays and heres to a great New Year with a lot more make up fun! :D

Hi Marlena!
I loved this video!!! Just to let to know that you are beautiful and I adore all your videos! I’m from Brazil!!
Keep up the nice work!

i love this video nice and makes me feel beautiful like i do with ALL YOUR TORTS THANK U SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH

Wow, this is fabulous! I am so doing this look New Years Eve!

I was actually wondering if you have a Best of Brushes kind of article. Like, if I were to have a set of brushes for the most versatility, what would they be?

I feel like my brushes are all sort of haphazard, and whatever the current sales girl convinces me to buy. I would find such an article extraordinarily useful.

Thanks so much for all your fabulous tutorials!

Hey there Marlena,
I really like this look, very nice. :)
I would like to know if you have any tips for ladies like me
that have so much trouble when it comes to applying
false lashes. I will really appreciate it.

Beautiful Marlena…………. Can you tell me, have you stopped wearing Double Wear? I’ve been wearing it for a long time and have thought about changing.

Hi Marlena, I just wanted to tell you your verson is so much better than the Sephora. People can wear your look Sephora’s is questionable. Thank you for all of videos. I did the Bombshell look for Halloween this year and got tons of comps. on my makeup !!! THANK YOU!!! You are very pretty too !!!!

Hi Marlena! I would really like to see a Twilight inspired tutorial and I was also wondering if you were going to have another seminar near Los Angeles anytime soon?

Hey Marlena! gorgeous look. Loved your hair, too! haha I just wanted to say that we all have those days and that this video made me smile :•} I have having a pretty bad day myself.

HEY MARLENA! Do you have any videos that use the mac color “HUMID”?? If not could you post one sometime?? I’d really appreciate it!

Hey Marlena! I just really want to say that I am a big fan of your videos though I’m only a teen! Please do some fashion segments and a few more of the sephora holiday looks (I love them:) also have a wonderful christmas and new year,
– 1# Makeupgeek Fan!

Hey Marlena! I just really want to say that I am a big fan of your videos though I’m only a teen! Please do some fashion segments and a few more of the sephora holiday looks (I love them:) also have a wonderful christmas and new year,
– 1# Makeupgeek Fan!
Please Reply

Your tutorials are awesome! Can you do a tutorial to apply false eyelashes and another one to shape and apply makeup to your eyebrows, please? Thanks!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this look! Especially because I’m in love with glitter as of lately… and the blue reflects is my fave! but my all time fave is Reflects Antique Gold from the “sexpot” collection.. you will love incorporating that with some of your looks! :)
anyways love the vid doll.. your soo cute.. the Elmer Fudd part had me gigglin like a 2 year old haha keep up the great work mamaz! lookin forward to many more! :)


I love this look, i can’t wait to get the makeup i need to try it out. i just have to find a job first to get the money to get what i need cause my mom can’t fund for everything :P. hopefully though i can get some stuff before new years so i can have this look for the party i’m going to.

Marlene, Sephora has a glitter applicator, and it works great I bought it last week and used it with make up forever glitter and it worked great and I did not have any fall out. Where I touched it on my face it went right there and no where else.. great tool..

Haha thia tutorial helped me get into the Christmas spirit lolz i love this look thankks 4 showing me how 2 do it and ur an awesome makeup artist!!

i am so loving this look..i’ll try in on later for our christmas eve dinner with the whole fam.happy holidays to everyone!

heyy i lovee your videoss!!

i wissh i could have you do my makeup one dayy. haha.

but i was wondering what is a good waterline eyeliner? i get waterproof ones, but they still disappear in like a few hourss. please hellpp :))

thanksss so much

Dear Marlena,
First of all i want to wish you a merry chrismas and a happy new year!! I really do love your tutorioal this look is insane it is so beautiful wow! your so pretty, talented and fun to watch!! thamk for charing with us your passion of cosmetics!!

I do have a question i have some issue when i try to send a message to your store customer services. The file appear but the “SUBMIT” button do not appear so im not able to send my request so what can i do???

Thank you for charing with us your super great talent!!!

marlena this is soooo so so so pretty!! i love it tons!
i’m going to go try it out and hopefully wear it out tonight for a very merry Christmas Eve!! :)
thanks so much for everything. we love you and all your makeup skills,tips, and tricks are great!!
AND you are so halarious! hahahahahah but don’t worry, i wike wipstick too ;) ;) lol


The look is great and I cant wait to try it! Where do you get all your lacy tops? Please let me know so i can try to find them here in Texas. Thanks.

Hi Marlena! Hope you’re having a great holiday season. Just wanted to say I love all your tutorials but the last few seemed a little rushed. Not saying that I hate them but I love when you take your time and go step by step on everything you do and put on your face. For some of us your videos are like our make up “Bible”.

One more thing, I will love to see a tutorial on how to press pigments and if possible a review on the best foundations. I know you get tons of requests and obviously not enough time to please everyone but it will be great to see those 2.

Happy New Year!!!!


jus wanted 2 say all of ur makeup looks are awesome! :D

and i hav a question: before u use eyeshadow, do u hav to use a primer specifically or can u jus use some foundation?

Hey marlena!! Another amazing look! My sister wants it done so badly for new years!
Thankyou so much again! Was wondering if you were able to do some looks from the champage and caviar palette from nyx! We can’t buy nyx in the uk so I have to get it from eBay and im officially in love with nyx!!! Also , I know you are busy but could you do some more hair tutorials!! Your hair always looks so beautiful! Well done with the weight loss!! You look increadable!! Thankyou for everything you do. You mean a lot to us mere mortals!
Happy new year from the UK!!!!

Wow! I’ve been so busy lately, I guess I haven’t watched a vid in a while- you’re looking so thin! (And pretty, as always.)

BTW, thanks so much for the aside about NOT lining outside of the natural lip line- I don’t know who people think they’re fooling when they do that!

Beautiful makeup look for New Years party and I love that you didn’t put so much glitter to it. It’s really a sexy makeup, easy to make :) Thanks Marlena

rotflmao@elmer fudd!!!
great look, though that shade of pink is not the most flattering look on you. big fan, can’t wait to see more!!

hey <3 this look
1 request…
can u do a parez hilton look please anyone who agrees write a reply
:) :) :)

I just wanted to say thank you sooOo much Marlena for making this tutorial. You’re makeup looks always. :) Oh and I also wanted to say thanks again for using the NYX makeup specifically for this look for us gals who are in a tight pinch this season but still want to rock the look!

May the New Year bring you Joy, Peace, and the love of those around you. “This too shall pass”. This year is going to be great …God has great plans for you.


I love your videos! You are my fave makeup guru. In reference to this video, I have noticed that you use a lot of matte nude colors as your highlight instead of light soft pink colors. Why is that? Most makeup gurus on youtube use a light pinky-peach color as a highlight.



Hi Marlena ~ I was hoping to do a Holiday look with MAC’s BlueBrown Pigment. I have yet to perfect my pigment technique. Any tips? I love this pigment color but have no idea how to begin using it.


I love this make-up look and i was thinking to do it for my Social. Proplem is most of the NYX products listed and American and i was wondering if at all posible you could list some uk products that would work just the same??

Thanks (Love The Eyes)

Your skin is FLAWLESS! I WISH I had skin like you! It is so hard for me to wear foundation because my skin is super dry, even after I moisturize! It stinks :( Any suggestions?

Marlena sweetie, your videos have never failed to inspire me and leave me with the feel-great feeling!! :D
And of course it has esp never failed to make me laugh at some of your antics. LoL!!

You’re looking absolutely radiant as always and I hope all’s well with you. Loved the video and your color combis are wat always encourages me to experiment with colours and be different. :p

Thank you once again for all your makeup tips and advise and I hope you’re having a fantabulous New Year 2010 so far!

With lotsa love & hugz fm your Ardent Fan,


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hi :)
am really a big fan of ur work, I love makeup a lot but didn’t know how to apply it. I learnt a lot from u

regarding the sephora eyeshadow what do u think about them???

can u make a review about it plz :)

keep going girl :)

hey marlena, my name is Nadine i’m from the netherlands. I love you tutorials they are wonderful. Just one question about this video.. am i missing something or do you have no eyeliner in your waterline in your left eye? it looks to me that you did the eyeliner only on the right eye :P

greetings from you Dutch fan ;D