How to: Make Blue Eyes Pop!


Hello my beautiful blue eyed babes! Today I am going to share with you some tips and tricks for making those beautiful blue eyes POP! Everyone wants their eyes to stand out and this is a great look for making sure your eyes get noticed. If you are a green eyed gal, or a brown eyed bombshell, no worries, you will still look amazing with this look. Perfect for anytime you want to catch the attention of someone special, or when you just want to be the center of attention.





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Tips for bringing out your baby blues:

  • Wear colors opposite of blue on the color wheel- those would be golds, oranges, coppers, and browns.
  • Blues can help blue eyes pop if it’s the darker blue and used in moderation- even some purples look nice
  • For a fun twist, wear fuschia or orange on the lid with a touch of brown in the crease- it brightens your eyes while keeping it wearable
  • Put that blue eyeliner in the waterline- it accents the whiteness of your eyes and enhances the blue without being too overdone
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Loveeeeeee the tutorialll! u loook amazinnnng with those contacts! wish u had mentionnned which one ur using!!! and i was expecting tipssss like how to enhance but u said enough in the video anyway!:) ur gorgeousss and talentedddd

i really love your videos and have followed you on youtube consistently….since ive been watchin your videos ive seen how much weight youve lost and would really love to know how your doin it because obviously its working! youre an inspiration!

Hello Marlena! Its me AGAIN! Im sorry for bugging you so much and I understand your busy with other requests. But, I want the look like ‘today’s vampire’ look. I got my other idea from and it’ll have a little thing that say something about the alice cullen halloween look, im not going for halloween, im going for an everyday look. I just want the makeup coming from you because im sure yours is better. Thanks, I hope I hear from you soon!
Mwahz from Carly!!

You look great, Marlena! I love this tutorial! It’s always so hard to pick colors because there are so many to choose from. You made it easier! Will these colors work for green eyes? I hope you’ll do a tutorial for us greeneyed girls!

WOW!!!!!! those eyes are soooooo pretty omg i have blue eyes and i can never make them stand outt its sooo hard i have been studying makeup tips i am gonna find a job to wear i can blog about how to put on makeup i have been cheaking out ur guyses site and it is so heplful for meh and i was wondering can you post what kinda shadow blue eyed girls use i have been trying to fund it but never could thanx for everything*********~**********

YAY!!! First comment!
Marlena, I love love love this look! I have blue eyes and was looking for a good look to compliment them!
Could you do some looks with the new warm and cosy collection and the love lace collection by MAC!!!
LOVE YOU!!! You look amazing!
Do you have hair extentions in?? Because they look amazing too. Are the clip in ones or did you have them done at a salon?
Keep Smiling because you are increadable!
Claire x x

I do have extensions in- they are from Sally’s Beauty supply that you clip in. I’ll do a vid soon on the brand I use and some tips ;)


you are looking incredible! Did you get extensions?
Thismakeup look is perfect for me, thank you x

Wow! You look so different, almost like Shannon Doherty! :)

Very fun look! It looks pretty simple too!

Hello Marlene,
first off i would like to say thank you because you are a great inspiration, second i just wanted to know if you will be doing any seminars, ( i hope i spelled that right), I live in Stockton, CA which close to Vacaville, i would love to attend one- thanks

P.S. keep up the great videos,

Hey Marlena

I´m from Sweden and I recently discovered your blogg. It´s amazing and you are awsome . This make-up thing you´re doing is so interesting. I wish you good luck and it would be nice to know more about you, but since I am not familiar with everything on your blogg, it wouldn´t suprise me if there was more information about you too.
Once again, good luck with everything
I´ll be definitely telling my friends, who also are interested in make- up aboute you =)

Hi! you look incredibly hooootttttttttttttt! I have blue eyes but they look more grey than blue so they’re kinda weird but i love them anyway….. This combo of gold and blue looks great and it’s really similar to Lancome’s last pallette. Very Cleopatra queen of the Nile jajajajajja
lav your tuts!!!!

I love this look on you! I have blue eyes and will def. try this look out! Can I please find out what song this is on your tut. video?

Hi Marlena!

Love all your looks! What would you recommend for very dark brown eyes–the kind that don’t really have much dimension/shading to them?

I have just joined your website and i have been so inspired by you. I love all of your makeup tips. thank you so much. May God Bless you

love this look! its so awesome! your hair looks great…since your hair is different now, what are the chances we could get a hair vid about the color you dye it and such….seriously marlena, i have watched all your vids and i’m like jonesing for new ones all the time! hahahaha

i’m dead…you replied to me :) :) :) seriously tho…you have inspired me so much! i have well over doubled my collection and i’m much more confident in trying new colors and new stuff with my hair…you are so awesome girl! i’m super encouraged by your weight loss journey (i’m on my own walkabout with that one), your openness with personal issues (d-i-v-o-r-c-e—-i don’t know the deets but if he did you wrong he’s nutso!) and your playfulness. i wish nothing but awesomeness for you!


There’s something I want you to know: You are BEAUTIFUL! Your hair has grown up so fast, you look amazing and you’re getting more beautiful everyday :)
You should be proud of yourself (I’m sure you do!)

Hoping for brown eyes tips!

Marlena this is so beautiful well done :)

You look so much happier lately! Keep up the good work! :D

Big love


Thanks now I know what to do for makeup on my blue eyes and I know what it looks like on blue eyes too thanks Marlena!


I would like to know if you can make a tutorial to show what kind of eye shadows i could wear for a olive green dress im going to be a brides maid on may 1 and i want to do my own make up can you please help me thanks

Hi Marlena please tell all of your muggies how you lost so much weight?!?!
I’m eager to find out so I can bring my cheeks out like yours! =( xx

Thank you so much, I really had no clue I could use blues with blue eyes. It always came across… well trampy… But thank you so much!!!!

ewww girl your eyes are too pretty.
in fact i didnt know they were that pretty.
if its not photoshop, your eye color is gorgeous.
the makeup works! D:

Your vids are just getting better and better! I always pick a look and then follow along as I get ready to go out. The format that you’re using now makes that so much easier. Great that you’re posting on a regular basis again. Thanks

Love…love…LOVE the look! It’s really HOTT!!! I’m loving your hair color now too! I have a HUGE request. I just picked up the new Allure and I came across Beyonce’s new fragrance ad called “Heat.” Her makeup is so awesome. Can you PRETTY PLEASE, lol do an inspired tutorial of her look? Here’s a link of the ad I found on the web:

I know your a busy girl so if not I understand but thanks anyway!! Keep doin’ your thang, MARLENA!!! :-D

I love this Look; I love all your make-up I am 12 yours old and I love make so much; and you have giving me tips and techniques to help to me be able to persue and conquer my professional make-up artist dreams.

Thank You,
Love Ashley

P.S I am an african american and i know that your not (lol); but uhm i was wondering if you can maybe make some tips or tuorial on colors that wouuld complement my skin tone (dark tone)
Thank You again
Make Love; and best wishes

I definitely can! I love using a light gold color to highlight the brow bone and the tops of cheekbones- using a light pink or cream color isn’t as flattering. Also, you can pull off SO many colors and look great- purples, teals, deeper pinks, and golds all look amazing.

Whatever lip color or blush color I use, go 2-3 shades darker and/or brighter.

Hi Marlena. Very pretty look; I don’t have blue eyes, but I will try it anyway. He he he; my son is only just two, but he is a lady killer already; he came in while I was watching the vid and said “Pretty” (he meant you!)

Pretty pretty……Yr videos r getting better n better. Would love to c a look for brown/black eyes too….Keep on goin!


Great job! Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration. Do you plan to do tutorials on the new UD Alice in Wonderland or MAC Spring Fling? Please!!!

I just got my UD palette in yesterday- woohoo! And, I cannot wait for the mac collection coming out the end of this month- so excited :)

I’m waiting for my shadows and lipglass from MAC! They had a pre-sale @ Macys and I couldn’t resist!

Hi Marlena!!

I do not have blue eys but I love this look. I will try it out just to see how it would look on my dark brown eyes.

Thanks again…BTW you look awesome!!

I love this look and you look amazing ! Keep it up ! I’ll be waiting for the brown eyes tut ! I hope you’ll be doing some with Mac’s spring line and Alice in Wonderland Palette !

Marlena, I’ve used NYX jumbo pencil on top of my MAC paint pot, then I added other colors on top of the lid to make the colors jump out. But it creases a lot. I don’t have this problem with other products. Do you have any tip to combat this?

It’s probably the combination of the paintpot and jumbo pencil- they’re both creamy products so will crease. A better option is to apply a thin layer of concealer underneath the NYX pencil or use Urban Decay’s Primer Potion underneath.

Marlena, you are beautiful! Your weight loss is astounding and your hair is just stunning. Oh, and the make-up looks great too! *Smooch*

It looks ok on fair skin, but anything other than fair and it’s too obvious. A flesh colored one is much better- I like Stila’s Kajal in shoot… can’t remember the name but it’s the only tannish colored one I’ve seen

Hi ! OMG I love your work ! I hope this is not to personal but I am overweight and I have noticed how much weight u have lost and was wondering if you could tell me how u did it so maybe I could be that
sucessful and feel better about myself .u look great :]

Marlena you’re looking AWESOME! Love the new hair color! Thanks for the tips, I have bluish-green eyes. Can’t wait to try this tomorrow!

Hey girl! Looking FAB. LIKE ALWAYS. Could you do a tutorial on your hair??? It looks soooooooo good!

Hi Marlena!

I love this tutorial! I have a question about eye primers…I have oily eyelids and my eyeshadow tends to crease. Do you have any advice for me?


Hey Marlena,
This video was amazing! You look Stunning! What shade of Revlon Colorstay do you wear?
Your face is flawless! Will you be doing and updated foundation tutorial?

I’ve been using some tanner, so it’s not my authentic Marlena pale skin- haha ;) But, I believe it was 240 Golden Caramel or Golden Beige

Hello Marlena, its me again. Sorry to bug you but, my friends tell my red lipstick looks really really trampy because im only in my early teens. But I really like it because the makeup site I was using before said it was good to have that vampire look. Im using a VERY cheap kind (it doesn’t even have a brand). Any tips? I want the vampy look.

I love how you provided similar brushes to the ones that you actually used. I really really really appreciate it. I can’t thank you enough. Love the makeup, your ring, your hair.
Thanks again <33333

Im soooo crazy about this look!! I LOVE IT!! You look totally awesome!
Love the hair…
PLS do a vid on your weightloss journey/tips etc!

You look amazing as always, I am wearing your blue eye babes look today and I am loving it.
I am wondering if you have any tips or what your take is on people saying that about staying clear of shimmers as you get older, as they say shimmer makes the fine lines show. I am 34 but I am a young 34 and I keep with trends, I am not the typical PTA mom. I have 2 sons that keep me young, my oldest is 16 and youngest is 12, and so does my hubby of 12 yrs. So whats your take on the shimmers and also anyother tips are welcome. And again you look fab, loving the hair!!!

Very good question! Shimmer is fine in moderation- I’m finding now that I have to be careful with the shimmer a bit as they do emphasize any fine lines. But… if you use a shimmer on the lid, just use matte for the crease and highlight- it’s all about mixing your finishes.

Hey Marlena, Thanks for this tutorial. I have been waiting for tips on how to make blue eyes stand out! I was wondering if maybe u could do a tutorial sometime for people with pale skin like me. I find it hard to get colours that look good. They colours are either too light to be able to see them or too dark. I need help!! And i have also been wondering how to choose the right colour lipstick for your skin tone etc. And what kind of red lipstick too. I hope maybe these tutorials might come sometime in the future, at least for now 1 of the things i have been wondering has been answered. Thanks so much for these tutorials they are very helpful. u r looking amazing btw! i hope u can continue to loose the weight and keep it off.

p.s sorry this is long, i guess i had a lot to say :)

Thanks again!

You looked beautiful before, but I just wanted to say you’re doing a kick ass job with the weight loss. Keep going, girl!!!!! Your face looks significantly slimmer!!! Keep it up girl!!! I just wondered what types of foods are you eating? Whats the diet you’re following???? I would love to get back in shape for the summer and I need some tips.

As soon as I finish the eye color series, I’ll do a couple weight loss vids on whats helped me :) First step is to cut out sugars and replace with fruits and to drink lots of water. There’s more, but that’s the best start :)

Hey Marlene love your tutorials and this one especially because I have crazy blue eyes,people cannot look into my eyes for more than few seconds :))) But I am very pale and my subtone is cold,I am 2C1 Estee Lauder so most of the shades you have mentioned don’t suite my skin tone such as golds,coppers and stuff so please please do a tutorial for colors that best suit us blue eyed girls with a pale skin :)))

Hi Marlene!!!
omg his look is beautiful and it looks great on you!!!
can*t wait for new tutorials!!!! <3

Hi! What a beautiful look. I’m living in the Netherlands, there is only a webshop where we can buy stuff like NYX. I really like the Lipstick Paris, regrettably we don”t have the same color here. We have Rose bud, Tea rose. ulysses, Jupiter, Thalia, Narcissus and Harmonica who are looking the same color. Which are you prefering? Here you have te link of the site where i can buy these stuff: Can you please help me?

Hi Laura,

If you want me to ship you a Paris lipstick, just let me know- I’m pretty sure there’s still a few in stock in the store here :) If not, I’m thinking you could use Tea Rose but go with a bit pinker lipgloss on top

Marlena, you get more beautiful with every post! Big congrats on your success, and please remember us when you have your own line! I’m looking forward to that day!
Thanks for helping us look our best – it’s your gift to the world!
I do have a quick question…I struggle with fallout from my dark colors of shadow, and it always ends up smeary. Is there an easy fix for this? I’ve tried adding extra powder under my eyes, but that doesn’t seem to work for me – the dark streaks still find their way to my foundation.

I would definitely do your eyes first before applying foundation- the only reason I do foundation first is for camera purposes since everyone’s staring at my nekid face (haha) throughout the vid. Just have some makeup wipes on hand to clear away the fallout before applying your foundation :)

Gracias, Marlena!

I will just have to switch up my routine on the days I want to rock those darker colors. I’m sure doing that will remove the angst I have when trying to perfect an intense & dark look!
I appreciate your reply!!!

Hey Marlena! It’s great to see you back in tutorials and thanks to you I am totally obsesssed with make up…and loving it!!!! When people compliment my look I tell them I have you to thank for it. I love this tutorial as I have blue/grey eyes, good to know I’m on track with what looks best. Looking forward to what’s next from you…your latest and greatest! You’re a make up rockstar!!!!

Hi Martlena!! I’m ur nº1 fan! absolute love your looks! U have a great talent, congrads!

I would like to buy a very good foundation with a very good coverage. What you recomend the revlon colorsal or the dobble wear by Estee Lauder?… or other one…lol

Can I ask you a other favor? If you can put the eyeshadows from the 88’s pallets as alternatives when you do your looks, please.

Thank you so much

U don’t know the good that your site made to me, i’m absolutly addicted! ;)

Big kiss from a portuguese in the UK


Hi Daniela,

I like both the Estee Lauder and the Revlon ones- they cover really well, but they are a bit heavier on the skin. Just use with a stippling brush and/or a damp sponge so it doesn’t get too thick. Maybe get the Revlon first to try since it is less expensive

Thank you for your quick answer!

by the way u look beautiful with blue eyes but i still perfer your gorgeous brown ones!!

Ciao ****

Thanks a bunch for another great tutorial. Very inspiring!

Your looks have such great color schemes going on — is there a general “rule of thumb” about what color your blouse/clothes should be based on the color of your eye shadow? i.e. DO / DON’T wear a purple blouse with purple look.

It’s usually a matter of preference- I have some strong thoughts on that, but is a lot to explain. Basically, the louder your outfit screams, the less your makeup should ;) With vivid colors, I avoid wearing the same color eyeshadow as it’s too matchy matchy, so I’ll go with a different color or use a neutral which can even be golds, coppers, blacks, grays…

Marlena I love it!!! You’re the best, as always ;)
can you please tell me:
1. what’s the name of the song in this video? it’s so sooooothing….
2. what program do you use for editing your videos?


For all my clients unless they don’t prefer liquid foundation, I use the Revlon Colorstay as it’s not too expensive and shows up well in pictures. Whatever brand you get, make sure it has a matte finish! Shine on the face is distracting and not as flattering in pictures if the flash is used

Thank you soooo much! I really appreciate your time in answering my question! Thanks, God Bless and stay Beautiful!

hey..this is my first time commenting but i have been watching ur tutorials for a few motnhs now and you have inspired me to wake up everyday and do something different. so i was on the sephora website and saw that they have a new urban decay palette inspired my the movie alice in wonderland…its kind of pricey but i thoguth it was a limited edition so i got it. i was wondering if you could do any tutorials with the colors of that palette. thank you!

Hi Marlena!
Love this look! I have green eyes, but the outside edges are blue so I will definitely be trying out this look! I read that you’re planning on doing different looks for each color eye so I’m absolutely looking forward to the tut you do on green eyes. Question though, I have a TON of purple eyeshadows because I know they compliment green eyes. But when you make your tut, can you include other colors that make green eyes pop? I get tired of wearing purples and plums after a while, haha.
Thanks so much! Love this videos =)
<3 Krista


hello marlene!
you should make a tutorial for dark brown eyes
to pop! and tutorials you should make them every week :)
i really look foward to them :)

Hi Marlena,

I love this look… I have been looking for colors that will compliment my blue eyes! I can’t wait to try it… although it never seems to look as nice :) I ordered the blue liner from your website, I can’t wait to get it. Do you know how long shipping ususally takes into Canada? At any rate, I love all your video’s :)

PS. I love your hair in this video :)

It shouldn’t take too long to get to canada as it’s shipped from Michigan- I should have just tossed it over the border ;)

even though im not a blu eyed babe i love this look i mean for me iu have the BIG DARK BROWN EYES but this will work awsum

Hi Marlena, I just want to mention that I joined to Your Fans 2 months ago and this is my favourite webside. Greetings from Poland to You!!!

I just tried this look with the Coastal Scents 88 palette….it works out ok with the blues in there. I tried Mac’s Syrup lipstick and it’s a muted pink but does compliment the look very well.

This is gorgeous!! I hope you also do one for dark brown eyes! And I love your hair in this tutorial! The color suits you beautifully!
Take care Marlena!

Love the video! I have a sorta baby blue/sea color eyecolor and I love it!
I do want to know the name of the song..I absolutely love the song!
Marlena you rock!

What a great look- you look beautiful! I was wondering if you could do a video or a post about how to “touch up” your makeup without making it look cakey. I have trouble getting my makeup to look good once it’s been on all day- any tips?

Hi Marlena I was wondering what are the mac alternatives for your look. Do you think maybe amberlights, nehru, and deep truth?

Hey, Marlena.

I see your tutorials a lot but I’ve never commented before. This one was just so great that I wanted to see if you could do hazel eyes? I have really light hazel eyes and I would love to know some similar tips.

Thanks! :)

Hi Marlena!
I was just wondering, what other things could I use instead of a base? Like, alternatives to a base? Or, where are some places that I could get cheap but good quality base? Maybe, like, WalMart, or places like that. (Oh and somewhere in Canada, too)
Thanks a bunch!!

You look great, Marlena! This is a fantastic tutorial! It’s always hard to choose colors because there are so many. You made it easier with this tutorial. Thanks for all of your hard work! Will these colors work on green eyes? I hope you’ll do a tutorial for us green-eyed girls.

Marlena, Love the look – thanks for all of your tutorials! You definitely inspired me! (everyday)
Can you do a tutorial on you hair look in this video?

Great look as usual. :) I’ve been wanting to color my hair similar to yours. My base is almost black, and I love the brown high lights you have. Any idea what color or brand was used on yours?

I need to ask my hair stylist as I have her color my hair (long story about that), but… she custom mixed a few colors to get it- I’m pretty sure it was a auburn/red color with a plum color and a dark brown.

Yes, I would love to have this hair color as well…..hope you do get the chance to ask your hair stylist and give all us anxious ladies the scoop!

Marlena! I loooove your new hair! I will be emailing you soon regarding it, haha.
Great tutorial though… I will have to try it out! =)

OMG I love your tutorials-what a lifesaver! Always wanted to learn how to apply eyeliner & make my eyes pop-never could find a quality video on th subject until you. Thank you thank you thank you & pls keep the videos coming!

I love love love LOVE this look! I’m definitely gonna try this look tomorrow! I was wondering what colors do you have in your hair? I need a new look and I wanna try my best to describe to the that look (i’d also be taking a picture with me:) but I would like to give them some detail. I also wanted to tell you that I love watching your videos. I love how you make everything so fun and simple and I love watching your videos! Thanks so much for what you do!:)

Hello Marlena!
What should I do without you! Girl! I thank God that you are put on earth, but too far away from me, unfortunately, I come from Denmark. Well to the point! Which eyeshadow base is best, Painterly Paintpot, UD primer potion, Two faced Shadow or Benefit Limon-aid. My eyelids tend to greasy up sometimes. I usually use painterly paintpot, but since I have seeing all your wonderful makeup tutorials, I’ve seen you’ve mentioned a lot of other bases, those I’ve mentioned above.

I have very sensitive cheeks to turn down that very annoying red colour could I use Benefit Limon-aid for that?

I look forward to see a video on green/gray eyes. What color could I use, I have heard purple is that right?

I know you have a lot to do but I hope you could help me!

Have a grate day love!

Luts of hugs!

loved the tutorial, and i must say you’re looking fabulous marlena!! very trim and fit! loving the longer hair as well, looks great!

Hello from Australia !
You look so beautiful Marlena. So many colours look good on you and you surely are a skilled artist with the way you can do eyeshadow.
Anyway, can you do some looks for dark brown eyes please. I have big dark brown eyes and olive / tanned skin and find many colours look too dark on me and tend to make me look dull.
Much appreciated.

Hi Marlena,
Love your makeup alot, infact learned alot from your tutorials, you are doing great job. Please if possible do guide me regarding my foundation colour n texture selection………………my skin is oily n its fair with pale tone,so which foundation would you suggest for my skin colour n type. And also I wanted to know about a good primer for my skin type. I’m actually in search of a foundation that looks natural with a glow on skin,that doesn’t feel like a foundation. I’m pretty sure you’ll have the right tip for me.


You look gorgeous Marlena! Love, Love, Love this look!! I have dark blue eyes, can’t wait to try it! What other colors besides browns, coopers, orange go well w/blue eyes? Also, hoping you do a tut on the look you have on your VS haul! Thanks for all your great tips! =)

Awesome tut!! You look fabulous!! Me and my mom started a makeup bond so crazy and damagable lol , we just love it!! Keep up the good work!!

Hi marlena!!!!!!!
fisrt i wanted to tell you that i love your web site i learn alot from it. it is t he best one out there but i wanted to ask you for help i want to findout what color would be the best one for me in the nars loose powder in the bare minerals i use mediam tan .thank you for all the help that you give us

Sexy sexy lady! ive got you as me screensaver :-) come on Marlie babes gives us a sexy Valentines day look as me and the misses are out on the 14th red roses and all

take care x

marlena i wanted ro ask you if you got your eye surgery done and if it works because i want to get it done because i’m tired of people making fun of me because i wear glasses .so let me know what yoou think about it thanyou!!!!!!!!

hay marlena :D
i am so desperate to listen to the song at the beginnning of your video i think it is amazing could you please give me the name or the link ?
thankyou soo sooo soo much!
love your videos!
from hana

Hey Marlena,

I’m watching you from Hungary!!! :-) Funny, hah?
Anyway, I loooove your site and I love your tutorials. I watch them over and over. I was hoping you would post a tutorial for blue eyes – because I have blue eyes – and I’m so happy you did!!!
I’m going to a bal next weekend, a very important event, and I’m going to have a beautiful black dress with cristals. I’m very pale, and I have dark blond hair. I usually wear very little makeup, but do you think this would be suitable for the event? I think it is!
One more Q, not about my eyes: :-) I have acne prone skin, and I’ve been using foundation for years to cover my breakouts on my skin, but now it’s getting better, I just sometimes have breakouts. Do you think it would be still nice if I skip the foundation part, I mean i wear concealer and some good powder? What kinda powder would you suggest? In Clinique what do you like?
Thank you in addiciton. Keep up the good work, you are wonderful!!!


Yeey hi girl i’m from hungary too, lol! Never thought there’s anybody else from here on MUG :P

Btw cant wait for the tut for green eyes!! :)

wow…:) it looks so nice…beautiful eyes…U are good in this what U do ..:)..U know which colors goes to which eyes…..i dont know what to say..:)…simply….fantastic..:)..

I absolutely love this…..I tried it this morning and love it! Didn’t have all the right colors but got close. Thanks Marlena for all of your lovely inspiration, I’m a true fan.

Marlena, girl!
YOU ARE A BOMBSHELL, you’re looking better than ever! Gorgeous look I really enjoy this one.
How are you finding those coloured contacts? I had a blue pair, now I have green and they totally dry out my eyes after like 3 hours!
Once again, though, sexy look! You’re beautiful, miss!

You did a great job, marlena!

I hope some day you can do more celebrity tutorials! I know I sound like a buzzing bug, probably annoying from posting up the same question, everywhere and hoping that you will eventually read what i wrote to you, about doing the glitte and delany photo shot from her 2006 shots, I’ve been wanting to do this makeup for a very long time but from the pictures I don’t know how to see the colors very good, trying to figure out what colors she used from it.

Heres the website –

What’s the exact picture of Jessica that you’re looking at from that link? There’s several, so I’m trying to figure out which one it is :)

Okay, let me figure it out! I have to actually look back and find the exact picture i wanted! I’m so happy you responded back to me. :D You’re, so sweet.

Okay, its the file 7/19 picture and the 2/19 picture that i wanted to do! I hope you can understand what file i’m talking about bc above the pictures it says 1/19 and so, I would totally appreciate it if you can help me out!!

I understand you’re so busy and not tryin to be a bug but when you have the time can you please do an inspired look, like on youtube! Your tutorials on you tube are making you huge!


Angela Chapman.

I know EVERYONE has said this, but I figure a girl can never hear it too much or too often – YOU LOOK AMAZING!!! SO pretty and fresh and THIN! WOW. Very impressive. Having tried many things to loose weight myself, I know how difficult it can be – takes a lot of work and determination. So, congrats and kudos! Well done!!!!! :)

Marlena have u lost weight?? wow!! also i LOVEEEEEEEEEE ur hair, can u do a video of how u styled right here? thanks for all the videos, u have really helped me :)

Hey I was just wondering if there is any specific tanning product you use, or do you just go to a salon? (You look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G) I’m very pale and your look is very natural <3
I love all your vids!!

I’ve been getting a spray tan at a tanning salon (costs a little bit more than tanning beds, but less wrinkles :) ) In between sessions, I use the St. Tropez mousse, but just ordered St Moriz as it’s a cheaper dupe. I’ll see how that turns out… The Tropez one is more bronzey than orange, which is nice

How to Make Your Blue Eyes Pop!….

First i want to tell you that i think you are super talented!! I want you here in Canada so i take you shopping with me for make-up. Absolutely love MAC make-up so love that you use this line. Can i ask you what the name of this song is, i love it. I watch you all the time in u-tube. Thank-you:) You seem like a real sweetie!!

Hey Marlena,
How did you lose your weight if you don’t mind me asking? I’m on a hard journey trying to lose weight and I’d love to know how you did it. :)

Can’t wait for the green eyes tutorial….just hope you won’t go for the standard purple looks everybody always suggest!

heya that look is gorjuss!!
ive got blue eys and its sum tyms hard 4 me ta find eye shadow and tecniques that highlights them so thx!:)
could u plz do a tutorial on make up inspired by cheryl cole

WOW!! Marlena-

Ignore that nasty girl “bbylmbchp”, she’s jealous of your talent! She’s mad bc you’re pretty, confident and muti talented. God, I cant stand Ghetto people, they’re always jealous of everyone.

Just keep doing your tutorials, ignore any rude and hurtful comments on her, if i was you i would kick her out or ban her from this website, if she hasn’t already.

omg so i’ve been watching your videos for the past two months and your whole site is amaazingg! your so gorgeous and your tutorials are so helpful i recently just purchased some blue eye contacts so i can’t wait to try this new look! thank you agaaain!

Okay, I haven’t been on here in a long time but loved the look. Here is my question to everyone….as Marlena is putting on the different colors, if she uses the same brush (and I know she does switch brushes) but if she does use the same brush, does she clean it each time or does she not so that she can blend the colors?

Hi Penni :)

I keep an old, clean hand towel on my lap to wipe off the brush in between colors. If I use a dark color, then switch to a light, I’ll use a different brush as I don’t have time to clean the brush in between :) If you need to clean it though, use a brush spray- spritz a few times on the brush and wipe off on an old towel

hi marlena,
I have a question regarding the avatar. How do I use my picture instead of MUG? I did go to gravatar and created a avatar but how do I now have that on this site?
thank you.

Would anyone know what would be a MAC dup for one of the colors in the Coastal Scents 28 Neutral Pallette? If you’re looking at the pallette – the 3rd column from the right, 3rd one down. It’s kind of a coppery reddish brown. I’m almost totally out, but haven’t used up the other colors!

HI MARLENA! I first just wanted to say that your makeup channel on YouTube is simply AMAZING! You’re videos are so well made & professional & I have yet to come across another makeup guru that is just even half as great as you are. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the WONDERFUL videos. I & many many others appreciate it more than you can imagine :)

As for my question(s)…

I noticed Sephora they had this makeup palette called the “Glamorous 360 Deluxe Palette”, I was wondering if you thought this may be a wise investment considering the wide array of colors it offers & if the Sephora Branded products were of high quality in comparision to the ones you use (i.e. MAC, Coastal Scents, Urban Decay, etc.)
heres the link:

Where can I buy NYX products? I thought I heard you mention that they were available at drugstores, but I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen them. Where do you get yours?

I have a few questions for you. First, HOW do you get your foundation/base to look sooo flawless?? Is there a certain application you use, or do you just have perfect skin? Also, I would love to know how you apply your blush.



Marlena, your contacts look great! They blend well with your hazel eye! What brand and color are they?! I would love to try some out. :]

Hey marlena! Just wanted you to know that I did this look last night and I got loads of comments on how blue my eyes looked! I loved it so much!! Thankyou so much for the tutorials!!!

love the beautiful make up, and it really does make your eyes stand out more! half the stuff you use i dont think we can get in england, ive never seen NYX before :-(

Really? I can do blue eyeliner with blue eyes? I’ve gotta try that. I’ve always avoided blue shadow and liner like the plague, but if it’ll make my eyes look brighter I’ll try it.

And thank SO MUCH for having a tutorial for the blue eyed girls like me, Marlena! You rock!

You have so many looks that it’s difficult to pick one and try it out:) I had a quick question–When I put on any darker eyeshadow, the shadow ends up falling under my eyes and on the bottom half of my eye–I try to press the colour on the lids and not to sweep it across but it always happens–any suggestions??

p.s. I’m also in Europe and was wondering if you have any other brand name suggestions other than MAC because here we don’t have it(maybe soon)—I know there is bourjois, Manhattan, artdeco, l’oreal..the first 3 brands I didn not see in Canada (I lived there many years) so I’m just wondering if you have ever used them?

hi i love this look and you look amazing..
i have natruly blue eyes but sometimes they change color to really light green and sometime there aquar so i was wondering you new of somthing that would compliment each colour.

What do you think about using pink eyeshadow for blue eyes ? I don’t know if I’m just imagining it, but when the white parts of my eyes are a bit reddish (due to irritation or something) my eyes just seem to look somewhat bluer. Any thoughts about that :) ?

i love this tutorial.. i tried it with other optional colors that kinda were alike.. i had them in my makeup box…. but it didnt turn out as pretty as urs…
do u know if the makeup geek store will be getting more on the palette u r using here??? its showing out of stock… or where else i could find it????

My “sexy blue palate” arrived this weekend, and I spent hours doing this look and variations of it. I love it! Thanks for all the inspiration, Marlena!

You look fab in this video !! Could u pleas do the review on spray & fix from Make up forever? Thanks Marlena.. Turtorial for Brown eyes plzzz

Hey Marlena!
Great video… I will be trying this look as i have blue eyes =) im liking your contacts!
I was wondering if you could give me any advice on how to become a make up artist? Maybe a course in beauty therapy to start off and get a good background? What would you suggest?
I love art and I think make-up is great for self-expression, which is why i’ve chosen to take this career path!

Thanks for your time. Any advice at all would be great!
Love your hair btw!

With Irish love,
Sarah =)

Hi it’s me again..i know you’re busy but i asked you what the name of that song that is playing in the begining of the video>>>How to Make Your Blue Eyes Pop! I love this song and i can’t find it on utube. doea anyone know the name of it? Also Marlena, i have a question for you..what colours are good for hazel green eyes? Thanks again and i hoep to hear back from you. I love your work and i have my friends watching you too!! You’re the best:)

I love this tutorial! I was just wondering, I can’t afford the MAC eyeshadow pack you use – is there a good substitute for this? The same with the indigo liquid liner – the navy blue you use to line your waterline or the dark brown I can find in Wet n Wild or NYC at the drug store for cheap so that isn’t a problem. I don’t have a small dome brush, stiff dome brush, or regular dome brush, all I have are 4 flat stiff brushes. Can I make do with these?

Hey i love this tutorial…..well i love most of your tutorials and for a long time now i’ve been trying them out….the more simple ones for school that can be done quickly…….but i was wondering if you’ve ever tried the luminess airbrush……the foundation, blush, eyeshadow etc

you look amazing! for some reason, when i wear revlond colorstay foundation, it makes me look so washed out like im wearing a white mask!! but u look amazing with it..

I just have to say that you are, like, beyond gorgeous.
Amazing, girl!!

And you said you were posting tutorials, but I make my extensions with hair from Sally, but even when I buy the pre-packaged ones I still have one bloody of a time trying to get them to blend in. My hair texture is so different from the extensions. I find they kind of dread up and look stringy. Any suggestions?

hi Marlena I really love the way you do you makeup I’m so sorry for my english but I’m mexican!!! Hi from here!!! but I have a question for you what curler do you use? could you tell me ,please???!!!!thank you so much and see you!!!!!

hi marlena i love your base makeup what colour is it colourstay and powder do you use or could you point me to where the colours that you use are as i really love your base colour and would defintely buy it
thankxs xx

Greaaat makeup[:
Youre my inspiration:D
I’ve been wanting to ask you if you could do some tutorials on the
120 palette?
please, and thank you(:

You are gorgeous! I love watching your “how to” videos, and the fact that you use MAC makeup, it’s my favorite! I’m a nurse and I always get compliments from my patients on my pretty eye makeup….it’s from watching you! Do you have a suggestion on a good eyebrow pencil or powder? The one I used to use from MAC was discontinued. My hair color is about the same as yours, so are my eyebrows. Thanks!

Hello Marlena! I love your work and admire your talent. I need help and am wondering if you can please give me some advice. I am in a bridal party and the bridesmaid dresses are eggplant (very pretty and elegant) I had made a comment about wearing purple/lavender eye makeup and one of the girls mentioned that matching your eye make up with your clothes is no longer “in”
so I need HELP, can you please give me some ideas as to what eye color to wear, maybe can you please recommend a toturial that you have already done as a tip. I was thinking of doing a smokey grey…Thank You in advance.

Thanks for the tutorial. I needed this. this is one color that can look way off if u don’t pay close attention to.

Your Looking Beautiful I’m Loving Your Hair I’m Currently In School Taking Makeup Artistry I’m Almost Done I’m So Excited But Just Wanted To Say Love Your Tutorials On Youtube

– Ashton

i tried this look this weekend – huge success! i got a ton of compliments and a couple of girls even asked me to do their makeup. thanks! :)

Thanks for the blue-eyed tips! Right on my blue-eyed birthday! You are great Marlena. I’m just starting to experiment with colors based on your tutorials and see great things happening.

I’m loving the longer hair, but you always look beautiful!


Hello Marlena! I’ve been browsing around for a little while trying to find tips for makeup because I’m getting married this June. I absolutely fell in LOVE with this look because I’m super pale and I have blue eyes. I was just wondering when you would be getting more of the items you used, like the NYX “Sexy Blues” palette in the makeupgeek store? I’m very ready to purchase these items and begin practicing.

Thanks and keep up the good work! You look wonderful and you are very, very talented.

Hey this video was so cool !! Great idea enhancing the outer V with a blue eyeshadow!
You are trully tallanted in general!
I’ve watched every single video!

p.s.You look great with the blue contacts! …..your eyes are gorgeous anyway….

Hey, luv you videos all together, but really luvd this one =)
Just had a thought you could share with the world for me.. I’m in Brasil and get all my mac on ebay, but I had one bad experience out of lack of now-how. . You could reminde all of us that there are a LOT of fake MAC items on ebay, even from high rated sellers =) And that MAC items ALWAYS have Names (exept for the N collections) and not number … Just an idea

Hi again marlena, I have a couple of questions for you, first of all, how do you clean your brushes? specially the ones for the eyes, and second: are you going to make a tutorial or video about your hair extensions? because they look amazing on you!
Ok, thanks again for your videos, i learn a lot!! I´m a huge fan of you. Best wishes!!!

Hey Marlena <3
i love all the makeup you do, its soooo gorgeuos! i have a question… my eyes are bright blue but somehow they always look small when i do my makeup. is there any good makeup tips to make my eyes look bigger? I also have short blonde eyelashes and dont like wearing false lashes but i love them super long, what mascara would you reccomend?
Thank yaaa :D

OMG This look is PERFECT for someone like me. I call it a winner!!! I am terribly terribly pale with blue eyes and red hair, and its hard for me to pull off a lot of styles because they look too tammy faye-ish and too bold on me, but this look is so perfect!! It’s bold, but the colors and lines compliment so well with my complexion and features, that it is just wonderful without looking overdone. I can’t stop raving I’m just so excited! haha I used Sonja Kashuk (spelling?) and Sephora brand eye products in similar colors, and the look came out almost exactly the same. Thanks for this one gurl!!

I am enjoying all of your tutorials. I just discovered you through youtube and i am hooked. I love all of your products you offer. I just purchased some NYX lipgloss, eye primer, urban decay pore perfector, and an NYX eyeshadow and mascara from Ulta today. I would have ordered some thru your store, but i kinda wanted to try them immediately. But, I have told others on my facebook page about you and your tutorials and your store. I was wondering how you can sell all of the product, like Mary Kay and other things simultaneously? It’s a great idea, I used to sell Mary Kay years ago, and have never really found the perfect cleanser and oil control moisturizer like that of Mary Kay. So i will possibly be ordering some of that from you soon. Thanks for having such a great site. I love makeup and love learning new techniques. You are a master at your craft. Take Care

hi, i have blue eyes and red hair so when i were gold its hard to ceep it looking good and not over done can you help me?

Dear Marlena,
I have been doing my make up for 50 some years and I did a pretty decent job. I was often told that I looked like Barbara Mandrell. The problem was that I did my make up the same way for all that time.
I am now 62 and a year ago I wanted some thing different and more befitting my age. So, thanks to the electronic age of laptops and google, I found you.
You have truly been a God send for me. I started and have followed you from You Tube and continued on with to your own site. I love it and I am a faith follower. At times I do others make up and refer everyone to your site.
Thank you so much for the service you provide to those of use who strive to be all we can be.
God Bless you :)

You are look so skinny right now. You are look so pretty.
I always watch your video but still can’t make up( so sad) now
I have a small eyes and hard to make up :(