How To Use Cheek Highlighter Brush

What is It?

A soft duo fibre brush that flawlessly applies blush or cheek highlighter.

Where to Buy: Makeup Geek Store

Why I like it:

I LOVE this brush as it applies just the right amount of shimmer to the cheeks! Since the bristles are so soft and feathered out, I never over apply my blush. This brush is an exact dupe of the MAC 188 brush but 1/3 the price (yay for saving moola!)

To use, I stipple the brush into my blush or cheek highlighting powder/cream and gently sweep across my cheekbones. (Many of my tutorials I show how to use this) I really don’t have any complaints on this brush, and I use it every single day!

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I think a great dupe for this is the Sonia Kashuk multi purpose duo fibre brush, and you can buy it at any of your TARGET store. :) its a great brush..

Awh! It’s so nice to see another Claudia! Not many around, haha. :D Just had to mention that.

I really like the thinking behind this post! Are you going to be doing a series on the MUG brushes?

*whispers* please mirror it :)
And thanks for your patience with the ones who constantly ask you for this ;)

Love, Love, Love all the videos! My only complaint (constructive I hope) is the WHITE background! Your videos are always so awesome and informative but this back drop washes you and the products out, no bueno. The reflection on camera is really intense. Keep up the good work and as always thank you so much for all the inspiration and tips!

I love MAC’s duo-fibre brush for applying my foundation, but no way am I paying over $40 for a brush. WHAT?! So I picked one up by ecotools at kmart and it works just as well. So, I am new to MAC, and I went to look at their skinfinishes and a staff member used a brush just like this one on me and I’ve been wanting to pick one up but haven’t found a dupe. now i’m excited! hope to get one soon