How To Use: MUG Bent Liner Brush


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I bought one of these brushes and gel liner not really thinking I’m going to like it that much because it looked kind of difficult… but it’s much easier than liquid liner and I love it! I will never use liquid liner again!

Great video! Thank you guys!

I honestly really like your videos. I found them on youtube a while ago and I’ve subscribed and watch almost everyday. I’m not really a makeup geek ’cause I’m athletic and always out and about. Plus I don’t really have the courage to wear lots of colours and what not, but I really LOVE watching others put on makeup. It’s similar to when you’re a little girl, watching your mom put makeup on. :)
Lately, it seems that you’re more conscious of what others say about you and of course it really is disheartening to hear those negative comments but I hope you know that there are people out there who really love what you’re doing. I love how you persevere through your weight loss, your honesty throughout your videos and reviews and your “bubbliness”. I think everything that you’ve done so far is a great achievement and I wanted to thank you for doing what you do. :)

Thank you SO much for such a sweet comment- I really am grateful for my viewers! I wish so much I could give each one of you a big hug :)

Thanks for the video! I have just ordered a mac fluidline gel liner and was wondering about the bent liner brush. This will be my first attempt at eyeliner (I don’t normally use any). Just wondering if I should use the bent liner brush for underneath my eye or just on top like you did in the video?

I will just reiterate what JN said, great videos, love the personality and maybe you could sprinkle in a couple for us older gals! Lol! Thanks!


I discovered these videos on youtube and I really, really love them! I put my stuff and a mirror next to the PC and even I can follow the steps! :-) It’s so great! The video on small eyes was really helpful to me. Thanks so much! Maybe you can do one for small mouth next ;-)

This was a tease. The image starts with the white shimmery eyeshadow and pink lips so I hoped you’d tell us how you did that look and the products you used.

I got so many compliments on my makeup ,that I lack words to express how tankful I feel!!! <3
I already told all my friends to follow you on Facebook ! :) Blessings

I bought the MUG one, very happy indeed, love the gel liner too, which is also MUG :-)

What a great idea to turn the brush makes the application much easier! Marlena your amazing!

I was wondering when your new proteges will be appearing on MUG?? Are you training them?

Thanks Marlena! I have one of those brushes and have been using it incorrectly…I feel like a ditz, lol. Anywayyyssss….NOW that I know how to use it correctly, I’ll give gel liners another shot. :)

Can you PLEASE do a video on that look that you have on PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE!!!! It looks soooooo GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marlena you’re so talented and beautiful and creative! Don’t listen to the Nay-Sayers! Also….I love your eye makeup tutorials, but I have very deep-set eyes. Do you have any tips or tricks to help play up deep set eyes? Thanks a bunch :)

Marlena i love you and all and youre so talented but im really not loving the videos and find them difficult to enjoy anymore because its not you :( i miss u in front of the curtain with more unique makeup everyday and where the videos didnt seem professional but just as a hobby for one who really loves makeup. its hard to watch because they seem more for business than the viewers now. still love you xo

Hi Marlena, GREETINGS FROM INDIA!! I am a huge fan of makeupgeek, I log into ur website every single day to watch ur work.. I love ur videos and u have been my inspiration for many months now..
U actually helped me understand my passion in life- cosmetics and even though I work for an IT firm I have now taken up a project in one of the world’s most successful cosmetics company.
Love, urvi.

Love your tutorials…but the new white background is way to harsh and really washes you out

I love your videos!! They are so helpful!! I love your hair color in this video, is it natural or did you dye it? If you did could you please let me know what color, I think it’s really pretty!!

Marlena, you are my role model! I have been in love with makeup my whole life! Your videos have inspired me so much to pursue my dream of being a makeup artist. I don’t think there is one video on here i haven’t seen. You have amazing ideas and give great advice. I can honestly say, you make me proud to be a makeup geek(;

Love the angled brush it makes everything so much easier!

Thanks for making fantastic videos <3 you truly inspire me to throw some color into my makeup style :)

Btw love ur hair in this vid!

Marlena, I don’t normally leave comments but for you i want to. First off, i think you are an amazing person & very talented. I’ve been watching you on utube for a really long time & i have to say when it comes to make-up i have so much more knowledge now on how to apply it & i get so many compliments on my make-up all the time from my friends:) I want you to know i have told so many people about you & your website & told them to go to utube & watch you! I just think you are so adorable & so real! I’m so happy that you are in a place in your life that you are happy & i know what it feels like to lose weight & have more confidence. I’m proud of you sweetie! I just want to say something to you & i don’t if this will make you kinda think but don’t worry about how you laugh or how you say something in your videos, you are just you & honestly i love watching you do your make-up & learning from you and don’t worry about other people and their negative comments ok? Just keep being yourself..that’s why you have so many people that love you Marlena!! Take care :)

I am a new fan and in watching your old and new tutorials I noticed that in the older tutorials you had a background and now you are using a plain white (bright white) background…why the switch? Its harder to see the product and it makes you look so washed out. Please don’t think I am bashing you or anything cause I love you and your tutorials but curious as to why the background switch.

hi Marlene …….i have learnt so much from you. thank you so much… as everyone else i am also a big big fan of you. You are very a honest person. i love you so much. Marlene its a humble request please don’t use white background … its very disturbing as it brighten ups everything . hope you will do something about this……………once again thank you soooo much. Take care.

i am sooo glad i found you on Youtube, i am a makeup artist beginner from New Zealand and i am very passionate about becoming a great makeup artist. Your videos and tutorials have really given me inspiration and tips on perfecting beautiful makeup. i have got more out of your tutorials then my makeup courses i did in New Zealand. so thank you sooooo much i look forward to watching all your videos.

Lucy x

great video! didn’t realize I was holding brush wrong! i have the MUG brush and the Sonia Kashuk on. I find them to be very similar… a good thing!

does the bobbi brown gel liner dry out as quickly as the coastal scents/MUG gel liner? I bought some from the MUG store a couple months ago and it dried out so quickly!! I love the effect of gel, but can’t afford to replace it every two months.



Marlena, where do you get these makeupgeek products? Do you have your own cosmetic factory? I’m thinking of buying it really. It looks wonderful and in your video, it makes it a joy to use such a fantastic brush :)

Hi Marlena,

It’s more than a year now that I am following your website regularly. I, almost, daily check your website to see if there is a new post/ video. I adore you so much Marlena and I have learned a lot from you. :)
Thanks for everything. And i am fortunate that I found your website and YT channel.
Lots of love.

HIIIIII!! How can i meet you???i would love to take a class from you or teach me some technique’s. I have wanted to be a makeup artist since I was 16. Long story short i ended up w a job in the medical field and never persued my dream. The wake up call for me was I was diagnost w cancer 8 months ago and am now in remission and i promised myself I will reach out to as many people as i can who is willing to help me get on my feet and teach me some skills. I have been watching you for a very long time and I am amazed at your work.. You are also a very down to earth and bubbly person like myself so if there ever is a chance that you would read this or even be interested to help me out please let me know!:)
Please let me know if this can ever happen. I am serious about a change in my life and especialy doing something that I am passionate about.
Thank you for your time

Hi Marlena , i realy like your style & your personality , you are  amazing .I love your videos!! They are so helpful.
Marlena can you present tutorails to learn us about the  basic and the rules of the makeup on general.
also i have another request i have medium to dark skin may be like Beyonce skin colour iam not sure and i dont know which colours that Appropriate  to my skin ( eye shadow, blusher , lipstick)
i need your advise  about Guerlain foundation , i realy like it but you did not mention it in your vidios so i trust you and i need your advice.
thank you indeed.


I am dying to know what color lipstick or lipgloss you’re wearing in the lip stain review!!! please!!!!!!!!! haha

BTW i bought a couple of your stippling brushes off your website and they’re awesome!!!! thanks!

@ Nancy–I LOVE Guerlain’s Parure Gold foundation! It makes my skin feel soooo soft and it’s really natural looking, while still offering adequate coverage. They also have some other formulas that are nice too. I found a really nice lady at the Guerlain counter at a Bloomingdale’s and she let me try out everything and even made me small foundation samples to take home and try it to test for wear, etc. I suggest you do this. :) Their foundations (and all products!) are expensive than most, but I find ARE def worth spending the extra $$ on, especially for foundation!

Has anyone tried using this brush with a winged eyeliner look, but on their LEFT eye?! I can make the most beautiful wing liner on my right eye with this brush (after watching this video), but when I attempted it on my left eye, it was not looking good, any tips? I know i also just need to keep up the practice!

Ello Marlene,
I have just bought this brush from your site. I love it how convenient and easy to use each time i saw u use it in each of your videos. Can you do a video on the look that you had in this video? Thank you :o)

this is sooooooooooooooooooo cool+ super easy 2 use i got 1 for my 20th birthday.
its very cheap but not at all crappy if you dont have 1 i recomend you get 1.
i luv all your videos and this website!

Hi Marlena
I plan to be a makeup artist and I want you to advise me What are the basic colors that I can buy for the Eye Shadow because there are so many beautiful colour out there.
thanks alot … be happy and healthy

Dear Marlena,
i am only 10 years old and enjoy to make videos but are too shy to show anyone. also you and Makeupbyleinabaaaby are my makeup idols
also i am having a makeup birthday party this weekend so thts cool.
what is your fave product??

Lots of makeupgeek kisses, Smelon


Before watching this vid I purchased my first cream eyeliner from e.l.f (which is awesome!). Then I watched this vid and immediately bought an angled eyeliner brush.Can’t wait to try it out!