How To Match Your Lipstick With Eyeshadow

Here’s my favorite blushes for both warm and cool colors:

Peach (warm):   Tarte “Tipsy”,  NARS “Orgasm”,  NYX “Peach” (Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush TipsyAmazon) (eBay)

Pink (cool):   Tarte “Dollface” (Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush DollfaceAmazon) (eBay)

Here’s my favorite lipglosses for both warm and cool:

Peach/Coral  (warm):

Pink/Rose  (cool):

Here’s my favorite eyeshadows of each color! (yes, these are bright ;) )

Purple:    Make Up For Ever #92 (MAKE UP FOR EVER Eyeshadow Purple 92Amazon)

Blue: NYX Lanikai (Makeup Geek Store)

Green: MAC Lucky Green (MAC)

Teal: Inglot #504 (Inglot)

Yellow: Makeup Forever #71 (eBay)

Orange: MAC Firespot (MAC)

Pink: Inglot #495 (Inglot)


Here are my top favorite colorful eyeshadows :)

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Thanks Super useful!!!
I’d really like your advice on traveling with makeup, what to take, how to store it etc. Please please can we have a video on that. Or maybe one of your videos on how to get several different looks from just a couple of eyeshadows? It would really help me keep my luggage weight down ; )

Thanks for replying marlena I’m in total packing meltdown. Your video looked like it was going to be perfect but I can’t make it work : (
would an updated version be possible? Like a “desert island” series of items you just couldn’t live without on holiday?

Hello sweet Marlena thanks for an exciting and good video. The round wheel color you show the colors on, where can you buy this one, it’s a big help!
And by the way the nail polish you wear is it brown….. it looks really good on you, :-D
Do you know the makeup brands Chanel and YSL? You could see their new autumn look is really nice.

Hugs from me to you!

Hi Shania! You can get the color wheel from Michaels or most craft stores. Also, my nails are from the salon- they’re a gel based powder :)

Hello again and thank you so much for quickly answer. I forgot to say that I am from Denmark…. I have visited Michaels web page and I do not know it and where I could look for it. What is the correct name of the color wheel? Please could someone help!

You can purchase a color wheel from just about any art store. Look for a store that sells paints, chalks, etc. to artists, you’ll find one there. Or, you could probably find one online from an art store.

how to know if im warm or cool undertone? im confused if the vein in my arms green thats mean im cool undertone right?

I think green veins mean warm undertone and blue veins mean cool undertone. Could be wrong tho…

Green veins usually mean warm undertones and blue veins usually mean cool undertones, however, I have green veins and my undertones are considered neutral. I think it’s safe to say you’re either warm or neutral. Go to a makeup counter (I like Estee Lauder’s counter because they have makeup for each of the three types of undertones) and ask one of the makeup artists about your undertone.

Hi Marlena,

Thanx soooooo much for ur excellent videos and warm adorable knowledge sharing. I can’t thank u enough for providing such a balanced and thoughtful presentation on the various aspects of makeup that has inspired me to take up makeup artistry as a professional career…… …SOOOOOOO THANX A THOUSAND TIMES SWEETHEART……………………U r my inspiration……….plzzzzzzzz keep guiding with ur beautiful smile….

with loads of love from India,

If this is the Pooja that went to school at the same place as me… Just wanted to share that Marlena was/is my inspiration too!!!

Another amazing video!!! This was super helpful and really puts a new perspective on pairing colors for the entire face! Thanks for sharing. Every video is truly inspiring. I so appreciate your hard work and dedication. Wish I lived in Cali, would have loved to try out for the MUG casting call!

Great tips as usual. Please, Marlena, could you make a tutorial of the make up you’re wearing (with the canteloupe lipgloss, it’s seems simple to do…… but it’s so effective ;) ! )

I like the make up that you’re wearing in this video. It’s so simple and natural looking. Do you a video on how you did this? :D I don’t know anything about make up yet, so I would like to start with simple make up like the one you’re wearing in this video. I would like to know the products that you used in this video. Thanks a lot Marlena! :)

Hi Marlena First let me tell you that I found your site about 2 years ago and I absolutely LOVE it and I really admire you and really appreciate all your videos I check in everyday!.I am definitely a MUG for years now so Im not just starting out, but I still like to learn new tips from you… I am a 39 year old woman from NJ and I think you are awesome! Dont let anyone tell you otherwise!! Keep up the great work! Hugs from NJ!

I love this. It was super helpful. I don’t really wear lipstick because i never know what color to choose, but after this video, i think i might have to go makeup shopping ;)

Thanks for being the best, and for all the inspiration you give me :)

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What perfect timing!! I almost entered this topic as a tutorial suggestion! This has long been a source of confusion for me and now you’ve helped me to understand. Thank you so much!!

Hi, Marlena! This video was sooooooo usefull for me. And how You say, for people who just starting to be a makeup artist. And Your makeup in video is gorgeous1 Can You do a tutorial on that??? PLEASE……
Ans, also I have an request, Could You do a video dedicaed to makeup basics for people with darker skin tone? Because I am white, like a snow, and my clients, mostly are more darker skin color, so that could be very useful, and I think not only for me….
So, thank You

Hi Marlena… thank you very much for this video, helps a lot!!!! Another thing LOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEE you makeup in this video, could you please do a tutorial?
Hugs and Kisses from Cancun Mexico!

Hi Marlena! This is a great video-and I learned a lot from this. I never actually even thought about matching warm/cool with my makeup. So thank you, I absolutely love it when I can learn something new. I love your hair by the way! It looks really cute straight and it’s nice to see color on your nails. xoxoxo Kelly

I love the look you’re wearing in this video! You should make a video of it! (if you haven’t already!) :)

I’ve been watching you for almost 3 years and I’m amazed at how much I’m STILL learning from you. Even though this is the first time i’ve left a comment, i just wanted to share how grateful I am for the videos. I can’t believe they’re still free! :)

Hi Marlena! What should you do if you’re blending different colors (2-3) to contour the eye and they’re not all cool colors or warm colors? Should you match lipstick and blush to the most dominant color?

Yep! I would go by the most prominent color- so if you have a gold eyeshadow on the lid, and purple just on the outer V, go with the gold as you probably see that color the most…
(I hope that makes sense)

Hey Marlenaa!! Thanks for the video!
please please can you do a look with the inglot makeup you purchased…
there eyeshadows seem to be soo pigmentted and vibrant!!!

Marlena, your winter wonderland video you did blue with pink. So, I was wonderin, are there some cases where it is better to do cool-cool or warm-warm :p?

Hi Marlene! This is a very helpful tutorial on color matching. Thank you! …You look absolutely gorgeous in this video! I love how simple and refreshing you look. Would you mind doing a quick tutorial on what products you used and your technique? Or maybe just a list of the products you used? I would greatly appreciate it!

Hey there Marlena,
I need to ask you for a favor. Do you remember when you had the class in houston in oct of last year or two years ago? Anyway my mom and I went to the seminar and i was wondering if you can email me the presation that you showed us on the screen. For some reason when you email it to my computer had a virus and earse all the email i had. If you can please resend it to me. I would appreciate it so much! Thanks again

Hey Marlena:

If you go to that beauty school In Paris, Will stop making makeup tutorials on youtube? Please don’t I <3 your videos and I've learned so much from trying on new products to updating what I currently have wothout braking my bank. lol =)

My best guess about why NYX chose the name “beige” is that it originally referred to beige cloth, which just meant a wool or cotton cloth that was undyed, left its natural color. So, in this case, it could be referring to how the lipgloss is a very natural-looking pink. But i’m just guessing. :)

I absolutely love this site and it’s a big go-to for me on a weekly basis!
What make up colors/types are you wearing in this video? You’re make up looks fantastic and is a perfect daily look. Thanks a bunch! :)

I was online last night trying to figure this out for a photoshoot today and BAM I get an email telling me you uploaded this. Again, you have saved me!!! Thank you Marlena for being down to Earth, down hearted, a great teacher, and not stingy with “your beauty secrets”. Wish you only more and more success!!!

Great tutorial! Can you please do a tutorial on the makeup look you are wearing in this video? I LOVE it!

Hi Marlena,

Very informative, thanks! Previously you showed a video on what to pack for your makeup train case and all of the products were low end. I was wondering if you could do a video on either higher end (MAC etc) or your actual train case. My case is pretty full now so I have purchased the MAC ZUCA pro case so now I have some more room!!! Would love some vids on Makeup Artist tips also as your series on this topic never really expanded much. Maybe you could take us on location one day and show us what you do on location and your case. Thankyou as always for all your time and effort, we all appreciate you ever so much.

Love and dust from Australia, Deb

Great tutorial! Are you going to (or can you please) do a tutorial for the look you are wearing in this video? I LOVE it

Marlena, it’s like you read my mind! Thank you for answering some questions I’ve long wondered about. This video was extremely informative for me. I love your makeup in this video and it’s like you read my mind on that too! I can’t wait for your tutorial on this look next week, as this is something I would feel comfortable wearing every day.

Hey Marlena,

Unfortunately you do not get tarte in Germany. Can you possibly give me an alternative NYX?

I love your videos, you look so pretty everytime !!!!!

Hi, Marlena! It’s really useful. I love your videos.
I’m learning English thanks to you… and your videos too! ;) :)
Kiss from Spain!! <3

hey marleena,
love this tutorial!!!!
i think it’s so interesting how colours and stuff works!
one question tho: if your are cool or warm and can’t pull of any colors of the other catagory what do you do?… hope my question makes sence
anyway i luv all your vids and i can’t wait for the next!

have you ever thought of writing a book?? kinda like a how to book… you would have one buyer for sure!! :)

i am an older women and i want to look good too, but i have so many lines and wrinkles and age spots what do i do ,

the nyx beige lipgloss in called beige because in hair color beige gives off a pink hue. i am a hairdresser and love these shades. but i believe that is why the call the nyx beige lipgloss even though it is a pink shade. i hope this makes sense.

Hello, love everything about you!! your awesome.
Question, nothing to do with colors, but I keep asking and no answer.
Skin care, can you do a video about skin care with cream and serums, what do you think about serum. Please or just send me an answer here, do you use serum? face cream, eye cream and all that.

Hey Marlena how r u ?its being 2 yrs watching ur videos every week nd loving it very much . i just wanna say tht u r luking gorgeous in this peachy look .waiting 4 ur next videos .babyyyee take care ..god bless u.

thankyou sweethear for this great video…………could you please do the video on how to match eyeshadow with your clothes. i remember that you have answered that qustion previously but i didn’t really get it. please please please explain that one more time.

Thank you this was really helpful, I love your makeup in this video can you please do a tutorial!!! :)

I absolutely love this video and it makes a lot of sense to find a good balance between your eyeshadow and lip color :D

do you ( or anyone ) know which blushes don’t contain carmine (CI 75470) ? it’s made from lice and I just found out about it and I really don’t wanna have this stuff on my face… =// would be amazing if somebody could tell me some alternative pink/peach blushes!

Hey Marlena, I saw this video and it occurred to me, that though we most of the times know what looks good on us and what doesn’t , this simple rule can make a lot of decisions easier…Thank you so much for this useful video..I’m such a big fan of your techniques…you make make up look so amazingly easy to do… Thanks again!!

P.S.: I was wondering if you could do a video showing an eyeshadow look with the crease cut technique, with emerald green and red colors..Thanks already!! :)

Hi Marlena:

Any suggestions for an older person? I don’t like to wear foundation but need an updated eye look. Colors aren’t nice on an over 50 person but I still want to look nice. Thanks for your good work.

Awesome tips, but does the same apply for olive and African-American skin tones in early 50’s? Easy to overdone. Your thoughts appreciated, Marlena! Grazie!

I absolutely LOVE your videos!!!! I have been watching ALOT of makeup tutorials on you tube and your are by far the best :) But I have a question for you about eyelid primers…is it possible to just use a concealer as a primer?? If not, can you recommend a drugstore brand that makes a good one? I would GREATLY appreciate it!! Thanks for all of your help :)

Hey Marlena!

I’m brazilian and I LOVE your site! I’m completely addicted!! :) Thanks for you help, I learn a lot with your videos! You’re so lovely and beautiful!!!!

x x x x

I was reading in blogs that alot of makeup has sulfate in it. Is that true cuz I have seen it and I just wondering.

how much r the inglot shadows? i tried going on their website but the prices were kind of confusing i hope u can help me out on this one

Hello Marlena,
I love your make-up tips, but what about red lipstick or browny red, I find these colours suit my complexion but I always wear golds and browns on my eyes, does this mean that it looks too much. Would you wear blue or green colours on the eyes instead

Hi Marlena!
This video helps me a lot to know much better about eyeshadow and things to do and not to do when u put makeup on, it is a GREAT tutorial and you are a GREAT and BEAUTIFUL teacher ^^ But u forgot to talk about three colors in this video: what about black, white and grey colors ??? Which of these are warm or cool colors because i am very confused! Thanks for responding and keep up the good work!


I just starting on makeup and everytime I see a video that your face pop out. I get so excited and start looking for pen and paper to take notes.
Its my favorite class!!
Thank you so much for sharing your expertise.


Hi Marlena!

Wonderful video of yours, as usual!
I have one question,though: what if I use a light smoky black in the eyes, should I wear warm or cool lips/cheeks?


Dear Marlena,

Thank you for this. I had a face-palm moment because just yesterday I was wondering why my nude lipstick works with arabic-inspired looks but very weird witg the gold/bronzy ones. haha. so thank you again

Much love from Shikin (Singapore)

That’s great Marlena, makes sense. Love the colours, but I was wondering if you could do a tutorial for the ‘more mature’ geek? Perhaps a series, I know you’re busy but perhaps the right type of foundation, moisturisers, and how to do eye make up. I find that with the changes in skin and getting more droopy bits, it’s hard to get it right so to speak. Luv ya work!

Where did you get your ring from in this video? also thank you so now I don’t look super 80’s(unless i’m trying to!) :)

I don’t think that was a good dichotomy. You cannot separate colors into two categories of “warm” versus “cool,” Some reds are warm and other reds are cool. Depends on what the red’s undertone is.

This makes so much sense!!! Thank you so much!!! I just found your website/videos recently and I just LOVE all of this.
You’ve done a great job and are a great teacher….you’ve inspired me in more ways than just makeup. Keep it going!
Thanks again…..from the Sunshine State!!

I was 20 in 1980 and understood the MU color back then, but being a cool I like to only do neutral cheeks with cool eyes and vise versa …thanks for the tips and Oh can’t red be cool too? A blue tone red not orange red Like pink :)

hy i’m alexandrA can you tell how to wear nyx black label lipstick seductive , what makeup i need sorey for my language



Thanks so much for all you do! Your tutorials are super helpful and amazing! So I get the whole matching lipstick/blush to eye shadow (helped a lot lol) and I KNOW you don’t match eye shadows to your clothes?? …so would you go with the color wheel again? Wear the opposite of your clothes as eye shadow..? Hope that made sense… i.e. aqua shirt/coral eye shadow/pink lip&blush? HELP! :) thanks

i love how your face just glows in this video! do you put something to shine or to reflect your face from the bottom? what kind of camera is this? oh and i just can’t say how much i love your tutorials!

I like the make up that you’re wearing in this video. It’s so simple and natural looking. Do you a video on how you did this? I don’t know anything about make up yet, so I would like to start with simple make up like the one you’re wearing in this video. I would like to know the products that you used in this video. Thanks a lot Marlena!