How to: Make Green Eyes Pop!






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Tips for bringing out your gorgeous greens:

  • Wear colors opposite of green on the color wheel- those would be reds, pinks (usually warmer, deeper pinks), plums, and purples.
  • Green eyeshadows can help green eyes pop if it’s the darker green and used in moderation
  • Not all pinks are created equal! Darker or warmer pinks are usually more wearable than the light, cool ones
  • Applying black eyeliner in the waterline adds nice contrast to the eyes and intensifies the look
  • I find that with most green eyed girls, a pop of peach blush on the cheeks compliment the eyes nicely

MAC Alternatives:

  • Sushi Flower
  • Nocturnelle
  • Brule
  • Humid
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Could you please give us MAC alternatives for the NYX shadows? I want to do this look but I have lot’s of MAC shadows and no NYX one’s. It wold help do much If I knew the right MAC shadows to use. Thank You so much in advance! :)

ooooo check you out Miss Fabulous!!! lol I really love this look!! I’m waiting on your brown eyes video but this look is way cute! I love the colors you used!!!

I was just thinking to myself I need to come up with a pink look for my eyes. Now I don’t have to! Thanks xD


I’ve been lurking your tutorials and am very grateful for your advice!

I was wondering if you had any experience with Bobbi Brown cosmetics? Are they pigmented and last like Nars and MAC? I was thinking of trying BB out, some eye color and blush. Any verdict on ’em?


MARLENA, can you make a sporty green-blue look light and calm anough for school……. it would really help!?

oh my god marlena! i am loving alll these new videos!!! you are grogeous!!! i love your new hair it’s so long! love your nails too!

Super, pretty! You’re doing such a great job and the different color contact tutorials. :D How come on the store it doesn’t show the mac powders and the other mac paint pots?

ooooooh i lov it, i didnt know that pink and green looks good to gether its fabulos!!! make more tutorials pleas pleas pleas =) muuuuu!

Hi Marlena
my name is Shan Salamova(Shakhnoza)but u can call me Shan!
I registered to your website recently! so how re u doing!
i’ll tell you about myself. i came to the USA from (former USSR country) Uzbekistan! i’m merried and i have 1 son ,he is 9month! i ve been watching your tutorial videos since 2008 september, and had no time to register to your web site! your videos charmed me, cuz your ideas about make up are very rich and i’m also very interestind doing make up! i ve done some make ups but i dont know whether i have made them properly or not , cuz i want to be make up artist! so can you tell me what kind of opportunities has this website?and im beginner so what should i do?
so waiting for your respond
take care

Well, I guess I just can’t read. Just noticed that you listed Mac alternatives already. So sorry for asking without looking, my bad :)

Hi Marlena : ) I was just wondering, your skin always looks so beautiful, do you still use your Mac 187 when you apply your Revlon Colorstay? I know your previous ”face routine video” shows application of your foundation but its with Mac Studio fix and Covergirl TruBlend. Just wondering if you use the same brush to apply so I know how to get that same seamless application! Thanks!

Can’t wait for brown eyed look… eyes are similar color to yours so can;t wait !!! love your tutorials, I have learned so much….

I love this look, I rock purple or dark green eyeshadow all the time to make my green eyes pop! For those who are afraid of color, a little purple eyeliner is a subtle way to make green eyes look more vibrant. And I’ve found that with peach blush too, especially with girls with a lot of pink in their skin. Very nice, I’m definitely going to bookmark this on youtube!


Your tutorials are FANTASTIC! I was JUST searching your site for a tutorial for green eyes. I’m wondering, do you ever offer the makeup you use for tutorials AND that you have in stock as a package? I know I spend a lot of time looking around for all the products and then end up buying nothing…just a thought/suggestion!

Thanks for sharing your talent!

Marlena, my dear you ALWAYS KNOW WHAT TO DO.
One of the most amazing guru’s, hope that tutorial for brown eyes/floral or alice in wonderland palette or art or WHICHEVER LOOK WON THE POLL tutorial will be up soon.


You’re AWESOME =)

Thanks so much for putting up this video! It’ll be so nice to give my purple eyeshadows a break. AND I have a ton of the products you’ve used. I’m pumped to try this out, haha.


Another fabulous video, Marlena! Thank you! Do you have any suggestions on copper colors in either NYX or MAC? What would be some good eyeliner colors/brands? Keep making videos! I love watching all of them. I always learn so much.

Hey girl! this look is hot, hot , hot! i love it! i have to tell you i’m always intrigued by what outfit you have going on with some of your looks…any chance we can get a view of outfits or ideas…i ask b/c sometimes i try to recreate some of your looks and i think, “well i’m not going anywhere special. or what should i wear with this…” that would be most helpful!

I’m fast creeping toward 40, and I go for it anyway, because I love color, and my makeup may be all the creativity I get in a day! I say go for it, you’re never too old to express yourself, as long as it remains tasteful. I trust Marlena would never lead us astray!
There was an elderly woman featured on an archaological dig on this show I was watching, and she was out there with her brilliant blue eyeshadow and lipstick, and she impressed the hell out of me for her chutzpa!

Hey Marlena!!!!
i am your biggest fan!!!! thank you so much for sharing all the tips. it is so generous of you.

i have a friend who is graduating from Blanche Macdonald in Vancouver BC and she is going back to her hometown at the end of Febuary.
i am invitied to her graduation and i really want to get her something that is memorable yet useful in her career as a makeup artist. i am thinking something under $100.
what will it be a good thing to get for her? Can you please help me out? Thanks!!!

I’m from Russia and at last have decided to post my comment. You are a big MOLODETS! (it’s Russian word. No translation in English. But it means that you are the best and wonderful and great professional. So only good). I wasn’t cosmetic addicted but with all your tutorials I am. Thank you. Now I know how to use all my treasure.
Good luck.

Could you do a review on the new smokey eye shadow stick by covergirl I can’t remember what there called I just see the commercials

Wow. I’ve been waiting fer this :•} I got my 88 Matte Palette from Coastal Scents and I am loving the pinks. But it’s very hard to figure out how to calm them down a bit. Now I know aha.
Little Tip for Green Eyed Gals:
I think also some great Mac eyeshadows for green eyes are Creme De Violet and Mythology. Wearing Creme De Violet on my lids and just deeping the same colour in my crease makes my eyes pop without looking too crazy. I like to wear it to school, because it still feels subtle and not overdone. Very easy when yuu have a busy morning.

Hey Marlena,

Thanks so much for this look, i love that it’s not just a purple look because that’s what everybody always recommends for green eyes!

Keep up the good work!

hello marlena!this is the nice tutorial since i see it teach me some tips for the fair complexion and blak eyes.would really appreciate it!thanks!buddha bless you!

dont like the pink. looks like trailer trash, plum looks better. I dont see how the pink brings out the color

Hey you look gorgeous as usual! I was wondering how one would go about hiring you for a wedding or quinceanera?

i’m loving this look….i have green eyes and they’re kind of tricky to put make-up on because my eyes are not small but not big either…and i have a decent amount of space up to the eyebrows…and i can never get that outer V….and it buggs me! Any suggestions on what i could use to pull off a good look?

Hey Marlena!Great tutorial! I love pink makeup and I will defentely try it these days.Yet,I have a tiny little question:my eyes aren’t exactly green but something between green and brown.They seem really green in light.Could you tell me please what colors shoud I use in oreder to make them pop?my birthday is comnig and I have no idea regading this matter.Thank you.:)
I really appreciate your work.Is amazing and helped me to improve my makeup skills.

Cor Blimey Marli babes ……. Ive just feel off me chair!

Top banana or what ..! .. lets go Green for the Eco freindly and you look amazing xx now im off to go green for the day :-)

really enjoyed the tutorial with yet another 5 minutes of Marlena xx

Take care keep smiling :-) :-)

Hi Marlena…I love your video’s…u do such a fab job! Please tell me the name of the song and the artist for this video…I really liked it…LOL

Love your video’s!! One question: if you would have to choose 10 NYX Jumbo pencils, which colours would you choose?

I have brown eyes, I need your help, I need to buy eyeshadows, and I’m not sure which ones to choose, where can I ask you my questions about makeup?.THANK YOU.

are you going to do a tutorial for all eye colors? I just love watching them, I have wore makeup for years but I am to scared to try new things when it comes to makeup so I just do the basics.I want to learn and I want to try to be brave. HELP!

LOVE IT! I can’t wait to try this – will be a perfect new look to try for Valentine’s Day with my Sea Green Freshlooks contacts!

They are a great way to play with color! The only downfall is when I have to ‘fess up that “they’re contacts” when people comment on the color of my eyes! :P

hey marlena……….how u r doing? actually now days you dont look pale as you always say…….whats the secret?

Thanks so much for this look,can’t wait to try it out. Love making the most of my green eyes,but don’t usually wear pink.

“You guys don’t have to go that bright, but I am because I can” ha. I love it. You look great and are so fun. keep it up.

It looks amazing :) Thank you again for this tutorial.
Tomorrow I have a wedding party and I think I will do this make up. It will pop my green/grey eyes!

Thank you!

People think that there are no such things as black eyes, but they are wrong. my eyes are SUPER black. Can you please do a tutorial on smokey black eyes??? I’ve been looking forever for a black eye tutorial.

Wow! Simply amazing…….I check yr website each day for new Tuts…..

I m soooooo waiting for my eye color (brown/black).

Bring it on!

How close is Pen N’ Pink, Swish or Sunset B, Girlie or Da Bling to Sushi Flower ? Or which of them is a a close match? Thanks!

Thank you! I am so happy to that I’m going to try it out soon. But, what colors would be good on light geen eyes? Oh, and thank you again! :^D

You’re beautiful as always…it doesn’t matter what colors you use. I don’t have a makeup question, however would love to know who sings the song you use at the beginning and end of the vid. Thanks. :-)

marlena, could you make a green-blue sporty look?? but maybe a little light and not to hard or takes to much time to do!? K thanks

How come some of the mac samples you have in your store, doesn’t actually see it in the actual mac website, do they only carry certain colors at the mac store with pigments?

Bc I was just on the website and i only saw some pigments that they had and same with pain pots, for some reason your store isn’t showing the mac powders, some of the other stuff.

Hi, So I was looking at the video for the making green eyes pop and before the video started you had a pic of the eye with BEAUTIFUL green eyeshadows is there any way you can do that look I would love to try it!! Thanks

Ciao Marlena,
my name is Simona and I’m italian. I’ve been watching your tutorials since last year and I love them and I think you are a great person, thank you for all the advices you give us and through you I discovered NYX, which doesn’t exist in italy but I can buy them online.
I’m blond and have green eyes (due to my mother, she is german) and I’ll try your look, perhaps this evening here in Milano. But don’t you thing I would look like a barbie, which is not sooooo bad :-) What do you think if I add a little more of green? I have Humid, that I like a lot!
Bene Marlene, I wish you and all the girls a nice we and I’m very happy to have discovered your website and you naturally! Ciaoooooooooo ciaooooooooooooooooooo

I love this look. I also need your help, I have a job interview next week and I’m not sure what look it right. I dont want to be to flashy but I want to look nice. What look would you suggest?


Thanks for the tutorial Marlena! I’m one of those green eyes girls and your tips has been very useful. You know I’m always afraid of the green eyeshadows :)

Hello Dear Marlena,
Thank you so much for your consideration. You look great in this too. You are really the best makeup expert n infact a sincere guide for all of us……… are really a great help always. I ‘ve watched almost all of your tutoes they were superp n you looking awesome in everyone of it. Actually I’ve been looking for some good foundation that looks natural on skin without looking heavy n still has a glowy n smooth look, I have oily skin with fair but pale tone. I also have trouble in selecting true match for my skin tone. Tell me about Bobbi brown’s makeup innovation offering invisible, weightless coverage that looks like skin, not foundation, its foundation SPF 15. Would it suit me?????? And plz do let me know about Estee’ Lauder primer plus illuminating base. Plz do guide me.

Loads of care,

Hey Marlena,

Tell me about Bobbi brown’s makeup innovation offering invisible, weightless coverage that looks like skin, not foundation, its foundation SPF 15. Would it suit me?????? I have oily skin n fair colour with a golden warm tone. And plz do let me know about Estee’ Lauder primer plus illuminating base. Plz do guide me.

Awww! that’s just great! now I know what e/s I should have besides my neutrals/browns/greys (boooooring! :-) Thank you so much! Now about a more neutral look? I’ll just try it out! Have a great week

A fellow bartendress told me about your site! Her makeup always looks beautiful. I am 29 and never was taught anything about makeup. I am artistic so I just love following your tutorials. Thank You for this site for us makeup challenged chicks. I now have an eyeshdow addiction! I was wondering if there are any tips for chicks with glasses?!

I just got Urban Decay’s Alice and Wonderland for Valentines. The colors are so pretty. was wondering if you would do something using those colors for Brown eyes. Thanks again for all your help. I Love many things and just to name a few : Jesus and makeup! Of coarse in between those two are my husband and children!:) awaiting Make Your Brown Eyes Pop!:)

hey marlena…
nice work as always…
my wedding is coming up in 2 months time and i am on a mission to buy new cosmetics…
ive been using beauty products mainly from urban decay, mac and benefit cosmetics…
but a friend suggested kevyn aucoin beauty products….the products are very smooth and blend perfectly with my skin…i just thought i’d ask you before going for such an option!!!

looking forward to your suggestion…

Hi marlena,
so wonderful makeup as usual
can u tell me the name of the song of your 2 last tutorial i like it so much
thank u so much
take care

I really like your work. Can u do more tutorials with various techniches? Really liked ur arabic, matte greys, pam anderson inspired, mainly because the method of application/style was different. Enjoy ur creativity thanks for making the videos!

Hello Marlena! I love your work and admire your talent. I need help and am wondering if you can please give me some advice. I am in a bridal party and the bridesmaid dresses are eggplant (very pretty and elegant) I had made a comment about wearing purple/lavender eye makeup and one of the girls mentioned that matching your eye make up with your clothes is no longer “in”
so I need HELP, can you please give me some ideas as to what eye color to wear, maybe can you please recommend a toturial that you have already done as a tip. I was thinking of doing a smokey grey…Thank You in advance.

What other lipstick and gloss can we go for instead of the bright pink lips … they look gorgeous on you, not too sure I could pull it off though!

Hi marlena i just wanted to tell you that i recently started school for makeup and you have inspired me so much and put me way a head of the game i was told by my instructor that i have wonderful skills. I owe that all to you. I have never felt so great about myself before until now and it was amazing. thank you for you amazing videos

I feel inspired after watching your videos. Makes me feel confident that i can look my best…
I am east indian with fair/medim skin… medium browneyes. can you give me any ideas of a makeup look i can do if i am wearing an electric/royal blue sari with pearl embroydery. No clue as to what colours to go for… HELP?! I will appreciate it soooo much.

Hey doll :) Can’t wait for you to do a video for HAZEL EYES!!! I need to know how to bring out the green in my eyes and look AMAZING & HOT! Thanks :)

Hello! I just started watching and i LOVE IT! I was wondering if you can give a lesson on how to make hazel or brown eyes pop?? :) looking forward to it! Thanks from NM

Hi Marlena!
I’m from Portugal!
It’s the first time i’m writing here=) I love your site.
Are you going to do a tutorial to make brown eyes pop?
Please….I want do know your opinion about it=)
You’re amazing!

I, too, cannot wait for the brown-eyed babes tutorial! (You are beautiful inside and out – as always!) Greetings from the Netherlands …

marlana, I love this look! it’s always been hard to find make-up for my green-grey-hazel eyes! oh and marlena, could you make a sporty-cute green-blue maybe yellow look!?

hiyyaaahh..marlenaa are you the owner of this website because you might as well be because your soo pretty and really good with make up and just so you no im new to this website my friend recomended it soo i thought i’d give it a go soo if i sound like a mooron then im sorry :S xx

Hi! Marlena I saw all of your makeup tutorial and love it.
I have black eyes and could you make a video do a tutorial to make black eyes pop? I really want to know your opinion about it :)

Hey Marlena, i know you get lot of requests but i was hoping later in one of your tutorials, that you could do an everyday look for green eyes. that would be great if you could! :]

i always used browns and tried pinks. But they all seemed to not work. Then my sister in law showed me this site and showed me how to do myeye make up.. and i love it. thanks Marlena….

I always thought you looked amazingly beautiful, but when I see how much weight you are losing, it’s like you look even more beautiful! Keep up the good work! I don’t know how you can go without sweets and pasta/carbs. I always seem to cave when that sweet tooth shows up. You really are an inspiration. In more ways than one. Thanks for the wonderful tutorials! Can’t wait to see more in the near future!

Hi Marlena! I love this look but my eye color is more of an amber/hazel. Any suggestions on colors that will make my eyes pop?

Yes, yes, yes! This is exactly what I needed – my hazel eyes are much more green than anything else and this just makes them go nuts with happiness ;D.

Hey Marlena,

I LOVE watching your make up tutorials!! Do you think you can maybe do a updated hair tutorial? I really liked your older one but now that your hair is longer I am sure that you do things differently. Thank you SOOOOOOO much in advance!!!

Thank you,

I love your site! I’ve been looking for a great makeup tutorial place for a while. Thanks for sharing all these great tutorials and recommendations for the best makeups!

I love your website and videos! You always look so amazing in all of your pics! My question is, what kind of digital camera do you use? And what setting do you think makes your makeup/you look your best?

Thank you,


Hi Marlena, I was watching a different video and you said something about a creamy eyeliner and it was really soft to put on i was wondering what brand it was?

Thank you for sharing this! I have jade-green eyes and for deeper greens such as these, I love a deep blue eyeshadow, such as navy, denim or even indigo. Charcoal and black are also gorgeous backdrops for green eyes of any hue. For lighter green eyes, I love gold the most.

I’m having trouble ordering Pink Oleander, is it not in stock? I can’t seem to find it:( Dana