Girly Girl Makeup & Outfit!

Today I have a fun, girly makeup look for all of you to try. There is no actual theme to this, just a fun look that is ideal for all you girls who love pink as much as I do. This dramatic look incorporates everything great about being a girl, from stunning washes of pink to a touch of glitter to adorn the eyes. This look is easy to do and looks great whether you’re wearing it on a date or out with friends. Just leave off the glitter and this look is great for a day look as well.







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What a fun cute look Marlena, the pink really suits you and this is just a lovely wearable fun look. Your skin looks amazing and you tempt me with wanting to try the Burberry foundation! Thanks for another great look and btw, I have total hair envy, you look fantastic.,

Love your videos and I think ur a total sweetheart but this look is too young for u. It’s very nice though.

Very playful and fun! Love it! Could you pls recommend the alternative eyeshadows from MUG – for all 3 Inglot colors# 321, 313, 26. Looking for MUG colors for my 1st order (yay!!)

Hey, Marlena!

I was looking on the Inglot site for those colours you used (I especially LOVE the navy blue, as I have been trying to find one like that for ages!), but those numbers don’t seem to exist. Not the dark blue, nor the two gold/yellow colours. :( Do you know of any alternatives of similar colours, or alternate sites that would have Inglot products? Thanks!

Hi Marlena! Love this look. But I watched a tutorial of yours from a while back, and in it you explained that it’s best to use warm tones of blush and lip color when using cool colors on the eyes, and vice versa. So is it still OK to use pink on the cheeks and lips if you’re using pink on the eyes as well? Thank you! :)

Hey Marlena !! You are adorable !! I absolutely love your site !! I just recently discovered it . Thanks so much for your wonderful tutorials and info , it helps a lot :0). Just wondering I noticed in your earlier videos you were a little thicker , and I think you look amazing !! Just wondering if you’d like to share your secrets for weight loss ?? I have around 60 lbs on from my 3 pregnancies and would love some tips !!

Stacy, Marlena has a personal site ( and she shares all her weight loss tips there. It’s another great site and very motivational.

Hi Marlena,
I want to say i totally love this look. Over the years i have been inspired by you and fellow followers. I have learned a lot over the years. Used to be the tomboy, now i can say i enjoy being a gurly gurl. I saw this look and thought if she can rock this look why not. So my family said mark your calanders, the worlds gonna end. I bought a pinkish shirt and i like it. Im not a pink gurl, and hung up the plaid shirts 14 years ago. But i went out bought one and did a pink and brown eye look. And lovin it all. Thank you for web site and turtorials, your always my go to site for new looks…..