Barbie Loves MAC


  • Clarins Instant Perfecting Touch (eBay / Amazon)
  • Makeup Forever Concealer (Sephora / Amazon)
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation (eBay / MAC)
  • MAC Pleasantry Blush (eBay)
  • MAC Cream Color Base in “Luna” (eBay /MAC)


  • MAC Painterly Paintpot (eBay / MAC)
  • MAC Beautyburst Eyeshadow (eBay)
  • MAC Playful Eyeshadow (eBay)
  • MAC Whistle Eyeshadow (eBay)
  • MAC Springtime Skipper Eyeshadow (eBay)
  • MAC Humid Eyeshadow (eBay)
  • Coastal Scents Black Gel Liner (CS store)
  • Ardell Falsies “Babies” (MG Store)
  • Ardell Falsies #104

*Optional Substitutes:


  • MAC Beet Lipliner (eBay)  (MAC)
  • MAC Angel Lipstick (eBay)  (MAC)
  • MAC Bingo Plushglass (eBay)




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Thanks for posting optional substitues!! Some of us don’t have that much money to buy expensive products!
Very beautiful as usual..

Dear Barbie,
Your eyes are so magnetic and wonderful!!!!
I’m so jaleous…

Lisa, the Brunette Barbie (GRRRRR!!!)


Bellissimo! Lovely idea blending the cream color base in Pearl on the
center of the lid as a highlight.

best tutorial!! ur so cute!!! can u plz put MAC alternatives to this collection.. I only use MAC but not sure what colors I need to buy to get this look…
thanks!!! n BTW– dont be partying too much with Ken!!! Ur hubby might get jealous!!! hehe

Wowwwwwza!!! You look like a doll yourself, seroiusly! I don’t know if I can pull this off, but I love love love it on you!

could you also put mac color substitutes, close colors that are made by mac?
thanks, i am trying to fill a palette and don’t want to spend a fortune on the barbie collection or buy nyx.

Marlena, This look is really good on you, who knew you had an inner blonde? You are hilarious!! This has got to be by far my favorite tutorial ever!! My daughter and I enjoy watching you, she’s 6 and already HUGE fan!! She’s gonna love this one too. Happy Holidays!!

Love this look! I think I’ll play with my makeup tonight and try it. I’m so pregnant right now, it will be a great distraction!

The video was great to. Great ending!


In the beginning of the video you said that you depotted the barbie loves mac colors you got off ebay… Please tell me how you do that because I have so many pots that I have been wanting to put in quads FOREVER!!! By the way, this is my first time posting a response: YOU ARE WONDERFUL! YOU GIVE ME SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TOO! THANKS

Here’s the closest substitutes by mac products that are still available:
-Sushi Flower
-Pen n Pink
-Juxt or Bitter (depending on how light or bright you want the green)
-Folie or Cranberry

Posh It Up Plushglass

You are sooo great! I just know that someone will give you your own show real soon. My skin tone is a shade or two darker than yours but I have just the products in mind to create this look for pennies.

I’m from Brasil and obviously I speak portuguese…
So I want to say that the way that you talk, slowly and calm make me understand
all the things you say :) thats wonderful
You are a Diva :)

brazilians Kisses ;*
I’ll try this one

Omg, great video….
i want to be your BFF! lol.

Its a great look, im excited to go play with my make up and try it out!

S W E E T!!!! The tut, as always very very well done!! Love how you put and blend the colors together! In love with it!! Def is a try out!! Lov ya Marlena and yeah leave Ken behind to continue sharing tons of great time with us! xoxo

holaMarlena este tutorial ha estado muy bonito pues se ha hecho realidad mi8 sueño de maquillarme igual que Barbie eresmuy creativa y fresca, gracias por compartirnos eso de tí hasta luego

Aww Marlena, ya did it again. So pretty. Did Hubby set up the barbie ending? Yall are just too cute!!! Loved it all and, I will totally try this look.( Love pink too. ) Merry Christmas!!!! :o)

Great video – question, where did you get the drape in the background? I’ve been dying to find a navy damask print for my upcoming wedding!!! Please help. Thanks!!

hey marlena, i need your help, i really need one of those sonia kashuk angled brushes, bt i live in the uk, ive seen your store with it bt its in dollers :S i was wondering if you couldnt suggest anything, ive searched the net and found nothing :(

Omg… I completely Love this look as well! I really need to invest in a sonia kashuk angle brush! YOu make the most difficult of applications look completely easy! Marlena YOU are Awesome chick! Have a wonderful christmas..!

THis is very cute and i love all your vedios.could you tell me what will be the cost to purchase a conceler pallete direct from you.Thanks

I’m replying to respond number 62. “Alicia” about not being able to find the sonia cashuk angled brush in the UK. I actually own one made by “benefit” so you should check out that brand. It’s called, the bent eyeliner. Good Luck

Hi! I love your videos, I’ve learned sooo much and have shared them with my friends. Anyway, I see you provided alternatives to the Barbie Loves MAC collection with the NYX eyeshadows. I was wondering if you know of a good alternatives that are MAC colors? I tried getting the Barbie Loves MAC shadows on ebay and they were very expensive, I rather just buy a MAC shadow that isn’t a limited edition. I thought about using Jinx the lime green shadow by MAC for the lid, but i wasn’t sure if that’s too bright and I wasn’t sure what would be the best hot pink for the crease. I would appreciate any suggestions.
Thanks!! :0)

This is absolutely stunning. So stunning that I want to buy everything that you used! Too bad most of it was LE..It’ll require a little more hunting.

Wow I have been watching your tutorials for awhile now and I have to say this is my FAV! :-) I am a Barbie junkie and bought the whole collection when it came out, so I am def going to try your way to achieve the true Barbie look! Thank you so much and keep up the amazing tutorials!! I also love how you add personality into your tutorials…and that is why they are my fav to watch! xoxo

That’ s one from your best tutorial, Marlena, I have tried it and it looked perfect!!! It looks like so….how to say it….so womenfully! thank you for this tutorial, I look foward next gorgeous one:)
Greeting from Czech republic:)

Happy New Year 2009! I was in Berlin for 10 days for Christmas, so I couldn’t check out your site as soon as I wanted to. Now I am back home, watching all the videos that I’ve missed and I do say that this one is the BEST of all! I must say one thing though: You look great as a Barbie too !!!!!!!!!!! hahahhaha. Happy New Year Marlena, with lots of creation, love, health and personal happiness! (Maria,Greece)


I’m sure you get a lot of messages like this but I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your site and your videos. I find you clear, concise and descriptive without overloading the viewer with information. The service you provide is excellent for people like me who due to a tomboyish nature don’t discuss these types of things with other women but can find everything I need with your videos. The variety of looks you offer the viewer means that we’re always learning something new yet you are very consistent with your knowledge of brands, tools and techniques. I was particularly pleased that you not only offered suggestions on top end products to use but also lower end equivalents to start off with.
So thank you once again, I shall continue to watch and learn and my fiance shall be eager to see the results. Looking forward to the wedding day so I can try out your bridal look! I shall let you know how that goes.
All the best and keep up the good work!

Hiya Marlena,
ur so beautiful
I love this look, the britney look, the kim kardashian look, the out v tutorials, i love them alllllllllllllllll!!!
you are fab!!!!!
luv ur tutorials they are so helpful!!!
thank you soooooooooooooooooo much
love Pinkie

i love this look because it is just so cute….
it looks really playfull…
and your tutorial helps a lot…
thank you very much…

HAHAHA aMAzing tutorial, ill definietely be wearing this for grad!!

LOve the last 20s, i thought the vi d was voer, scrolling down, then i hear the strangeness, HILARIOUS.

hey…could you post the dups for this in the Coastal Scents palette? it seems all the dup colors in NYX are sold out on your site too :( and i can’t find the MAC ones anywhere…thanks a bunch!

oh my gosh! I absolutely love this look! You do such a good job…and your so pretty! I’ve learned a lot of new things from you!

HI !Marlena
I”ve just logged on to your site and found it throughly enjoyable!
I would sincerely appreceiate if you could suggest some make-up
for darker indian skin.And for older skin

HI !Marlena
I”ve just logged on to your site and found it throughly enjoyable!
I would sincerely appreceiate if you could suggest some make-up
for darker indian skin.And for older skin

I was wondering if the NYX cotton candy is the same sorta color as the Mac Playful pink? I love this look and I am excited to try it!


I was just watching this video and thinking this would be a great easter look! I love this look!

This is so pretty. I am Definately going to try this look. And the ending of the video was funny. hahaha. Thanks for sharing this look.

Ha ha! I love how you don’t take yourself too seriously and can have some fun! I just discovered you today and just spent a rediculous amount of time watching your tutorials. LOVE THEM!

Hi …this was the first look I tried from your tutorials and it’s my favorite too! Thanks a lot for posting this