NOTE: Please be aware that the Sparklers are MESSY as they do not currently have a sifter in the jar (we are working on a revision). Please be cautious when opening the jar to minimize the mess. We have temporarily discounted the Sparklers to compensate for the inconvenience

All About This Color: This exquisite sparkler is like an interstellar cloud of glitter! A beauty of epic proportion, this vibrant shade can be seen from outer space. The Bottom Line: Nebula is a medium amethyst purple sparkler.

About Makeup Geek Sparklers A sparkle beyond compare, Makeup Geek Sparklers go where no cosmetics company has gone before! Loose, reflective particles create a glitter-like effect that is out of this world. For maximum impact, Sparklers are best applied with an eye-safe cosmetics adhesive. A galaxy of gorgeousness awaits ~light up your universe with Makeup Geek Sparklers! - Completely Eye-Safe: Uses Reflects to create a Glitter effect - Jars fill weight is 4G / 0.14 oz - All our Sparklers are cruelty-free -- we do not test our products on animals - They are also Talc and Paraben-Free - We ship worldwide at affordable rates


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