EYEshadow Palette - For Green Eyes


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Description: Marlena hand picked this palette for our green eyed beauties. Complimentary to all skin tones. 

Includes: 6 Matte Eyeshadows and 3 Foiled Eyeshadows. 

Starry Eyed -  neutral, light beige champagne with pink undertone
Beach Please - cool, soft tan
Grandstand - warm, medium coppery brown
Tuscan Sun - neutral, soft salmon pink
Legend - warm bronze
Espresso Yourself - cool, rich mocha brown
Berry Shady - neutral, rich berry
Take For Granite - warm, dark grey
Give Me The Dirt - warm, deep Swiss Chocolate

Eye Color Suggestion: compliments green eyes


  • Our foiled eyeshadows are a hybrid between a powder and a cream shadow, giving it the richest metallic sheen. Intense Pigmentation ~ check out our swatches! Paraben Free and Cruelty Free. 
  • Our Matte Eyeshadows blend like a dream! They are buttery smooth and richly pigmented. Perfect for an everyday, smoky, or bold look. Intense Pigmentation ~ check out our swatches! Paraben Free and Cruelty Free. 


Apply all of our eyeshadows to the lid with a flat shader brush. Apply to the lower lash line using a small crease, pencil, or liner brush. Apply to the crease with various sized crease brushes or a soft dome brush. Apply to the outer v using a stiff brush. Apply to the inner corner with a small concealer or pencil brush.

Product details

  • Fill Weight per pan: 1.5g / 0.5 oz
  • This product includes 9 eyeshadow pans and a Travel Vault Palette
  • All Shadows will come in an envelope for safe travel, an empty Travel Vault Palette so you can arrange your shades, your way. 


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