Caramel Coffee Quad (Discontinued)

$5 $17.49
The Bottom Line:

Crème Brulee: Medium sand color with a soft matte finish (Matte)

Grandstand: Medium rose gold with slight taupe undertones and a foiled finish (Foiled)

Wild West: Rich rose brown with a matte finish (Matte)

Carbon: Matte Charcoal Grey (Matte)

All About This Palette
Total Volume of Product: 7.2g / 0.256 oz
Our Matte Eyeshadows blend like a dream! They are buttery, smooth
and highly pigmented. Perfect for everyday, smoky, or bold look.

Our Foiled Eyeshadows are a hybrid between a powder and cream
shadow. The intense pigmentation is combined with an opaque,
metallic finish make these shadows a dream to work with.


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