Victoria’s Secret Makeup Haul/Review

So… while shopping at Victoria’s Secret awhile back, I decided to try out the makeup products to see if they were any good-  I must say that I’m impressed!

VS Swatches

VS Swatches 02


Pro Concealer Palette

This palette has 3 different colored concealers ranging from light to dark as well as 2 corrector colors in green and orange.  The consistency is pretty thick, but is easy to apply as long as you use a little bit at a time.  The colors are decently pigmented so they cover really well.  I don’t like this palette as much as my Makeup Forever one, but for the price, it isn’t too bad.

Price: $14

Where to Buy: Victoria’s Secret Stores  (not sure why they aren’t online anymore…)

“Perfect Lipstick”

I’m not usually a lipstick junkie- I can take them or leave them, but once I tried these babies I was hooked!  The colors are gorgeous, the consistency is very smooth, and the pigmentation is amazing.  I will gladly give up my MAC lipsticks for these Victoria Secret ones (shocking, I know!)

Price: $12

Where to Buy: Victoria’s Secret

Very Sexy Brilliant Lip Shine

These sparkling lipglosses come with a click pen packaging that allows for easy application.  The colors are beautiful and feel very moisturizing on the lips!  Some colors are more sheer than others, but each one has a almost glittery look to them (similar to MAC’s dazzleglasses)

Price: $12

Where to Buy: Victoria’s Secret Stores

Lip Liner

Finding the perfect nude lip liner is harder than it looks, but I finally found one!  These liners are creamy and don’t tug on the lips leaving that jagged line. But, the best part is that the colors are perfect!  My favorite is the nude color as it’s not too beige, yellow, or brown.

Price: $8

Where to Buy: Victoria’s Secret

Velvet Silky Eyeshadow

These matte eyeshadows are super pigmented and ultra smooth!  They blend really well and the light pink actually shows up on the skin.   If I had to choose between the MAC matte eyeshadows or these, I would choose these as the texture is smoother.  My only complaint is that I wish they had more colors!

Price: $10

Where to Buy: Victoria’s Secret

Beauty Rush Lip Gloss

These glosses smell amazing and are super shiny!  I feel like they moisturize my lips well, but the color doesn’t show up as I expected.   I still love these as they make my lips smell delicious and they keep my lips moist, but I wouldn’t use alone as a lipgloss since the color is so sheer.

Price: $7

Where to Buy: Victoria’s Secret

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hi marlena, i love the victorias secret products and i have alot of those beauty rush products you should try the berry blush flavored lipgloss from VS.
Love ,

the brownish bronze one is my fav- tastes like chocolate mocha and cherry rush is good too- i keep that one in my car to moisturize my lips on the road.

YAY! I knew you would like VS makeup!!! I had emailed you about them awhile ago, if you remember. PLEASE do tutorials with those, I have the entire collection! Did you like the Heidi Klum collection??? I bought the Heidi palette and glitter liner because purple is my favorite color!!!

I love your giggle, Marlena! 8-) Thanks for the review. Think I’m going to pick up the Primal and Bunny shadows. Love how pigmented they are and love anything that goes on smoothly!


What do you think about the Victoria’s Secret Heidi Klum makeup collection? Have you tried any of those yet?

i work at victoria secret and I LOVEEEE her holiday collection she just made. there very easy to work with and stay on very long i love them!! so i recommend them =]

I have been loving the new VS line! I believe it relaunched this past summer of 09′ with the Christian Siriano LE line. The CS bronzer trio, Royalty e/s (deep dark-chocolate brown), and Sandstorm (peachy neutral lid color) are some of my favorite purchases of the year- and inexpensive compared to MAC! If anyone wants a wine red l/s similar to MAC’s Diva for less $$, VS Siren is it :)

I am so curious about the heidi klum collection as well, I love VS lipsticks but I haven’t gotten around to buying any, I also want to try the CS kajal eyeliner, looks fabulous. Have you tried from the heidi klum collection yourself?
Now I’m going to have to grab somethings from VS next time I’m near it, haha.

LOL! I had to reply when I saw your name is the same as mine!! Btw, last Friday I got my makeup done at the Herald Square Victoria’s Secret store by Justin, their best makeup artist and he used the Heidi Klum eye shadow palette. Got tons of compliments in the store and on the train ride home. The compact is nice, the packaging is beautiful and it has a mirror. Justin raved about it for those reasons. And if you have one of the $10 off any purchase coupons, even better!

Please MARLENA I need YOUR HELP, my eyes are similar to yours, can you tell me the description of your eyes?(big,small,round,hooded eyes…)It is very useful for me.

does any one no where i could get a really good brick red eyeshadow for less than £5. I live in the UK, and use drug store brands mostly. :)

Just wanted to say thanks for all of your tips and really enjoying the videos… and awesome music choices… spreading the Word ; )

Thanks gurl!

I bought the CS kajal eyeliner from VS last week and I love it!!! Its perfect for lining the waterline. I think it may only be available online.

i also for got to ask u, i am naturally a red head and i die my hair but i have freckels and its extreamly hard for me to mach my skin tone to the correct color of base and powders with out looking caked up (i try to cover up my freckles) but if i get a light color at times its way to light and then a try a medium color and its way to dark it makes me look orange or it doesnt match my neck line, i love bare minerals i try to stay away from oils and anything to clog my pores and bare mineral coverage is great but i am still having a yard time finding the right color to match my face any suggestions?

Try a concealer or my favorite- tinted moisturizer…i love the one by smashbox, it gives me a nice coverage without feeling heavy. Also ask a sales rep at Sephora or Ulta for advice.Good Luck Hope it helps :)

thanks for the review… They did update their line…. I was bit skeptical about buying their new stuff because I tried their very sexy makeup and it didn;t work as well as I thought it would… but thanks to the review im not scared to ty out some stuff now… thanks

Hey I’m in Canada, and at the LaSenza they sell beauty rush but not victoria secret… do u know if they sell them in Canada???

im not a fan of MAC’s lipsticks myself. i think theyre overpriced for the quality – IMO.
estee lauder and clinique’s lipsticks are my faves. i will def give vicky’s lipsticks a try.

im not a fan of MAC’s lipsticks myself. i think theyre overpriced for the quality – IMO.
estee lauder and clinique’s lipsticks are my faves. i will def give vicky’s lipsticks a try.
thanks for the grat review Marlena!

I bought the Heidi palette and glitter liner also & I absolutely love it. The colors stand out, last most of the day and make your eyes look gorgeous.

I love the VS Velvet Shadows I have Prowl and Rich but now I want to get bunny and pose :)
I have a feeling I’ll be going to the mall tomorrow <3

Hey Marlena! I’ve been following you for about a year now, and I absolutely love the looks you’ve done, as well as the reviews and recommendations.

I just wanted to give you a heads up that VS is going to be coming out with a pigment line soon! I’ll let you know when I get the dates! =)

I am definitely going to have to pick up some of the eye shadows. Are the ones listed the only one’s that are Matte? I really can’t stand anything with shimmer it just gets all over my face and then I’m like sparkling for a week. I got the Pin Up palette from POP Beauty and their pink (or really any of the light colors) just don’t show up! I can’t find any matte lipsticks either in like retro colors (pastel pinks, soft peaches etc.) any recommendations? I love the whole Pin Up Girl look.

VS has this new color called MUSE lipstick and it is the best texture and it is the perfect pinup pink.

Uuh, NICE!! great review! I’d love all of those products! seem to be great! I hope that they are available in Switzerland. Love the style of your vid! So relaxing, it seems as if you were here in my room :-) Thanx for the review, have a nice weekend you too!

Hey..I like these products but I really love how confortable you look on your sofa there making this review! I like that cuz i feel that you’re just a friend talking about makeup.

Cant wait to see a look with all those things!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for doing this review!! I agree with you, hey have improved their makeup SO much. I use to hate their line, but I purchase their products over MAC now. You should give their actual Lipglosses a try, the tecture is really nice and I like them better than the MAC glasses. Also I recommend the Heidi Klum collection, I think you will love the look it gives!

loved it marlena!!
I really liked the feel of the video, relaxed and casual :)
anways ur so beautiful and i love all the videos!!
Have a beautiful week filled with joy and smiles!

ps- i am putting those products on my christmas list<3!

I am having a party this coming saturday,. My dress is red and i have short hair like Halle Berry, what kind of makeup should i wear?? Help….

Hope you see this message before saturday!!

hey! can you try out their foundations. i wanna see how they are and if they’re good cause the price is just right! thank you[; good review btw.

I love Victoria’s Secret, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine so thanks for the make-up haul! However, not to be a killjoy, but testing make-up is best done using your finger tips. This is because the pH (measure of acidity) is similar to your lips, thus the vibrancy is more or less the same as on your lips. Make sure you have super clean hands though. ;)

Love your tutorials! I can’t wait to see the one demonstrating the look you’re wearing here! Thanks for re-teaching me to appreciate makeup.

hi prety marline,
vy good video i like it sooo much.marlena i have a request can u do toturial on facial for dry skin.its help me so much for gloowing and brighting skin plzzzzzzzzzzzzz do toturial i m waitng its help me on my wedding day.may god bless u keep smileing always.
ur biggest fan
samia nic nam sam


I saw this review and decided to venture in VS to see what I could find. Unfortunately, I forgot to write down the names of the colors your recommended, but I came across the VS foundation primer and decided to give it a try. Today is day one of use and so far it is keeping my Bare Minerals foundation on. I usually lose coverage in my t-zone in about 3 hours, so I am hopeful that this will work.

Thanks for all that you do.

a small comment!!! THE FORUM IS A MESS!!!!! i cant get on to it!!!… fix it please.. (sorry)

Marlena, these are so pretty….ur eye makeup is lovely too….and i love how u’ve done ur eyebrows!! They’re perfect…keep that up!

So…this past summer, VS had a 75% off their original packaging makeup line and I had invested so much money in purchasing soooo many of the items.LOVE THEM!!! I ALSO love the nude lipliner. It is perfectly nude…I did buy an eyeshadow that was so very glittery, almost too Urban Decayish…anyways…love VICTORIA SECRET makeup regardless…

Hello Marlena,

Will love to see you do few tutorials with the VS make up from your review. Hope you have a wonderful week.

hi ..,

you really look great and i really love you ..,

but i have a problem with my un matching skin color ..,

i live in the middle east (DUBAI) and the weather is really bad here ..,

well .. do you know any products can helps ??

I recently switched to using tinted moisturizers with a touch up bronze powder through out the day. This might be better for bad weather because foundation sits more on top of the skin and tinted moisturizers actually soak into the skin. Plus I get more compliments on my skin for looking more natural! MAC’s or Benefit work well. I have not tried Stila’s but heard good about it as well!

Hey! I work at VS in West Virginia, and yes, their products are great. You should try out the fingernail polish. Great shine (top coat was not nesessary), long lasting and very pigminted. True to color also. Very Nice!

<3 –

Hi Marlena!! First of all I want to say you’re amazing! Your tutorials and reviews are awesome. I’ve always had a make-up addiction but now that I’ve been introduced to your work it’s gotten worse. LOL!! This tutorial was really great because just like you I tried the VS products before but I wasn’t impress and but now I can’t wait to go buy some of the Velvet Matte shadows. Can’t wait for more tutorials, especially the last look for the Sephora catalog.


I looooooooooooooove that Christian rock song u played at the end!!We live by superchick!! Ur soo cool yeaaa i love vs lipgloss but never tried their eyeshadow! Nxt time ill try 2 get some yay!=)

Love love love the products that you’ve showed :) My favorites are the lipglosses and the Devoted eyeshadow (I’m crazy about pink even at this age). Thanks for suggesting the palette, I was trying to buy the one at Make Up For Ever but here is almost double the price that it has in the US so I don’t want to buy it, but the VS one seems a lot cheaper. :)

I recently purchased the Pro Concealer Palette, and I love it! Seriously, for someone who was gifted with the dark under eye pigmentation gene, the palette definitely works. My only suggestion would be to apply with your ring finger and not to over do it.

While I’m at it, what tricks would suggest to cover up under eye circles? I do okay with what I have, but my fiance is honest, he’ll tell me it’s good but not totally invisible.

hola marlena!! desde argentina quiero agradecerle por tus enseñanzas.. me encanta como maquillas.. yo aprendo mucho de ti.. enseñame a maquillar a una morena por favor!!! gracias. si cada ensañanza puede tener substitulo por que mucho no entiendo el ingles. por favor?? mony

Ok I loved getting input on victoria secrets makeup, I have been expanding on my makeupcollection with new brands and trying to find stuff as good quality as my MAC but a little cheaper is always nice. Heres what I purchased after this review:
I have plenty of eyeshadows so I am trying to expand my lip color collection.
I purchased:
VS Perfect Lipstick-Scrumptious $12. : Very rich formula, a quick swipe is all I use or it will appear cakey. Color: Very much a “peach” color and Matte appearance. I love it much better now that I found a great gloss combination for it. I top it off with my MAC Plushglass in Ample Pink!

VS Lip Liner-Ginger Spice $8: Glides on smoothly, Color: More of a mauve hue. My lips have a nice pink natural tint so this was a better choice than the Nude LipLiner for my lips. Again I used this with some gloss and choose my MAC Lovechild lipglass to go with this liner, Perfect!

The makeup has come along way, I was in the same boat of not wanting to use this after several let downs….kudos to VS for stepping it up! Still LOVE there Desire perfume too!

Hi Marlena!
I love your site! You definitely know your make up and you are so gorgeous!!
I was wondering what is the best eye shadow to use if you have bluey, greeny eyes? My mum has blue eyes and my dad has green. I have always had blue eyes but recently iv noticed that i have a bit of green coming through, if that makes sense lol.
I have really big eyes they are really nice, i get alot of complements saying they are nice.
I usually just wear mascara, no eye shadow or eye liner. I find when i wear eye liner my eyes look really baggy and it doesnt suit me at all, however iv only worn eyeliner on the water line but i watched your video on youtube and i am going to try and wear liquid eye liner on the top lid and see how that looks.
I really want to know more about what colours i should use for eye shadows because i want to try something different.
After i finish school i am heading to beauty school and after watching your videos i hope i will be able to apply make up as well as you!


I bought the VS Pro Concealer Palette today and I absolutely love it! I have a lot of red/pink tones in my skin and very dark under eyes even though I’m only 19! It makes me crazy! But this palette helps cover up the redness and dark circles! I’m very impressed! Plus I only spent like 5 dollars on it because I had a $10 reward card! You’ve got to love VS! :D

Where do I purchase the concealer palette from? I’ve been to their store at the local mall and I’ve looked on their website and cannot find it.

It’s not on the website for some reason.. Only 2 of the 7 Pro products are on the website.. I found mine at the store in the mall, here. It was near the top left of the makeup case with the face makeup. I would definitely ask someone who works there about it, if you can’t find it! It’s great!

VS has actually gone through several re-vamps of their makeup line, the most recent was just this fall (though it may have been largely a packaging change since many old products are still available in the “new” line.)

FYI, Victoria’s Secret’s Semi-Annual sale will be starting any day now (they’re always in January and June) and if you keep your eyes open, you’ll likely be able to pick up some of these products in their old packaging. I got several of the matte shadows, as well as lip liners and the Brilliant Lip Shines you featured this summer for 75% off.

I highly recommend their lip liners, in all colors- they’re a staple in my kit! (Fact: I used to be a regional makeup artist for a MAJOR cosmetic line & I always wore VS liners instead of theirs to keep my lipstick from bleeding!) I also used to be a manager for Victoria’s Secret Beauty and to this day get very defensive when people under-estimate VS makeup- a lot of it is pro quality and definitely worth the price!

Heyyy marelina!!!!!! I just stumbled across your vids on youtube and I am absolutely hooked on them and on makeup now:) sooo keep up the good work and let those vids comin;) if it’s not to much to ask can u e-mail me the name of the song that u used at the end of this vid!!!! Thanks a bunch

I love victoria secrets make-up…the eyeshadows stay visable on your eyes all day other than my other eyeshadows…I have a question…wear can you get the victoria secret concealer palette? I looked on line and at the a couple of stores and I cant find it.

hi marlena!
I really like that rock me lipgloss it looks so pretty on you.
so i got the Victoria’s Secret Ultimate Make Up Kit for X-mas and i was wondering is i could get your opinion on it and if there is a look that you can recomend using these shadows. It has a lot of nice colors but i have no clue on how to get the max out of them. Please let me know when you get a chance. Thanx

I don’t remember when they revamped the line, but it must have been last year. I love the eyeshadow singles. I never like their makeup before, but now I’m stocking up.

Hey Marlena,

awesome review…just wondering when you’re make a tutorial w/the look you have on this video!! Been waiting for it since you first posted this…lol

Hey Marlena! I think I am going to get the victoria secret concealer palette…..How do you use them??? and What is the green and orange color one for??? Thanks so much!!! :)

oh wow i have that concealer palette also i thinks its great!!
I have also a few of their other products and now i wanna buy more, i really wish they has a store here in Australia…I also have the bare bronze eye palette in desert night and have a few of their eyeliners and glitter eye liners and the beauty rush wet/dry e/s, and i think they have inproved their stuff in the last yr…the last stuff i brought from them i tossed them away due to i never used them and well didnt like how they felt…..
Great review!! now i want their lip products lol