Urban Decay “Eden” Eye Primer Potion

The Urban Decay “Eden” Primer Potion is an eye prep product that provides smoother, longer-lasting, and absolutely crease-proof eyeshadow—and is now offered in a very-wearable, tawny, matte hue.

I am a huge fan of Urban Decay primer potions and Eden did not disappoint. Just like all the other UDPPs, Eden is a great base for my shadows. Even on my oily lids I find that my shadows last all day without creasing. I adore the matte application of this primer potion. I am not a huge fan of shimmery eyeshadow looks and Eden provides the finish that I need to make my matte eyeshadows pop while also toning down the shimmer in my frosty eyeshadows. I also love that the product has multiple uses. I can use this product as a beautiful nude matte highlight and lighter skinned makeupgeeks can also use this product as a concealer.

The only flaw that I have found with the product is that it can appear ghostly if you apply too much of it. Indiviiduals with tan, brown, and/or darker skin may feel that the color of Eden is too light for their skintone; however with proper application I do believe you will like the results that you get from using the product. I recommend you sparingly dab the product on your lids, wait a few seconds, and then blend it out. You will love the results.

  • Product: 5 out of 5
  • Packaging: 3 out of 5
  • Quality: 5 out of 5
  • Price:  3 out of 5
  • Would I buy again? Yes
Price:    $19
Where to Buy:     Amazon  .  eBay  .  Sephora


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Would definitely buy dis one 2…I simply love this site..Although I wasn’t really a Makeup Geek ever but has become one from the time I’ve seen your tutorials on Youtube n also d site….just love your tutorials MARLENA n would love to see more of your videos…!!!!

Same here. I found the tutorials on Youtube and became a fan. MUG has helped me find a love for makeup that I didn’t have even when I was a teenager. I used to think, How pretty she looks, but makeup is not for me. Now, thanks to MUG, I’m developing the skills and enjoying having, buying and wearing makeup. Thanks MUG!!! <3<3<3

I wanted to like UDPP, I really did. Unfortunately, “Eden” was 3 shades darker than my natural skin tone (no way to get samples/testers where I live) and shadows only lasted about 4 hrs before the creased, creeped, and melted off…don’t get me started on the sticker shock.

I’ve since found my Holy Grail Eyshadow Primer from Silk Naturals; $5 and my shadow looks *awesome* after 16 hours (not exaggerating here).

Yes!!! Iv tryed this product and I think its amazing!!! Its such a shame when new products come out, and you wana buy it and test it out for yourself and you dont think you could afford it at that second … well the one thing i love about this primer is that it is affordable and works well with the wallet :) Urban Decay is an amazing brand in general so this is one of many of their great products … btw try Uraban decays naked pallet is amazing try it out its a must buy!!! <3 xxx

I use this product everyday with or without eyeshadow! I live in Panama and with our HUMIDITY it even makes my eyeshadows last FOREVER!! Excelent product! I have 2 BOTTLE of the GIANT size so I am never out of it!

Bobbie you’re so cute!!! I enjoyed the review, and btw I love your eye makeup in this video. What were you wearing??? I also love UDPP I haven’t tried Eden yet, so I’m going to pick this one up for sure!!!!! I’ve been wanting something that can deliver as a base, highlight, and concealer so this will def. be a go to product for me!!! Thanks Bobbie :)

I think I am wearing MAC woodwinked eyeshadow, a little black eyeliner and mascara….I think :)

OMG! Thank you so much Bobby!! I really can not speak English but I understand everything you say :D That’s awesome! I really love your energy and presence! You are so beautiful and expressive that I certainly did not lose any of your reviews!! The product is amazing and I hope to have soon in my country (; Thank you very much again!!

LOVE Bobbie!!! Would totally love to see more videos from her!!!! Great energy, really detailed review/advice, and expressive :) Only critique is to work on the lighting set up so we can see your whole beautiful face instead of shadow on one side! Other then that, great video!!!!

I am working on my lighting….my apartment is so dark, it is so hard for me to get full lighting. Trust me …I am working on it!!!! thanks for the comments and the constructive feedback.

I agree with you Bobbie. My sister bought it and when I saw how fabulous it works I fell in love with it and bought one for myself. What I like the most is that with just a little bit you get great results. Thanks for the review, I would also like to see you in more videos. Keep the good work!!!

Yay for the guest reviewers. I enjoy Marlena’s video reviews but I am loving all the guests who bring a different perspective. Thank you, Bobbie. I hope I see more of your videos — you explained things so clearly and now I know what I can expect from the Urban Decay product.

Great job on your review. I really enjoyed watching & listening to you. You are so adorable and very articulate.


As far as I know, the original IS matte as well. (It is basically the only thing I use for a base except when I use sin of the rare occasion). It would have been nice if you pointed out the differences between the original and Eden instead of claiming the original is shimmery. Or maybe, do not compare a reviewed product to a product you are unfamiliar with.

Thanks for the effort.

I did not mean to claim the original is shimmery so I apologize if that is how it may have come across….just the newer ones like sin that have somewhat of a shimmer to them. I actually do use all the versions of the UDPP and in my opinion the original does not read matte on me; it is just a nude primer.

Eden has become my favourite eyeshadow primer out of all the really good ones out there. I like that it evens the colour of my lids and cancels out any blueness AND works as well as the original UDPP to prevent creasing and keep shadows fresh and vibrant all day and into the night.

Thank you very much for that! Now I know that I’ve been doing the application all wrong. But it’s okay since it’s still my first time to use this. =)

I really like this product as well. It works great not just as a primer but even just to use alone. Sometimes if I am too lazy in the morning, I will put this on my eyelids with nothing else (a dab, nothing more, because it can get unnatural-looking). It does make you look a lot more awake, vibrant, and without the puffy, veiny, redness that we all can sometimes have in our eyelids. I do recommend it.

I feel “eden” works better on me than the original primer potion, though depending on the eyeshadow blending can be a little difficult over eden!

I wanted to like UDPP I really did. I was very excited when a trial size came with my recent palette
purchase. That being said, I just can’t use it.

ONE hour after applying this my eyes were itchy, red and burning. A friend told me it could also be the purple e/s (flash) so to try the UDPP on it’s own with a shadow I know I don’t have problems with. Well needless to say I didn’t even get as far as applying the shadow, this time withing a few minutes my eyelid started to itch and swell.

I have used TFSI and E.L.F. essentials eye primer. They both work great and don’t have this effect. I just recommend everyone spot test this primer… it took two days for my eyes to calm down.

Sorry that you had such a negative reaction to the product. I wonder if you were allergic to one of the ingredients. I’m happy that you found something that works for you though.

Watching Bobbie review any makeup product is such a joy! :) Warm, informative and so genuine! You should be extremely well-known for your ability to present on camera. I’m thinking E! Red Carpet perhaps? :)
UD eyeshadow primer is indeed Heaven’s answer to oily eyelids & means that you get value out of eyeshadow after all the effort spent applying it. :)

Thank you for the great review, might I ask if you were wearing Eden during it?

O wow….what an amazing compliment! I am blushing….like seriously. Honestly I do not remember what primer I was wearing in this video as I have been testing so many of them lately. My apologies. Thanks again for your wonderful remarks…now if I only I could get hired by E! lol