Top 5: Makeup Palettes for 2010

In an effort to help you with your Christmas shopping this year, I’ve tried several of the holiday products to pick my favorites for 2010!

Each of these products I show, I purchased with my own money and was not sponsored by any companies.  My opinions are always my own :)

5.   Urban Decay NYC Palette

Urban Decay never disappoints with their eyeshadow palettes- this newest one is no exception.  The quality of the eyeshadows is amazing, the colors are super bright, and the price is great for what all is included.  I especially love the packaging on this one as it lights up! My only complaint is there’s not enough new colors and not enough variety in matte and shimmer shadows, thus making this my #5 for this year…

It includes:

  • 16 eyeshadows
  • 2 eyeliners
  • small eye primer

Price: $54

Where to Buy:   SephoraAmazon .  eBay


4.  Smashbox Wish Palette 2010

I love this palette in that there’s a great mixture of matte and shimmery shadows, plus the quality of the shadows is amazing!  The colors are so pretty, are pretty much full size, and there’s even a “Look Book” that includes makeup ideas using this palette.

Price: $45

Where to Buy: Sephora . Amazon . eBay


3.   Too Faced Glamour To Go – Fairy Edition

I always love when Too Faced comes out with these cute little palettes as they’re perfect for keeping in your purse on those crazy days!  I carry one in my purse and grab a couple brushes and primer to do my makeup on the run :)   This year’s palette is especially nice as the colors are gorgeous AND there’s a mixture of matte and shimmer shadows!  These make amazing presents as they’re less than $20 and are oh so cute :)

It includes:

  • 8 eyeshadows
  • 1 blush
  • 1 bronzer
  • 1 lipgloss

Price: $19.50

Where to Buy: Sephora . Amazon eBay


2. LORAC Box Office Sensation

This palette is perfect for travel as it has almost everything you need in one sleek case!  Honestly, I bought this palette mainly for packaging as it was so stylish and reminded me of a caboodle ;)

(For full review, go here: LORAC Palette Review)

It includes:

  • 36 eyeshadows- mixture of shimmer and matte finishes
  • 9 lipglosses
  • 3 blushes
  • 1 bronzer

Price: $56

Where to Buy: . Sephora . Amazon . eBay


1.   Tarte Jewelry Box

This is my #1 palette for 2010 as it has full size eyeshadows- half of which are matte finish!  The quality of these eyeshadows is fantastic, and the color choices are amazing (some colors are beyond what MAC has), and the packaging is very slick.

Best. Holiday. Palette. Evah.

It includes:

  • 16 shimmery eyeshadows
  • 16 matte eyeshadows
  • 8 lipglosses
  • 1 cheek highlighter
  • 1 bronzer
  • 5 eyeliners

Price: $52

Where to Buy: SephoraAmazon .. eBay

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Hi Marlena,
Great vid!

What make up and colours are you wearing on your eyes and lips please?
Thank you in advance

Hi, Marlena.
Looking stunning as always, looking hot in this video with your red lipstick. Can you do a new year look with blue or purple smokey eye? by the way, I want to buy mac pigment samples from you, and I’m actually going to buy more than $75 dollars since I live on the other side of the world, what will the shipping be total?

I will be doing some fun, colorful looks for New Years :) also, I’m not sure of shipping, but when you go to check out, it will tell you based on where you live and how much your products weigh that you ordered :)

Loved the video! Hopefully you also did a video on look you were wearing in this video.
Do you have any suggestions for books or classes for makeup application? And how do you know what colors to use on different skin tones, eye colors and hair color? How does that color wheel work?
Thank you for everything

I really like Kevin Aucoin’s books… And I’ll try to address some of these questions in videos, as it’s hard to explain just by typing :)

Hey pretty lady! I agree those are fantastic palettes..and being a palette-junkie..I have them all (LOL!) I would add the Too Faced large holiday palette..the Fairyland palette? It opens up similar to the UD with pop up fairies..but the eyeshadows are a great mix of shimmer and mattes and the blush/highlighers are super and the gloss is a phenomenal neutral that also plumps. Its become my go-to palette – I’ve made the prettiest eyes with that palette! I passed on the Tarte Jewelry Box but you might have just convinced me otherwise. But just wanted to drop you a note – that “handle” on the Tarte Jewelry box is actually a detachable necklace! Bonus! enjoy…

Hey Marlena,
You look stunning! And this is a great vid as always.
Yup, that chain’s actually a necklace, heehee!
Cute attempt on the “handle” thingy though.
From Manila with lotsa XOXO, ~Kat

I need help I have been wanting to try the revlon colorstay foundation but everytime I go I end up getting my wrong shade. Maybe you could help me. I use NC35 in MAC . Thanks for the reviews

Me too… Can you help me too? I’m a NC40 in MAC… I brang the bottle up to my face at the store and it looked good but when I applied it at home it was too dark…. I got early tan in the oily/combination one..

Thank you,

PS loved the video.. it is sooooo helpful…

WOW! What an amazing review! Thanks for all the recommendations. I absolutely love the makeup you are wearing and you are rocking that red lipstick! Would you be able to do a tutorial on this look please? Thanks Marlena for another fabulous video. Take care :)

haha the outset …. was so gorgeous!!!!! great beginning amazing…and the present…och Dear Santa I was good girl this year, I wanna all of them XD hihi – do you think he will listen to me? hope so XD If not he will have huge trouble ( My Lord now I’m treaten Santa !XD )

marlena thank you for this great and so long ( at last!) tutorial, I had great fun watching your propositiong for Christmas presents:)))
Hope you are healthy and happy:!
Greetings from Poland!

Hi !

You look-as always- so gorgeous in this video ! I absolutely love your makeup !
Thanks for the ideas ;) Now, I have to translate all this to my man who doesn’t understand a word of english ! Hahaha !


Checked out the Tarte palette at Sephora. Gotta say, I didn’t like the shadows. They weren’t very pigmented at all if you ask me. Maybe it’s because they had the palette sitting out in the open for so long and it messed up the shadows in some way.

Thank You so so so so so so so so so so much Marlena! My Christmas makeup list is building up and up… ha ha ha :)
This weekend i have a dance concert… i need to wear makeup for stage. Do you have any suggestions. I was thinking of a black shadow on the lid with a black winged eyeliner, black liner on the top and bottom water line and silver eyeshadow on the bottom lash line… AND… fake eyelashes, pink or red lips, highlighted face and blush etc.
What do you think???? Any suggestions i would love love love!
Thank You! <3
You're a STAR! xoxo

I think this sounds good! Be careful with the black shadow that it’s not too heavy so it doesn’t cause dark shadows on stage… Definitely wear extra blush and a brighter lip as the lights wash out colors a fair amount.

I hope your performance goes great!

Is Tarte offering their mousse brow corrector on an individual purchase yet? You mentioned in a previous tut how much you liked the product, however it only came with a particular package deal. Just curious in both the product and info! ;)

I contacted Tarte, and they said it’s on sale by itself through QVC now :) Not sure of when it’ll be available in Sephora or Ulta though…

Tech Issue/Support

Although I have rec’d your tutorials via email for quite awhile now, it would seem I do not rec all of them. When I go to youtube I find turorials (this one included) that I have not rec’d. I am not sure why this is happening, but I do know I enjoy what you have to share/offer very much and signed up so I would not have to search ( for new information. I know you are busy, but if your tech support could resolve the problem (if possible), that would be great!

Thank you

hey marlena(: yeah i agree with you on the UD NYC palette on it not having enough matte finish shadows, but i still love it. the tarte one looks sooooo amazing! i love your eyes, both the makeup and your baby browns(: love ya girl!

thanks so much! :)

I still like the UD one as the colors are pretty, but I have to combine it with other shadows for a look since it’s so shimmery!

Yes I totally agree, the midnight cowboy rides again is one of my favourite shadows from the palette but it has so much fall out that i have to do my eyes before my face just so I don’t like like a twilight vampire (because i’m also pale..but hey it’s a small price to pay when you have red hair.)

Marlena, please tell someone from Sephora to finally start a worldwide shipping!!! You’re so lucky to have such a great store in your city. I live in Ukraine and it’s really hard to get any good quality makeup. Btw, today I got a package from your store, so now I finally have lots of good stuff =) Thank you very much for a makeup geek web site!!!

PS. You look very good with a red lipstick on, don’t know why you don’t like it ;)

hahaha! I’m getting used to the red lips :)

I didn’t know sephora didn’t ship worldwide :( Have you checked Amazon at all? Or maybe Ulta? I need to start carrying these brands in the MUG store :)

I agree! I love doing all my one stop shopping at your store! I see a look, click on the links and check out before the tutorial is even finished! ;) So excited about the next tutorial! ;)

Yes Marlena, Please please please you have to start selling everything thats on sephora/ulta cus they dont sell internationally! I LOVE U SO MUCH, UR MY TRUE MAKEUP GURU EVER!

Checked Amazon and Ulta for the Tarte Jewelry Box and got the ussual reply – “Important Message * Tarte The Jewelry Box cannot be shipped to the selected address.”… That is SOOOO unfair :( Marlena, you just have to carry all those brands to your store! Please – please – please!!! :)

Red lipstick is something one grows into; It takes a certain worldliness to carry off. At 43, suddenly red was all I wore. Some girls wear red at twenty. Some never do take to it, no matter how sophisticated they become. It’s just one of those things…

Hey Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!As always great vid.I live in greece ,Athens,Glyfada and I am your biggest fan here…..I follow your tutorials and i’ve become pretty good at it.!!!!!!! I bought many things this year cause of you and I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KEEP GOING GIRL!!!!aND COME VISIT US!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yep! for the most part… I’ve added some carbs, but I’ve also stayed the same weight for a bit :( Not sure if that’s why, but I eat a lot of lean protein (fish and chicken) and workout 5 days a week :)

Your self control is amazing. How do you motivate yourself?!

Ps: you look amazing and I am deeply in love with this site and think you are brilliant! (I’ve told everyone I know about this site!)

You look amazing Marlena! I haven’t been here in a while after overloading on make up and needing to chill on it.

Working out will do it; Even in the heavier, better fitness and busting sweat sharpens up the jawline like no plastic surgeon ever could! And gives better definition in the face all around. Staying the same weight- plateauing- is the body doing a metabolic rewire while still exchanging muscle for fat. It’s a normal healthy thing and actually a good sign.

Muscle weighs more than fat, but it’s more compact, so check your body fat percentage against Start and you’ll see there’s still change at work. Slow loss is more permanent than quick. As for carbs? Green vegetables are carbs; So is candy. Adding long chain carbs like plants will give you fuel to burn off the fat. All protein requires your liver to do back flips metabolically to get the glucose you need from all protein. Burning a fat molecule requires one sugar molecule (glucose) and one oxygen group, couple of atoms of O. And sustained aerobic effort takes a nice storage of other forms of carb in the muscle before switching to the pasta from last night. Look at what bike racers eat, pasta and plants. Scrawny folk, too.

So adding carbs and plateauing is your body saying Thank god!! and straitening itself out. But stick with the meat, it’s your new muscles- and muscle eats fat even while you sleep. And makes your butt look good in tight everything!

Athlete for thirty years. !55 pound size six or eight. Carbs good . A high quality, well lit full length mirror and a measuring tape beat the scale.

Hi Marlena! Love your videos, as you’re one of the few YT gurus that despite the rising popularity is still grounded and the same personality. Preeeeety please do a video or an article about the new NYX Box of Eyeshadows.

Hello Marlena,
I am a makeup artist in Australia and having been watching your tutorials for a while now! I was online one night just checking out what’s going on in makeup land and came across this site!!
I was hooked straight away and inspired with one tutorial after another! THANKYOU!!!
I love all of your looks and your product knowledge is unreal.. I actually have recently even purchased some products from the MUG store… can’t wait to get them and put them to use!! ***HURRY UP PRODUCTS!!!***
Just wanted to say thanks for all the tips and for keeping things fresh and current. You really are an inspiration.
Bek Kate :-)

Hey Marlena,
I was just was reading through some of your other comments… I too am interested in the Tarte Pallette and yep there doesn’t seem to be any shipping from Sephora to Australia?? I did find them on ebay and Amazon though..
I saw you mention that you may look into getting some of Sephora’s products in the MUG store.. YES PLEASE!!! — I just recently found some Ardell lashes in a store here (and used them on all of my formal girls this year.. what you guys call prom — they are fantastic! ) and they are actually cheaper to have them shipped over from your online store.
So I would definitely be a happy girl if a few other brands were added to your products available for purchase!! :-)
I also am interested in the Urban Decay eye primer.. you seem to really like it.. I use the Mac paint pots alot… but I would also love to try this product.. it just doesn’t seem to be available anywhere except online…
Don’t know if you thought about getting this eye primer in… but you already have me waiting in line to purchase if you decide to!! HA!
Thanks again pretty girl…

hey thanks Theryse,
I checked out that site.. Very cool stuff… they will definitely be getting orders from me… Bek

Please let us know what you are wearing on your eyes and what brush. Maybe you could do a tutorial. You look beautiful!! How do the primers you mentioned compare to the Clinique one for oily skin?

Hi Marlena!
what do you think of the liquid eye primer of MakeupForever?
can you say your opinion in a video please?
Kisses from Spain ?

Hi Marlena!
what do you think of the liquid eye primer of MakeupForever?
can you say your opinion in a video please?
Kisses from Spain ?

Hi, I am a recently acquired MUG from Italy :) I stumbled upon one of your videos and now I am totally hooked and am going through ALL of them. I really like your videos and how you explain things; as a girl said in her comment on youtube I love watching your videos as I find them so full of information and also relaxing and soothing, I consider them like little treats, luckyly? I have many to watch ;) CIAO from a new Italian MUG girl (I ‘d love a tutorial of your stunning look in this video!). Keep up the GREAT work!

ps I am looking for the Tarte Jewelry Box but other than Ebay I can’t seem to find any European / UK websites that sell this gorgeous item… if you have any suggestions or websites I can look I ‘d really appreciate it, thanks!!!

Hello Marlena,

How did you get your collection started in order to do make up work? what would you say is essential to have first? foundations? concealers? are there just a few shades you can get and mix in order to match different skin tones?
I would love it if you could reply or even better do a video!!!


Hi Marlena!!! :-D
Can you do a tutorial for the make up you wore on this video, my coworker and I love it!! :-)

My heart sank a little when i first saw this – because last night i purchased the tarte for a gift! Whew! You love it!!!!! Merry Christmas!

You mentioned in the video that you had an article with your top mac eyeshadows. I’m having trouble finding it. I found your top mac lipsticks and pigments, but not eyeshadows. Could you post I link please? I’m just getting into mac and would like to know your top picks. Thanks. :)

love love love the vid and thanks my hubby will be happy as i asked him to get me some stuf for xmas thanks agen xxxxxx :)

hello Marlena, I need your help. You said that the tarte palette is the best and that the quality is good. Maybe I am not using the right brushes or something because the matte e/s are really powdery and it is hard to show (like almost no pigmentation)??? Please advice.

Hey Marlena,

Great video:) I was wondering was your thoughts are on the Smashbox Ultimate Palette- the ones thats have been coming out during the holidays since 08?

Marlena I absolutely LOVE your makeup in this tutorial, can you teach me how to apply and what colors to do? I am studying abroad in italy and would love to try it for the holidays when I return home!! thank you so much <3 <3 <3

pleeeez pleeez pleeeez can U make a video for(( INGLOT)) make up products.!!

LOVE UR work..

Marlena I need your help before I have a break down. I am 8 months pregnant and just over the past couple of months I’ve noticed that my foundation (Mac Studio Fix fluid) is caking so badly on my cheeks. My moisturizer doesn’t seem to make a difference, I’ve tried application with a wet sponge.
I picked up the Revlon HD, wasn’t any better. The only thing I can wear right now is the Revlon Beyond Natural which is great but not full coverage. With an event coming up on Saturday I’m becoming a bit frazzled. Any recommendations?

Try the Revlon Colorstay or Rimmel London Lasting Finish. They are great inexpensive foundations that give excellent full coverage. If you want to spend your money, try Teint Miracle by Lancome, MakeupForever Face and Body, or CHANEL Matte Lumiere. All excellent foundations. I hope this helps.

Goddess Marlena .. Forever at your worship!

Goddess Goddess …… being as you in the top 5 mode can we have your top 5 lipsticks please as you are looking so super sexy turn on in that lovely shade of red …. xxxxxxxx :-)

Of course the only way to really test a good lipstick is through its .. Kissablity factor….! and i think this is a good idea to spread some Love within your make up geek empire so if you want to get some nice models and show us some passionate kissing to demostrate the Lipsticks then mmmmmmmmmmMMMM yes please …….. better any chanceof some female models wanting to join in with you and happy days!!!!!!!!!!! us guy geeks would sure be in Marlena meltdown!! :-)

Cor blimey….. that would get the you tube rating ups Goddess! …. and thanks you for 17 whole minutes of pure .. Marlenathon going the distance!


Hii Marlena!

Im doing a project in school in my career exploration course, im a senior in high school, and im doing a career exploration on being a make up artist. I’ve been watching your videos and thier a big help. If you have any advice please let me know!

Brit <3

Marlena I just leave you a comment on youtube but there you a have a ton of msg so I came here to tell you that the tarte jewerly box has jewerly on it, the cute handle isn’t a handle it’s a necklease , on the back part has tape that u need to take out ,and then in te from has 2 little hooks that you open and you have a really beautiful nice quality necklease …. sooo an other plus to this palette …xoxo from MEXICO !!!!

Hi Marlena,

You are definitely looking skinny. I see it in your face. I have also been losing weight slowly, the right way, but getting sick here and there has hindered my workout schedule. Anyway, was wondering for some foundation advice. Everytime I go to get color matched it always seems that the foundation looks good on my face, but then it looks like a different color then my neck. What should I do?

Love Love Love this review!!! I never used to wear makeup but ever since I found your website I am hooked. Thank you so much for all the videos you do.

I am going to a party and I am wearing a black dress with hot pink accessories. I was thinking about doing a pink makeup look, but I’m not sure what to do. Do you have any suggestions? I am a light skinned black girl and I have a hard time getting pink to show up on my face.

Thanks for everything!!

Hello Marlena!
You probably have many errands to run/things to do right now, but it’d be wonderful if you could answer! =)
I have monolid eyes and I almost always have problems with eyeliner smudging on my eyelids. While my lids aren’t extremely prominent when it comes to the fold on my eyes, it still smudges quite a bit =(…
Any ideas on how to fix it?

We all get that. Use a waterproof liner and just keep that eye closed until it dries. It may be tedious, but you have to suffer if you want to be beautiful. You can get the Stuff that Stays Put in liquid, gel, pencil, I love MAC’s waterproof pencils, the plastic auto ones. You may need a bomb proof gel, like Fluidline or Bobbi Brown. You can try them out in any fair sized department store.

Every body gets their eyeliner smeared. That’s why there’s a zillion great liners designed to not budge. And if you have a whole line of pencil migrating? it can actually be part of the look. Done that…

Dang, girl! You could sell ice to a snowman! How talented and truly beautiful you are! Happy Holidays to you and yours!!!

Helo Marlena??!
I`m your huge fan!! one day i wish be like you..
I love those palette! But I live in oxford UK and i cant find any website how can do deivey to UK
i just want know if you know any site to suggest me!!
or you can sale on your website.. Pleeeease I`m DESPERATE for the Tarde Jewelry Box
Thank you so much!!

I can’t believe you’ve for gotten one very important thing: MAC Fix+ SPRAY!!!!!! It’s my favorite MAC item, and I thought it was yours too!

This video will help me sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!

You are so gorgeous in this video!

I can’t put into words how much I really enjoy EVERYTHING you come out with and teach. You are amazing and I really mean that I have learned so much from you can you please tell me what eyeshadows you are wearing on this one it is so pretty and well balanced

What about the other Smshbox palette that it´s also of the Wish colletion, I wanted to get that one but I say a Review that says that it was horrible so as it was the only one review hat I could find around youtube I don`t know anymore if I should get it or not!!!!

Hey Marlena!

Great video! I definitely added some things to to my Xmas list. I went to Sephora the other day and found this pallet called: Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection by too faced. I was wondering what your opinion on it is and if you think its worth buying.

Thanks a lot hope you get back to me soon!!!
-Barbara <3

Ummmm Marlena!!!!! The Tarte jewelry box does NOT have a handle!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a removable NECKLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And a really pretty one too!!!

If you like those little too faced palettes, you should check out dillards, they have 2 exclusive small palettes like the holiday pixi one. I believe one is for smokier looks and the other is called natural something and its full of awesome browns.

MArlena, You have awakened the red lipstick beast in me that that has been asleep for many years now, replaced by the trends of nudes, gloss gloss gloss, the Barbie pinks and peaches that you inspired me to wear all summer, oh and GLOSS!! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIS TUTORIAL!! I used to wear red alot in the 90’s, it was sort of my signature look. I still love the effect it has, but I feel so garish and havent been able to find a way to balance te rest of my face around the lip. I feel more comfortable wearing it when I have a tan, but Im on the lighter end of medium olive skinned. ALSO,My black friday visit to ULTA was a bit dizzying with all of the pallette pushing, and Im pleased to see that much of this review sort of diffused that noise, and I believe I’m ready to indulge in the world of MAC cosmetics,aside from the few glosses and fix+ that I own .. I have alot of the single cosmetics you reviewed, And Im ready to try something new. YOU ROCK AND LOOK GREAT

I’m copier paper white and love red lip stick! You may not be olive at all- girls at make up counters used to push that on me but I’m BLUE! My people are nothern Europe. Look at your favorite clothes, the colors will tell you blue red or coral-y red or orange red. And a bit darker reds, versus Russian neon bright red, can be good for every day. MACs Port Red is wonderful, and if they don’t re release it soon I’ll have a breakdown! Very easy wearing but statement making gold pearl red. And I’m out!

Smashbox Pose, Ravishing, and Lovely are muted easy to wear reds, and bargains on Ebay. Nobody’s counterfeiting Smashbox either.

I want the Mary Kay bright reds; before you laugh, they’re well priced on Ebay and she makes good make up! My little secret under the MAC and Smashbox collection.


i have so many eyeshadows that i forget what goes with what… I had to take pictures of every look and kind of create a recipe book of different looks… I make copies and cut them into little flash cards… any suggestions

Thank you so much! This was quite helpful :)
Btw, your makeup look is gorgeous on you. Would you think about doing a tutorial on it sometime?

Marlena, Have you tried the primer by L’OREAL ? Its called STUDIO SECRETS. I’m using it now and its not bad, let me know what you think. :)
By the way love your videos!

I like it too, Jessica. I’ve been using it everyday instead of my Smashbox, Rimmel,& Revlon face primers.

Thank u so much for all the time u put into this! I pretty much had no idea how to apply makeup until my friend turned me onto ur site–now im a makeup geek! Thanjs again!

YAY for ur red lips!!! lol, it looks gud on u! i hope u werent doin em jus for the upcoming tutorial :)

Marlena, that was awesome! All the information you gave was super helpful, as always.
I get so excited hearing about different brands and their top products. I could talk about makeup and hear about it all day!
I spotted that Tarte palette from the opposite side of Sephora and nearly started drooling. Glad you gave it a good review because it’s already on my Christmas list!!! :-D

Keep up the great work!

This is so far MY FAVORITE video by you!! It was like you crawled inside my mind!! I literally sat at the computer with your video playing the Sephora website up!
Saw that your going to do a tutorial for that AMAZING red lip look! So excited! I’m totally wearing it!!

Hi Marlena…
You look amazing in the video your makeup looks stunning…..I have a question which liquid eye liner is the best …im using Loreal’s liquid liner , but it seems to fade away very quick…can you help me pleazeeee………… :)

Jackie I’m no pro but I love liquid liner and my new favorite is Milani liquid liners. They stay on almost too long! I swatched the black and cobalt blue on my hand and it stayed vivid through handwashing, I had to scrub it of with my fingernails.

Hello marlena. I’ve been watching you for a long time and absolutely love your videos. Next year I’m going to be taking a class for make up artistry. I was wondering if the too faced glamor pallet came in any different colours??
Thank you
Ps could you do a look completely with that pallet??I might be getting it and I really don’t want to do the same exact thing that I always do

hi Marlena,

O love your videos, you always have such good looks and you explain reallly well. Do you have any recomendatios for someone with sensitive skin? i’ve been using Clinique and it’s okay, but I was wondering if there is anything else out there that I could try.

See, I was surprised the Naked Palette didn’t make it, either. But then I imagine she didn’t include it on the top 5 because it’s a permanent palette and the others aren’t.

Hi Marlena.!

i’m from Saudi Arabia – middle east.. i’m wondering if i can get a make up pakege from your cuntry to main .!!
and if it turns out okay, pleas tell me what can i do to get a make up from Ur store.!??

Thanx MArlena… Ur the BEST xOxOx <3

I already have the UD pallette and agree that they should have added some matte colors. These are extra sparkly, good for evening. I am getting the Lorac for Xmas (fingers crossed). Any idea when you will post some looks from these 2 pallettes???

****************Hey Marlena**************

********Do you think in your up-coming tutorial you can mention some good makeup removers that are not so expensive? I would greatly appreciate it….*********

***************************Thank You*****************************

On ur video u mentions the most popular/favorites from each brand. I was wondering if u had those listed somewhere on ur site too. And if so where?? Lol

I love your site! But, I was wondering, i’ve never seen you do a tutorial or use any Laura Mercier. What are your thoughts on that brand?

Marlena, love the site. But wit very limited make up options here in the Philippines, I get disappointed lots of times. What I do is I find dupes here, local ones, but you can tell, they’re never close to your results…I actually sent a message to Tarte the other day asking how I’d be able to acquire the Jewelry Box here, but they didn’t respond to me :-( I’m willing to pay for it…just that I can’t find one that ships here…Anyways, that’s my dilemma, I guess…But, I also wanna say, keep up the good work, you’re always inspiring and amazing ! Love your videos so much, I quit going to YouTube and I just visit your site to see if you’ve posted new ones!

Hi Kendi!

I’m from the Philippines, too! You can buy the Tarte Palette from Amazon and have it shipped here thru Johnnyair or Forex Cargo. Just go to their sites for shipping instructions. Good luck and happy shopping!

Hi Marlene, thank you so much for posting this video. Now i don’t have to buy all the make up that is in the store, i hate going inside them because i buy what ever they tell me to and it all end up in the bottom of my sink cabinet just collecting dust!!!!! :o( but since i found ur site on youtube, i been watching everyday ur looks and getting lots of compliments on my make-up. Thanks U so much!!!! UR ACTUALLY SAVING ME LOTS N LOTS OF MONEY!!!!!!

Estee Lauder is also with a great deal, in every fragrance purchase plus $55 dollars , you receive a giant make up kit with 4 small blushes, 4 full size lip stick, 3 eyeliners, 18 eyeshadowns, and 4 brushes. It was a biggg purchase:)

This tutorial was SO informative! Besides being probably the most organized and professional makeup guru online, you have to be one of the sweetest too. You truly seem genuine which really makes me trust your recommendations. Thanks and keep up the good work:)!

Love the video as always, when did they come out with the BE Buxam lip sticks, i love BE how in the world did i miss them.

Hey Marlena,
Just wondering if you have tried any Inglot products and what you think of them? I’m in Australia but I know they do have a store (or more… not sure) in the US.
Let me know and thanks!

Love love love the look in this video! You are so talented, watching you work is mesmerizing. Ps. I just bought a new Bronzer and I love it so much I had to share because it is a cheaper alternative to MAC.. I have the MAC mineralize skin finish in Gold Deposit and love it, and then I found the Revlon Colorstay Mineralize in Sunkiss and its GRrrreat! Its 14.50$Cdn compared to 34$Cdn for the MAC one… take care Marlena!

i love your videos! the tarte handle on the tarte kit you like is actually a necklace. per the sephora website …

What else you need to know:
The gorgeous gold-tone and black necklace is detachable and wearable


Hey Marlena i was wondering if you will be doing a review on the Nordstrom color palette wit 144 eye shadows that is currently selling for 29 dlls.

Hi . Was wondering if you were going to have a list of everything you talked about in this video.
It was awesome..

Thanks for the video. Although I really enjoyed the Tarte palette, I find that the colors are not designed for women of color. I have to mix the UD palette, but I won’t be wasting money on colors that don’t work for my skin. Thanks for all the gift ideas. Have a safe and fun holiday season.


Look up klean color cosmetics, they are the bomb, and sold in my area in mostly black and hispanic targeted beauty supplies. They should sell it EVERYWHERE!!

Hi Marlena.
I would like to order some products from your store but I also have a request for some other products if u can get them for me.I live in Pakistan and most of the websites I have checked so far, do not ship to Pakistan. If You can do this I’ll be really greatful

Marlena – in case you were wondering with the stila eyeliners – the word kajal is pronounced like kah-jal (long ka and short jal) :) It’s the hindi word for kohl! :) thanks for this video – super duper useful!

Hi there

Would like to check if you have tried palette from Bobbi Brown Holiday? In particular the Day to Night, warm palette? I am asking cos i wanted to start on eye makeup, probably think that it would be better getting a neutral palette first? And cos i am an asian, perhaps matte finish ones would be better?

Thank you so much Marlena! I actually took notes to take with me when I go makeup shopping! I’m such a makeupgeek!

where is the list of the great products from the drugstore at? I can’t find it. I’m looking for the primer and foundation ones.

BTW youlook stunning in this video! Can’t wait for the tut. on how to do this makeup.

Thanks SO much for your website! My sister-in-law just started at a new amazing salon. I am clueless about makeup but wanted to get her some really great things for xmas. Now I know exactly what to get! You have no idea how much you’ve helped-slash-inspired me. Thanks again!

You are absolutely right I own the wish pallette and the book of shadows III, debating on getting the tarte holiday collection

love the video and ideas!! it really helps!! will you be getting more MUG brushes in the store soon??…the ones i want are out of stock!! :(

oh i love it so much! good thing i have some of those great products from good brands need to add some more! tnx marlena dear

Hello Marlena.
Lots of love from Israel.
The girls here are so right – would you please consider adding to your MUG store the Tarte palette and also the UD eye primer. (UD don’t ship internationally).
Totally love your videos and tutorials.

I just LOVE your sight! I prefer to watch you over the TV. I am very addicted to makeup and you bring such fresh ideas and energy. I like that we both love mac so it makes it easy to follow your looks. Also i have learned so much from you. Most important would be that not all shadow needs to shimmer. I have been making that mistake, before this sight i would have to say i really didn’t understand the point of matte shadow. Thank you for the help!

What color is the MAC mineralize powder you show in this video? I was hooked as soon as you added a little to your face it just looked so great!

Hi Marlena,How are you?You look really great.I love your makeup! and the way you talk.Can you please do a video for coastal scents HD foundation review and compare to mac i use MAC nw40 so which one i pick for coastal scents?thanks.

I love how detailed you are with your explanations. I can tell you really want to educate viewers/readers. Thanks for dating the time to link each product, honestly review it, and for being so thorough. SERIOUSLY! It’s great to see someone truly passionate about what they’re doing. You’re awesome.

hi Marlena,

what did you think about the Victoria’s secret makeup mega makeup kit? it wasn’t here in this video but its quiet large and i did see an ad for it. Have you tried it out?

Hi Marlena,

I got the Tarte Jewelry Box and L.O.V.E. IT! i just think its a bit bothersome to view all the shadows at once. (i have a really small vanity) Do you know if there is a way to take them out of the packaging? Kind of like depotting it from the case?


I just love your tutorials! I recently got BH cosmetics 3rd palette, would you please please please do a review on them.

Hey Marly!
I loved your review for the Tarte palette! I was on Sephora the other day and ALMOST bought it. I bought the Sephora Endless Color Blockbuster collection and was hoping you could review it. I might just have to get the Tarte one as well. Thank you for the vids!

Happy Hanukkah!!! – Your look in the video is a absolutely beautiful, can you do a video on that or share what you used to do you eyes and lips?

BTW – – you are a real inspiration and as a result I started two weeks ago a make-up course just for my own fun :D

I just purchased the Tarte jewelry box and would love you to do a video with some looks using this kit.

Can you please do a makeup tutorial for Tarte #1 Palette I went to purchase right away and my mind is blank in how to use or how to mix and match :/ I love Kim Kardashian looks if you could do a tutorial on her using tarte jewerly box palette…PPPLLLEEEAASSEEE!!!! Thank you so much!!


I was wondering if you were going to do more tutorials with the Tarte Jewelry Box palette. I just got one and would love to see more looks I can do!


i got my tarte jewelry box today!!! so happy.. cant wait to test drive d e/s!! wuhooooo thanks marlena for the reviews. you rock!!! =)

Congrats Marlena!! You look fab, all your hard work is certainly paying off.

Just wanted to say that I loved this video, so much info packed into it!!

Merry Christmas

great video and soo helpful! i was wondering, what do you think about too faced amazing foundation powder? and also tarte mascara and lip stains?


Hey Marlena,

I love your looks and you’ve inspired me to be more creative in my makeup endeavors! There is a Stila palette at Ulta. What is your opinion on Stila eyeshadows? I liked it b/c it came with a look book that made me feel more comfortable because then I’d know how to use the shadows better. I’m still so new at using different colors.

Your tutorial, informative, professional videos are Class A! I’m so very glad I found your Web Site and have learned so much from it even tho I’m in my 60’s (some say I don’t look it).
I’m always asking when your coming to Denver to give us a class so I hope and pray it will be someday soon! Thanks again.

I love your videos SO MUCH that I load them on my iphone and watch them when I’m on set. I even tell lots of other actresses about your site and videos. I’ve also place a few orders in your store and love the service, site and products. And most of all, I trust your opinions and your knowledge. Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work.

Blessings and have a Merry Christmas!!


Hi Marlena,
I am keen to get hold of an ‘all in one’ travel palette (I have actually got my eye on one by The Balm) and wanted to ask where I would get a reasonable set of travel brushes (mainly for eye makeup here). The ones I have seen on Sephora all seem to have lots of extra (large) brushes which are just going to take up valuable purse room.
Is there a travel set of (mainly eye) brushes that you would recommend?


Your xmas review & top favs video is sooo amazing, all I can say is wow. Well put together & helpfull, kudos!!!

Hey Marlene, I always love your makeup videos and watch them all over and over :D
To be honest I am really a geek about makeup. One thing that still confused me is I still cannot figure out the difference purposes between matte, powder and shimmery eyeshadow. Maybe if you want to, would you make a video about them :)

I got the tarte pallette for Christmas & it is wonderful. Can you please do some more tutorials on this pallette?

Hello Marlena,
You are simply amazing and stunning !! :o) Thank you for all your videos and comments. I am fascinated by makeups and have learned a lot with you. I would like to know if you have any suggestion for a pallette with matte colors only. I am 44 and sometimes shimmery eyeshadows don’t look good. Tarte Jewelry box looks nice but I don’t use any of those lipglosses.
Thank you for your help and I will be always watching you . :o)
xoxoxo from a Brazilian girl.

I love you!!! {{{ h }}
You are super and i really lake you site. I love make up too and i can’t live without it .But i am from small country and hare i don’t have a lot of cool make up brands :(
Thak you for your help and for all you do .
Hug and kisses from Bulgaria. :*

hey darlin,
Ironic that you said the Newyork urban decay pallette is for teens because i just got if for my 15th alice and wonderland themed birthday party! i love it so much, great quality athought i do agree with you that there should be less shimmery eyeshadows. still i love it! and its great fro travelt o! i take it to DC all the time and it stays in perfect condision unlike my saforia $30 pallete that is currently gone threw hell and back haha. but yeah im taking my newyork pallete to New York City for a theater trip where we’ll me shopping, taking a theater workshop on apollo stage and seeing WICKED! so excited but i wanted to change my makeup constantly there and make it very amazing. can i please have your help????? ill be there for 5 days.

what kind of brushes do you recommend if i am get the too faced pallete , some brushes or brushes kid that can fit in your purse easy , i do my make up on the train and i carry my makeup but i couldnt find brushes little but good ones ..Help