Too Faced Brow Envy, Shaping, & Defining Kit


My expectations were very high regarding the Too Faced Brow Envy, Brow Shaping, & Defining Kit; however I was left with mixed feelings. I adore the convienent packaging of the product as it is perfect for travel- it contains all the essential tools that you will need to shape and define your brows.

Unfortunately, I found it difficult to find a stencil that would match my eyebrows. Secondly, I was unable to find a shade that matched the colors of my brows. The brunette shade was a little too red and mixing the two shades did not produce a good match. I found that I used only the tweezers, spoolie, and brush while I left other products in the palette untouched. Although this product did not work out for me, we all have very distinct eyebrow shapes and so it would be no surprise to me that someone else will find this product to be their holy grail eyebrow shaping and defining palette.

What the Kit Includes:  

  •  Brow Setting Wax
  • Highlighter
  • 2  Brow Powders- Blonde (light brown) and Brunette (dark brown)
  • Brow Pencil
  • Mini Tweezers
  • 2 Mini Brushes
  • 3 Plastic Brow Stencils
  • Step-by-step Brow Illustration Guide

My Rating:

  • Product:    3 out of 5
  • Packaging:    4 out of 5
  • Quality:    3 out of 5
  • Price:     4 out of 5
  • Would I buy again?    No
Price:  $35
Where to Buy:  . Amazon .   Sephora   .  eBay






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great review, i really apreciate when people give their honest opinion while keeping in mind what could be used by others.

I’ve seen a few people on youtube use this products lucky I didn’t buy it my eyebrows are exactly like you said cousins lol thanks a bunch x

Im interested in how you find this compares to the Anastasia Brow Kit? I’ve been coveting the Anastasia kit and have heard good reviews but at it’s price im a bit leery….

I bought the Anastasia Brow Kit and I really liked it. It comes with a lot more brow stencils to choose from. The Anastasia eyebrow gel is also one of the best I’ve tried. The only downside to the brow kit is that they force you to buy all the sizes even when you may only need one…and its a little pricey.

I loves Urban Decay brow kit… they prefect match color of my brow comes with a wax, tiny tweezer and little brush. I using these over a year now. Since use wax and it stays in place without one hair out of place. Maybe u try Urban Decay brow kit.

I love you’re personality, I thought you were just going to say it’s perfect by the way you spoke, and i got surprised that you actually did not like it! You presented it very professionally, And i look forward to seeing more honest reviews from you :D

This is the kind of review that I need. I loved the balance (like/didn’t like) and the thorough explanation. I also look forward to more reviews by you. Thank you!

I would really really recommend the brow zing products from Benefit. They’re superb in my opinion!

I like Anastasia’s Perfect Brow Pencil and Brow Fix. Perfect brows without the use of a stencil. The stencils are inaccurate anyway. I have oddly shaped brows and find the stencils useless.

Good job Bobbie! I loved your honest review- it’s nice knowing whether to buy something or not without any bias :) I liked your review!

I agree, my friend has it and I tried it on my brows, all the shapes were way too big and my eyebrows are black…they don’t have black lol. Seems like it was made for girls with lighter hair and more natural large brows.

I think in regards to not being able to find a colour that suited you, you’re simply not blonde or brunette. As your hair and eyebrows are much darker, I don’t really understand why you thought that it’d be the right product for you since it states the two colours it has. I have red hair and would know not to buy it because it doesn’t have a colour to suit me, so I just don’t understand why you rated it down for not having a colour to suit you since you knew what it provided before you bought it.

I love brow zing by Benefit. The only problem is that the wax makes me itch like crazy! So, I can use the shading but not the wax. :( Ineed to find a kit that has both and doesn’t irritate my skin. Thanks for the review. :) It saved me some money. I’m not into greasy eyebrows either so I’ll spend my money elsewhere.

Nicely done. It is a cute box but I have not liked some of the other Two Faced products I have tried so I would not invest in this product. I have one of the Anestasia kits that comes in a little makeup bag. Love it. It comes with really great tweezers, brow powder and gel. It has stencils also but I am not gifted in using those things. My brows are how I like them so I don’t really need them anyway.

i loved your personality and charm during this review and i loved the honesty in which u described the product . i am also looking to either learn how to or purchase a holy grail product to make perfect brows i am in need of good brow perfection. best of all u just shine on camera and are fun to watch.

Eyebrows can be so frustrating. I know that over the years I have plucked a few too many hairs and now it can be so challenging to make them look natural. Any help I can get in that area the better. Great review!