Soft, Sexy Lips: VS Lip Scrub Review

Victoria’s Secret FX Smooth Scrub and Lip Balm (Victoria’s Secret)

I hope you beautiful Makeup Geeks are doing great today!  Here’s my thoughts on this lip scrub…

What it is:

“To ensure a perfect pout, our pros always prep lips with this sugar scrub and moisture- rich balm before applying color. Gently massage the scrub onto lips for 30 seconds, then tissue off. Finish with a light layer of balm. Lips are left feeling soft, supple and ready for camera-worthy color.”

Why I love or hate it:

I love this scrub as it works well, smells good, and feels great on my lips BUT I mostly love it due to its packaging! Since I travel a lot and can’t always take a portable concoction of olive oil and sugar (see recipe below), then I need something I can toss in my suitcase for on the go! I love how it has the scrub and balm together as I always lose my lip balms (I swear I have at least 10 different ones and currently know where maybe 3 are right now- haha).

Price:   $14

Where to Buy:     (eBay)   (Victoria Secret)

Homemade Recipe:

  • Raw sugar
  • Olive Oil
  • Honey

*Mix together 1 part each, then apply to lips and scrub with finger or toothbrush.

I use the VS scrub when I travel or when I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to make a homemade version :)





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Hey gorgeous! You look amazing, as usual. Just a quick question, have you tried a lot of VS products? any good? besides this of course! i’m going to have to get this, seeing as my lips are being difficult right now. Love you!

She has an older video where she reviews some of their makeup products. Check the archives. :)

Sounds like a product that’s worth a try – I’ve been pretty impressed with the VS cosmetics! An easy, home-made lip scrub is just a few drops of olive oil mixed with a little brown sugar. Not too harsh for lips – leaves them smooth and soft and costs next to nothing!

hey, great vid! does this product have a fragrance to it? I love the idea of this but sometimes VS stuff can make my skin drier. Can you post an ingredient list?

The scrub has a little minty scent to it that is nice :) I’m not sure what ingredients are in it, but maybe check VS website?

Do you know anywherelse that I could get this product or anything similar? I just visited the VS website and this product is on back order.
Thank you

Thank you sooooooooo much for posting this. Im in my second trimester and the baby is sucking me dry including my, And every thing i have tried has not worked. So lets keep the fingers crossed that it helps me…..

Hi,Marlena.Two questions for you:

1. Do you like Lancome products?

2. I need a black eyeliner. Can you help me?


I do like Lancome products- their Teint Idole foundation is my new favorite! And I love their lipglosses :)

Best eyeliner- UD 24/7 or Milani Liquif’eye or Loreal HIP

hey marlina!!!! =)
i love your tutorials and reviews!!!.. btw, the soft pink silk curtains in the backdrop look very pretty in your makeup room!!!!

I just absolutely love this product after your review. It is CONVENIENT and PORTABLE so I don’t really have to bring my sugar and olive scrub as I always do. I’ll definitely try this product out, thank you so much Marlena<3

Ooh, I love lip scrubs.
And you and I are on the same boat with lip balms. I have a lot (I lovee them), but know only where about two or three are! lol

Hi Marlena.
I can’t find it on ebay and here in Portugal it doesn’t exist.
Will you have this on your store? I really wanted to buy it.
Big kiss,

Great idea to have the scrub and balm together. $14 seems a lot though, I’m from the Uk though so I might be wrong. I love my Lush lip scrub, it tastes fab too!

I will love to try it, but i cant VS Cosmetics is in the list of brands i have to avoid following directions from my dermatologist. Marlena please give us more options. but thanks for the review to bad i cant use it :( .

what product in makeup did your dermatologist say to avoid? I’m trying to narrow down what’s flaring up my acne :(

just a while ago i read that cow milk triggers excesive hormonal production, and it may cause acne… i started drinking less milk and having less dairy products and my complexion has improved. check out if it is a cause for you

Hi Marlena, is several products he told me to avoid i can email your the list so you can check out, so far is working good with me beacuse i have adult acne, let me know if you get my email.

Ask for gel tip nails, I believe- the powder itself is colored so you don’t have to worry about chipping :)

I usually give my lips a gentle scrub with my toothbrush when I brush my teeth which also exfoliates for free :)

Your new videos have your studio looking different! Any chance of a tutorial update on your studio and how you organize your collection?

sure can :) it may be a couple months though as April and May are booked with other vids I’ve taped :)

Are you wearing eyelash extensions in this video? In this video your lashes look more natural (but extra sexy!) than falsies. I’d love to know what you did to them! :)

yep! Just had them done :) The girl who did them for me is doing a video with me in a couple weeks!

I have used brown sugar and.vitamin e and I lovee it..but its hard too keep something like that in your bag lolz…I lovee the color that a shade or does it serve a purpose? Xoxox

There is a terrific product from Mary Kay that scrubs and conditions the lips and it is amazing! I had horrible lips before this product. I loved it so much that now I am a rep for them. If you would like info on how to order, or Marlena if you would like to review it, feel free to email me :)

Hi Marlena :)
Great review of the VS lip scrub/balm! I am definitely going to have to try this one out. A quick question for you about the make-up you are wearing in the video: It looks FANTASTIC! I would love to know how you created your look. It would be smashing for a day at work or a night out!

Thank you :)

Hey marlena, any chance of doing a tutorial on your updated makeup studio and how you organize your things? I looks so pretty :)

Ahhhh sorry Marlena I asked you this before but my phone said it never went through, I was just browsing and saw it did and you answered! I’m a geek ignore this duplicate question above


hey darling Mari,

I am one of your g’zillion fans but silent one. now this is the time i really need your help about my make up. i have tried liquid foundation from famous brands, my skin type is dry to sensitive and prone to acne, but i do control my acne now by neutrogena i know you must be thinking that neutro face wash must be harsh for my dry skin type but believe me i tried it in very different way n it works for my pimples. now my problem is Not any liquid foundation works for me , my skin ends up in looking very flaky n caky. can you suggest any mineral foundation for my skin type? currently am on Mac studio fix powder (NC35) but i wana give try to some other products as alternate. with loads of luv

I love how natural you look in this Video!When Im in New York in september Im gonna go two the VS Store and try this lipbalm/scrub out!good review thank you thank you….X

I love the packaging because it’s so compact! I usually just use Sephora’s cleansing silicone pad on my lips to exfoliate them. I might just try the VS lip scrub to compare. =D

hey i know this doesn’t apply to this video but i was wondering if it was bad for you eyes to line both upper and lower water lines with eye liner?

you look great! you seem really happy and more upbeat than ever, im so glad for you!
PS, still waiting for you here in seattle!

What’s your ALL TIME favorite lip balm(s)? I’m a lip balm junkie and Im curious to find some new favorites!

This is a great lip scrup and balm, I bought it a while ago and I have to say it really made my lips feel smoother as well as plumped. I think because the balm is minty it creates a cool pouty feeling. I always go to VS and sometimes they give $10 off coupons, which is what I used to buy this product.
Anyway, great stuff and good review!


i bought this product today! the cashier told me it’s her favorite lip scrub ever…
i can’t wait to try it! :) thanks, marlena!

hello I seen u posted the how to do the scrub at home so what should I use as the moister balm from the house

Thanks for the review! I bought this today and it is great! Mine was a pink balm though, which I like better. THey both smell great!

luv you videos! just one question about the product: can it be used as a night time product, like use it before you go to bed, or is it a product that you have to use durning the day or before you put your makeup on? :)

Great recommendation! I’m thinking of using the same container with my homemade lip batch once I’m done with the VS!!! So awesome !!!

Hello I’m an international student in the US. I found out this perfect website by chance and I really want to thank you for every video and article you put here. Because I’m really lazy and too clumsy to put on make-up very well. I definitely learned a lot from this web. Love it! I’ve also recommanded to my friends and the girls are watching the video on YouTube :P