Sleek I-Divine Makeup Palettes

What I love or hate about these products: Sleek Makeup I-Divine palettes are by far some of the best eye shadow palettes I have gotten my hands on in a very long time. They come with 12 beautifully pigmented and smooth mineral based eye shadows. They are travel friendly and packaged simply yet “sleek”. Lastly, the cost of the sleek palettes are amazing…at $10.50-$12.60 for the three palettes that I reviewed, you just can not beat that price for such great quality.

One of the things that can be a bit of bummer for some of you is that Sleek Makeup’s shimmer shadows are a bit on the frosty side. This does not bother me too much as I just wear them over a matte eye shadow primer. Another downside is the fact that the company is a UK based cosmetics line; therefore you can not go to the store and purchase their products in all countries. If you are not a big fan of shopping online, I suggest you get over it and get yourself some Sleek Makeup.

They describe it as: 











Me, Myself, And I Palette ($10.50)
“The  Me, Myself & Eye I-Divine is the result of a mutual admiration of colour, texture and vibrancy! Taking inspiration from PPQ’s S/S 2012 theme, the palette is a heavy mix of pattern and colour to toughen up feminine summer silhouettes making it the ultimate accessory for every self-confessed fashionista and beauty lover!”











O So Special Palette ($10.50)
“It’s the ultimate i-Divine that every woman should have in her possession, with 12 flattering on-trend shades to suit all skin tones no matter what the occasion, the Oh So Special palette will always deliver the perfect results.”











Curacao Palette ($10.50)

The Curacao Palette is part of the Carribean Collection. It is out for this Summer, and the colors are sure to make you feel summer ready. It’s  full of bright, vibrant, beautiful, confident and happy colors.

 Rating:  As you can see from my ratings, I would definetely recommend every MUG out there try out Sleek Cosmetics’ eyeshadow palettes at least once. The eyeshadows are buttery smooth, blend easily, are extremely pigmented, and come in a wide range of colors to suit each individual’s personality and style.

Product: 5 out of 5
Packaging: 4 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Price:  5 out of 5
Would I buy again? Yes!!!!!!
Price: $10.50


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Thank you so much for the review!! I am always looking for products that work well with darker complexions… I cant wait to order from this brand and check it out for myself=)

I got all excited and went to their site right away, but some of the products are out of stock in EVERY colour. Do you know if they are new to the line and just don’t have them yet? (The eye dust and lipstick are the two products I noticed)

Sometimes they just don’t update the website as much as they should :( I’ve noticed that with a couple of makeup brands. Just do a bit of a look around stores, see if you can order them in etc. But I’m sure you’ll find what you need :) x

Hello darling! I loved your tips and also the products ;)
Just let me tell you: the name of the palette is curaÇao. Curaçao is an island really close to Aruba. I understand you don’t have this letter in English (ç) so it’s really hard to understand, but the sound of it is much more like a “s”

Awesome job! Thanks for your time and information. I loved!

I just purchased the O So Special palette and their Gel liner. I’m so excited! Does anyone know about how long it takes to ship to the states?

Your review was wonderful and I’m so glad that you introduced this line to those of us that had no idea it even existed! Thanks Bobbie!

It usually takes up to a week or two to receive the products. But hold in there and Hope you have so much fun with their products :) It really is worth the wait xxx

Where can I buy these products? They are not on their site. I know we can’t buy the acid palette in the US and I figured that third one would be the closest to it

nevermind – i guess it’s not available anymore. that’s such a bummer to get excited about something like that and no longer be able to get it. I’ve been wanting the acid palette for so long.

Because Sleek does bring out new collections all the time you’ll find it will get harder and harder to find the product in store. Ebay does sell a wide range of their products and you can manage to find some of their products that is no longer in store. If you can’t find what your looking for there, try somewhere like Chemist warehouse, they can order it in for you. I’ve done it before, It might take them a little while to get it but it’s very worth the wait :) Other chemists may have it in store. Sadly it’s just one of those products you need to look around for. Hope this helped… Good luck Nicole :)

Sleek makeup has been around for quite some time and its just one of those products that you tend to walk past and don’t see much of at shops. I don’t know whether its the brand name or something that makes people go past it but I’m a very ‘buy and try’ person and I must say when I first saw this product I was a bit unsure, but when I tried their products I was amazed at how high quality they are! <3 The blushes are a must buy in the sleek collection mainly because the colour shows up amazingly on your cheeks and they do come in a reasonably sized package, so no worrying about running out any time soon :) xxx

I dont find the pictures all that great, and the fact that two of these aren’t available anymore (without paying a huge markup on another site that shall remain nameless…) doesnt really impress me either. just my opinion, but good job otherwise

Color pay off is amazing in those palette but they are so gritty !!! It’s so uncomfortable that I rarely use those amazing palettes (Storm is AMAZING) …such a shame !


Hey gals, justed wanted to tell you all, that the Storm palette is available on from the UK. it is priced at 6.50 english pounds not sure how much the shipping is though. Amazing palettes not to be missed also their lip sticks are really good for the price too. Happy shopping!