Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain Review


The Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm  is perfect for a “beautiful wash of kiss-proof color and moisturising, softshine.” After using this product, I’d have to say that although it’s very pigmented, the marker is easy for a mess-proof application, and the lipstain/lipbalm combination is very clever, the over all product lacked in several areas.

The lipstain product was very drying and even though it comes with lipbalm, the lipbalm doesn’t do enough to aid the drying effect. In addition, the lipstain marker dries out after a couple of months, leaving it useless.  Another problem with the product is that it fades when you eat or drink, which gives you almost a red lipliner effect by the end of the day.

Overall,I really wanted to like this product, because I loved the colour and the lipbalm with the lipstain was a really good concept. Unfortunately this did fade on my lips and I found myself constantly reapplying the balm as it didn’t moisturise my lips well, or for very long.


  • Product: 2 out of 5
  • Packaging: 4 out of 5
  • Quality: 2 out of 5
  • Price:  2 out of 5
  • Overall: 2 out of 5
  • Would I buy again? Probably not
  • Price:  U.S – $7.99, Australia – $17 – $19


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hey how come u guys have controversal review abt the same product? Marlena recommend it and u didn’t.

My personal experience with this product is different to Marlena’s. Products may work differently, so everyone has their own individual opinions on how it worked for them :)

Andrea, I understand that you are expressing your opinion but in my opinion its doesn’t sound right to have negative and possitive review on the same website. I hope you understand what i mean and I am expressing my own opinion after watching both of urs reviews.

I honestly appreciate that there are two reviews that contrast each other on this site. It is ALWAYS good to have a second or third opinion. I have personally tried these lip stains and I would have to agree with Andrea. The color was really beautiful but it did not last very long and I basically just ended up ignoring the lipstain and started using the balm whenever my lips were chapped.

I think it says a lot about the integrity of the site that 2 contradictory reviews are allowed to be presented (I think you mean “contradictory” rather than “controversial”). Different users will have different results and the more info we can get, the better, IMO.

I tried this product after watching Marlena’s review… and i loved it. It’s perfect if you are on the go. I just opted to use a different lip balm. Its all personal preference, Marlena liked it Andrea didn’t, you might like it if you tried it.

I would still try it out! Everyone’s different! For example, marlena loves them, and Andrea doesnt. Give it a shot ! You might like it.

I just bought this yesterday based on Marlena’s recommendations and Flame and Lust were half price (cha-ching score!). I’ve used many different lip stains before including Palladio and found them to be more work and less payoff without much lasting effect. Flame is fabulous! Highly pigmented, more so than I was expecting, so with 1 application I had a lovely wash of color that actually lasted for hours. I was so surprised when I came home late last night and noticed that while yes, it was slightly faded, I still had a beautiful blush of color on my lips. Great product, great color!

Are you a specialized person for talking negative about products for makeup geek? Haha it seems like marlena mainly talks about the products she likes so it’s nice to see what you think about it. You also have very high standards so I know that if you say so so something good about a product it has to be amazing, :) your so pretty too, and I thought the balm was moisturizing

I feel the same way as you do! I bought it because of Marlena’s review, but I think it fell short to my expectations. Biggest cons for me: It didn’t last all day and the marker dried out very quickly.

This review made me sad….I love this stuff…I mean love, love, love it! Although, I use my ecos lip balm rather than the one given.

aww i’m sorry! my experience wasn’t as good as yours unfortunately. I really wanted to like this because i have been looking for a good lipstain. oh well.. still looking hehe

I bought the Revlon lip stain following Marlena’s review. I was woefully disappointed but I assumed that it worked better for others. Good to know I wasn’t the only one who thought it sucked just a bit.

I actually purchased this on a whim in the drugstore several months ago (I’m a regular Sephora junkie). My experience was similar to Andrea’s. The color was great – initially. I noticed it starting to fade literally within about an hour after application. The balm itself “pulled” color off. Didn’t even come close to lasting through beverages or food. I wouldn’t purchase it ever again.

Love this product!!! Lip stains are amazing and are really good for when you go out and your eating and drinking….but I hate how it drys out your lips…unless you exfoliate your lips really well. I have really large lips so if i wear this product and I find that my lips look more full when I put some gloss over the top … try it it really works well for all lips<3 xx

I’m not one for lip stains. I’m a lip balm girl. But the color looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g on you!
Keep churning those reviews out for us! I love that you’re subjective with your reviews and don’t favor one product over the other.

Great job on the lip stain review! I appreciate your honesty and being objective.

Keep it up and do not let the whiny complainers get to you.

Andrea, i like the fact that you weren’t keen on the lipstain. so what if Marlena was – its horses for courses – we cant all like the same thing! ps, i loved your nail polish however it was put on!

Hi Andrea,

You mentioned that you have used others that you liked better, would you mind listing some of the ones you liked better? By the way, great review.

The stila lip and cheek stain, as well as the tarte ones weren’t as drying but they also have an issue with how long they last. I am still looking for one that works for me. I will let you know when I do! :)

I was intrigued by the idea of lipstains, so I sadly bought a few. I have 2 Revlon, 2 covergirl, and 2 Ulta brand. All were dissapointing to me, I just think it doesnt suit me personally. HOWEVER… since i have a makeup addiction I bought 2 more lipstains from a low end brand called NYC (rite aid always has this line buy one get one free), and WOW, THEY R GOOD! the color payoff and wear time is almost too good for the price, I havent looked into the ingredients, but I will only buy lipstains from that line, maybe make a pretty poster with the others!

I also do not like stains. They don’t actually stain! But when you find one let us all know. I’m willing to try lip stains again if you find one that actually works.

I appreciate the honest review. I bought one of these a few weeks avians do agree that it is drying. I usually put another gloss over the stain. One of my concerns is even application. It seemed as though some spots on my lips were more pigmented than others when the day wore on much like what Andrea experienced.

I’m not going to purchase the product again, but it’s fine to use as a base right now.

I’m not sure why people feel it necessary to be rude regarding Andrea’s critique. It’s her experience with the product. Also, I believe it was stated before that MUG sends the products for review. Clearly, MUG chose to post this review so the thought it beneficial.

Everyone’s different.

I agree it does get pigmented on some spots on my lips! I ended up just using the balm.

I also wanted to like this product but I still go back to my tarte

I agree with this review. Different products work differently on different people. Just beacause one product works amazing on one person doesn’t mean it’s a one size fits all. So it is good to have more than 1 person review a product even if it’s contrary to another review. I wish i had seen this review before I bought the Revlon lipstain. I am of medium/tan complexion and particular products don’t always work well with my skin. Luckily I bought the lipstain on sale at 50% off because I bought two different colors and neither of them worked well on me. So thank you for this review! I was wondering if it was just me, but I need to look for another lipstain that will work better on my lips.

No swatches? I like my reviews to have swatches. This would be a great addition to Marlena’s review if there were swatches!

Personally I didn’t really like these. The balm was alright, despite not being able to twist down, but the actually stain didn’t last too long for me. I just got some lipstains from The Balm and I’m hoping they’ll work out for me..

i loved your review! (what works for one doesn’t always work for another & if your review helped somebody that’s all that matters)

i also tried these…. i wanted to love them, having already used the Covergirl lip stains, my thinking was that the balm would prevent the dry-ing effect. but it felt like the balm wiped off more color than moisturized :( (but the color looks great layered under a gloss) & with all these “marker” stains they get clogged. try wiping the outside with a sturdy paper towel to remove any balm build up.

i also found the Sephora started carrying a NARS lip stain/balm combo….this is better (for me) because the balm is tinted the same color as the stain. while still drying, i like that the balm has some color so it works with the stain instead of against it.

Hourglass also has a great turn-click stain (but only comes in 3 colors to range is limited)

my all time FAVORITE lip stain has to be Vincent Longo (its a liquid w/ a doe foot applicator…..stays on forever and colors great!! the deeper the color you want = the more layers :) can also be used on cheeks too!!

in general most stains are drying (at least the ones with the colors i like that i’ve tried) but i love how stains look so i will keep using them and just work an additional lip care routine into the rest of the beauty stuff! :)

fyi: Fresh makes a brown sugar lip polish that works wonders when your lip stain has dried you out.

Thanks for the helpful review! Was curious about this product. What you mentioned about it being drying, highlighting any dryness in your lips, and fading from the middle is a problem I see with a lot of lip stains so I’ve given up on them. :P