Review: Yves Rocher Body Lotion

Bonjour Makeup Geeks!

I am still here in Paris and have found some amazing products that I wanted to review for you!  One of them is this Yves Rocher Body Lotion- the best lotion I think I have ever used!

Whenever I travel, my skin dries up as if I’d been in the Sahara Desert for 3 days.  It’s horrible! So after landing in Paris, my first adventure was to find some lotion (of course it’s the one thing I didn’t pack. Yay for a fabulous memory).

We stopped into the Yves Rocher store which reminded me a lot of Bath and Body Works- lots of lotions, shower gels, and hand soaps to choose from.  I went with the oatmeal scent as it was fresh and not too overpowering :)  I just can’t believe how well it softens my skin without feeling greasy- I love it!

What I love:

  • The feel of the lotion- very soft and moisturizing without feeling greasy
  • It keeps my skin soft for most of the day
  • It has a fresh smell that isn’t overpowering
  • You need just a little bit, so it should last awhile
  • The price:  5 Euros for the bottle (price varies for the US though. I guess I’m smuggling some back in my suitcase- haha)

What I hate:

  • I just wish it came in a pump so it was easier to disperse- not a huge deal though…
  • Rating:  5 out 5
  • Product: 5 out of 5
  • Packaging: 4 out of 5
  • Quality: 5 out of 5
  • Price:  5 out of 5
  • Would I buy again?  Yes

Price:   5 Euros but in US, I found it for $14 (which still isn’t too bad, just not as cheap as here :( )

Where to Buy:   I got mine from the Yves Rocher store here in Paris.  I found some on Amazon (is a bit pricey though!)

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I live in France – Yves Rocher is a great brand that never gets talked about so thanks for this:-) I have this in the shower/bath gel and it’s fantastic and is so perfumed. Glad you’re enjoying Paris :-)

Yves Rocher also has Make-up. Used to use it when i was younger but recently i completely ignored the brand though it is very good.

Hi Heike
Your lucky if you can get some good things out of the makeup. :-) I have also used it but stopped, because it always time to crease on my eyelids and the color fade out. I do not think the quality is worth the money especially the eye shadows, but good for the people who can use it.
I’d rather use the NYX or MAC. Have a nice day :-D

Hi Marlena,
I’m french and I wanted to let to know that on the french website, there is almost constantly a 50% discount so while for you’re still in France you should check it out ^^. I don’t particuly like this brand but you should try too, the products are quite cheap because there’re always a coupon floting around and and they’re very good and they’ve pretty much everything makeup and care stuff for skin and hair, same as Yves Rocher. Hope you’ll enjoy your stay ^^

I just decided i’m gonna go shopping today and there’s a Yves Rocher shop in the mall i’m heading to so i will get a bottle of this. Your recommendations are always fantastic!

Uuuuu finely a product I can get my hands into very easily here in Denmark. Your absolutely right Marlena this bodylotion is wonderful. You can also get it in a hand cream, body shower and in a liquid hand soap. All the products is highly recommended and they are not very expensive.
Enjoy your stay in Paris, god I’m jealous… I wish you the best!

I live in Paris and I use this lotion everyday! I love it so much. I have a very dry skin and I also suffer from ichthyosis cornea on my arms and it helps it calm a bit. Totally addicted to that oatmeal smell too ! I also use the vanilla scrub which is amazing.

I’m glad you like some of the products we have here ;) ;) And by the way, Yves Rocher also sells pumps if you want you can check them out, I think they costs 2€ or something like that!
I really want to come and see you tomorrow but… I’m way too shy ! Shame on me! xo

Hello Marlena. Yves Rocher has a us online store :

http // /control /main/

And you get free shipping for $40 orders.
I am so sad that I’m not in Paris now, I’d like so much to see you. You’re a great girl.

Hi Marlena,
I just wanted to let you know that they have pumps to these lotions sold separately :) They are around 1 euro, I think.

Hi Marlena!

I am from Sweden and Yves Rocher is very popular here and we have many YR store. I just wanted to say that the pump “device” usually lies on the table where you get the lotion, or the shelf. The pump costs normally €1. So you buy it and exchange it with the original cap.


Yves Rocher is very big in my country Mexico..its the best in natural skin care products and I have tried them all… over her Yves rocher its sold by catalog just like Avon but its way better I just loved all the facials scrubs masks and skin care creamsnot a big fan of the makeup line to lite for the extreme weather of my town…just got to try the hand creams!

I’m a sucker for shea or coa coa butter by queen helene!
but this is a great alternative for lighter tones

n my town we also have stores Yves Rocher and they do have very good quality products and very cheap, are nothing expensive.

i just wanna ask a few question. Can i put this lotion into the face? because my face also dry.
Thank You

You can purchase a pump from the store! I saw it online for like 2$ or something! Someone might of already said this lol.

Now I feel like I have to try this, as I hate moisturising (bad bad me!!!) I also have products made with oat and it works really well. (Aderma I think) Have you tried Sothys products? Can you tell us if so?Thanks! (just discovered your blog!)

Just received the lotion in the mail today. It is as Marlena says silky and blends really well into your skin. I love the scent too. In my shipment they sent 8 free items, from foot scrub, foot lotion, make-up bag, sample of some face products and cologne. What a nice treat.