Review & Swatches: Lime Crime China Doll Fantasy Palette

This is going to be a review of Lime Crime’s new palette, called China Doll.

This is NOT GONNA BE a review of the company, company’s owner(s) or how they handle problems with customers or anything.

I’m aware of all the drama, and if you want to know more about it, use Google  (see the search “Lime Crime Scandal“) or a blog post like this one from Lipsticks and Lightsabers


This Item Can be Purchase on Lime Crime’s website

But now to the makeup:

The package:

So let’s concentrate on the palette.

First of all, it’s packed in box that looks like golden envelope:

Here’s the ingredient list for the one’s who are interested…  I admit that I still have no idea what ingredients are good and what are bad, so I’m not gonna analyze it at all:

Then we open the envelope to reveal the palette:

Tadah! The shadows are inside a purple tin case that has Lime Crime’s favourite animal, Unicorn:
On the backside there’s a sticker showing the names of the colors:

When opened, there’s a clear sheet with some purple ornaments to protect the shadows:

And when we take that sheet off, we can access the colors:

AND if we take the colors away from the tin box, we get this:

The “shadow holder” is almost the same material they use in chocolate boxes :D It doesn’t really matter, because you’re not supposed to take it off from the tin case, unless you’re a fanatic blogger like me :3

But since I am an fanatic blogger, I also popped out one of the shadows to check if there’s any labels or anything on the bottom of the pan:

Well, as you can see, there weren’t. Just glue.

Then to the shadows.

I think it’s quite clear that these aren’t for the people who fear using colors. All of these are super bright and bold.

Fly Dragon Fly:

Fly Dragon Fly is matte true red.
I’ve been searching for a perfect red for a while now. I have many red shadows, and  few of them are better than others.
These few (three) perfect reds are MAC Basic Red pigment, which is well, true red, MUFE 949 Starpowder, which I love, and newest addition is Lime Crime’s Fly Dragon Fly. It’s awesome true red. Maybe a hint to orange, but still clearly RED.

It’s also really pigmented and what’s best is that it doesn’t stain like many other reds tend to do.


Parasol is matte pale light baby blue.
Interestingly, I think I didn’t own any shade like this before I got this palette. And I do have a lot of makeup :D I think it’s quite unique color (you can tell if you know any dupes!).
Like Fly Dragon Fly, it’s matte, and also really pigmented. And I think it’s really pretty, too.
Light blue is really hard to pull off I think (at least for me it is!), but this is too awesome  color to leave unused.


Shimmery yellow / gold.
Preeeettty! And very pigmented too. It’s kinda similar to Ben Nye’s Sun Yellow, but it’s more opaque, warm and gold. Of all these colors this is probably the most usable in everyday use.


Matte teal.
Or jade, what ever :D If used on dry lid, this is lighter, but if used on sticky (over primer) lid, this turns a bit darker, as seen in swatch.
I’m pretty sure MAC has a close dupe of this, but I can’t remember what it is, I just think I’ve seen this color somewhere before.

This is also really pigmented.

Lotus Noir:

Matte black.
Well, I think it kinda obvious that this is the most dupable of these colors, since it’s black.
It’s kinda funny black though, where other black shadows leave matte, powdery finish, Lotus Noir leaves kinda oily finish. I don’t mean that the eyeshadow would be oily, but the finish is. Kinda. Sorta.
Maybe it’s like MAC satin finish, but with matte color?
This could be a bit more pigmented, but it’s not bad.

Compared to MAC pan:

MAC eyeshadows hold total of 1,5g of product, Lime Crime pan holds 1,3g.
So you’ll get a little less per pan.

Few example looks I’ve done using this palette:
Jade-o-lade, Parasol & Lotus Noir and Sugarpill lashes:

Fly Dragon Fly, Goldfish and Lotur Noir with Sugarpill lashes:

All the color from the palette & Sugarpill lashes:

Another look with Lotus Noir, Fly Dragon Fly and Goldfish:
Goldfish & Lotus Noir, and in the other one there’s Jade-o-lade and MAC Unsquare:


This is always the hardest part.

I like this palette. It looks nice and feels nice. I love the idea of the tin box, it’s something you can use after the makeup is gone.

I love the colors. They are bold, bright and pigmented.

Of course this isn’t for everybody. If you don’t like bright colors, it’s not for you. But if you like ie. Sugarpill’s colors, you’ll like these too.

I would’ve loved it even more if it would have had also a highlighter color, so you could have done the whole makeup with just one palette.

The price is $34,99, and if you divide it with 5 (5 shadows), each pan costs around $7. For me it’s cheap. I live in a country where drugstore brand eyeshadows cost around $12-20 per pan, so $7 is cheap.

And like I said, you’ll get the tin box too :D

This palette makes me kinda sad that Lime Crime has the reputation it has. Because this really is a great palette.

You can buy it from Lime Crime’s website. They ship internationally.

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I really appreciate this review. The reputation Lime Crime has is very depressing, especially since the few LC products that I have tried and own (lipsticks) make me quite happy. I have been interested in this new palette for a while now. I waited for a review before purchasing, however (I really don’t want to buy 5 eyeshadows that I don’t like or won’t use), and I am now strongly considering buying this. Thank you for the review!

The second look you did looks like fire….I would love to see some sort of tutorial on it. It’s probably super simple to do – just lots of blending – but it looks awesome! I can’t afford this but that Goldfish color …I want!

If you really want to.. some dupes are available. I own many of them, but they are not the same quality as LC. I got most of mine from Maybelline… okay, ALL of them are Maybelline. I believe in cheap, high quality makeup. I have not tried Elf yet, but have heard many great things about them. Btw.. all of the looks are a m a z i n g.

I just google it and I have to say that I am SHOCK!!! I’m sorry, but to promote a company’s product that threatens people like that is a real shame. The product might be good, but still. It is like giving a kid a prize after he made a tantrum.

**Sigh** I wish you would take this review off of this website, Lime Crime as a company does not deserve any promotion they are deplorable in their customer service, shady in their manufacturing process (they buy wholesale and use uncut pigments and dyes) and go as far as to threaten to sue any blog site that gives their products a less than stellar review or mentions that they get their stuff from TKB trading and then repackage (just a honest known fact). Regardless of the cute packaging and decent performance of this palette I would NEVER consider purchasing it given the companies reputation.

regardless of lime crime issues, this review is amazing! its thorough and so detailed with looks too. you do your work with passion. love you jangsara!

you say there aren’t really any dupes, but this doesn’t look original at all to me… the gold looks nice. however, i would never purchase from lime crime knowing how they don’t even make their own products. they just repackage them!

I think its understandable, with an infant company trying to get started, to buy finished products and repackage. This is quite commonplace in most retail markets, things from food to cars are made by a manufacturer and a different label is placed on. I know many makeup enthusiasts find this practice questionable, personally I could care either way as long as the product for sale is a finished product and safe and not extremely overpriced compared to what the products sell for on average from other re-packagers. What I find deplorable is the business practices utilized by the company, ie. the illegal attempts at controlling honest reviews and opinions. Its a shame, really. The palette seems to offer quite a lot for its price point, and in mostly matte besides.

I applaud you Jangsara for reviewing this product impartially, however. If you leave off products just because you disagree with the company, or because of fan/customer pressure, you’re going against your own stated morals to be impartial and not be influenced by outside forces. You didn’t ignore Lime Crime’s reputation and practices, you were open about it but refused to be drawn in to what amounts to nothing more than a morality debate.

Wow! Serious kudos to you!

Thank you for giving such a wonderful review of this palette! I would likely never buy it because of the company’s practices, but it was very refreshing to see a blogger evaluate a Lime Crime product on its own terms with all the drama that’s been circulating around the company. It seems like the trendy thing to do amongst beauty bloggers at the moment is jump on a soapbox and refuse to touch Lime Crime with a ten foot pole, and while I do feel like the evidence against the company is incriminating, I definitely applaud you for remaining impartial. I feel you did a wonderful job acknowledging the drama, suggesting people inform themselves before purchasing the product, and then moving on to the palette itself – you’ll likely have some people unhappy with you for publishing a make-up review instead of a morality debate, but I believe you did a wonderful job.

The review was very detailed, and it’s obvious that you spent a lot of time with this palette to come up with your opinion on it! As a side note, the eye looks you came up with are all very lovely – I especially like the rainbow one that uses all the colours!

Even though I must say that I love this pallette, i cant buy it just because of the sheer audacity with which LC has treated me in the past. There are tonnes of other companies out there that produce amazing products without the drama, disrespect, and fraud.

I appreciate that you give an honest review, I think that it’s important for people to know how great her products are if their are considering trying the brand. But I also think that people should be aware of the (many) cons to being a potential buyer.
The pigments are wonderfully pigmented as shown above, and the packaging is absolutely adorable. The lipsticks come in amazing hues (though some don’t go on as evenly as others).
But their customer service is just awful. Expect inconsistency in the time gap between the process day and day of delivery. The pigments are actually not created by Doe, but repackaged products from indie companies lie TKB–sold at a much, much higher price. Her lipsticks are actually more expensive than MAC. And she has a reputation for being rude and disrespectful to customers.
You have some options, order from indie companies directly and get the same great pigments for a small fraction of the cost. Or pay the huge difference in pricing to get the same product, but with much cuter packaging. Oh, and put yourself at risk of dealing with LimeCrime customer service.