Review: Smashbox Burlesque Collection

What is it?

A four-piece collection of sultry, limited-edition shades inspired by the film Burlesque.

They Describe it as:

Designed to re-create theatrical looks featured in the film “Burlesque,” In Theaters November 24, about a small town girl trying to make it big in Hollywood, this provocative collection of sexy shades will bring out your inner starlet.

This set contains:

  • 0.02 oz Limitless Liquid Liner Pen in Jet Black
  • 0.14 oz Double-Ended Lip Gloss in Peep and Show
  • 0.2 oz Shadow and Liner Quad in Risque (shimmering pink, deep eggplant, shimmering pink beige, and cool gray)
  • 0.058 oz Loose Shimmer powder in Burlesque (golden pink)


  • Product: 5 out of 5
  • Packaging: 5 out of 5
  • Quality: 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 5 out of 5
  • Would I buy again? Yes!
  • Price: $ 35
  • Where to buy: Amazon

Overall Opinion:

I liked using these products because it forced me to be creative with the look I put together for it.   I was semi disappointed with the shadow colors, I guess expected the burlesque palette to have bolder tones.  The lip gloss was great and the loose shimmer powder worked as a great highlighter.  The liquid pen liner was fun and is perfect for those of you just starting to use liquid liner.  The cream liner in the palette says gray but it comes off slightly teal when I applied it softer.

*I’m wearing the other side of the lipgloss in this photo.

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I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
i have to have it for christmas!! i love it!
Love the Quad and the eyeliner

It’s not Marlena dear,
this is Taryn reviewing…

By the way, Taryn I love your hair & cap style in this picture!

Thanks for the review, the look you created is gorgeous. I love seeing Marlenas reviews too, but I like that we get to see products on different people as well. Plus it gives the site more content, Marlena cant review and make vids 24/7.

Hi, it looks really good but I wanted to point out something which I noticed lately. Makeup and everything is nice but I really don’t like this heavy photoshop trend on this page lately. I also know something about photography because I am one in my spare time and I think that this kind of post-production is really offensive. Consequently the make-up doesn’t look real and overall it looks kind a cheap.
I really don’t want to be negative because I’m a huge fan and watching and reading everything published here, I just wanted to say that lately it took some strange directions into fast plastic photos which I really don’t fancy. Please, consider this and do something about this …. I want normal pictures where I can see also some pores and real make-up :))
Thank you!

I’m sorry but my photos aren’t photoshopped. The closets I come to photoshop is cropping and resizing. I’m sorry you feel the photos look “plastic” but thats just my face. If you are a photographer than you know that when the photo is resized it can become distorted which is the case in this particular photo. We here at MUG only represent what the makeup truley looks like. What would be the point if we didn’t? We wouldn’t be helping anyone in that case and thats what we are here to do. Help and inform. I’m sorry you don’t like the photos but I will continue to take them and post them Photoshop free.

Well, this confirms why I love the work done on this site. That the makeup is so detailed, and well applied, matched, and blended that it appears to an experienced photographer be photoshopped! After learning through tutorials on this site from Marlena, her staff, and other mugs and contributors such as Tina and Jangsara, I look at the mirror sometimes myself and say “WOW! FLAWLESS!’. My very lovely friends, family, and coworkers have asked me to do a PRETTY PARTY to show them what Ive learned and I couldnt be more grateful. Oh, and I need another delux stippling brush, will they be back soon?

I agree with Petra and Terri. I do not mean to offend anyone, but i have been surprised to see the amount of retouching that has been seen here lately…
I’m sorry, but i don’t see how you can say these photos are not photoshopped when they so blatantly are. It is obvious to me that the look of the skin on these pics is unnaturally smooth, nothing to do with “resizing” the picture.
I have nothing against photoshopping the skin in pics where the focus is on the eye makeup or the lip color, i have done myself plenty of times. I mean, come on, we all have bad skin days that we don’t wish to flaunt, especially on a website with so many readers as this one.
BUT, I do think that stating that there is no photoshopping at all done here is a disservice to your readers, who will believe they can too achieve such (unnatural) perfection just by using certain products alone, or with certain application tips, like i have read in some of the comments. The truth is, no product or application technique can give you this results, because these results are not real, and stating they are is lying, in my opinion.

The one with the lips does look photoshopped on the skin part. It looks like you used too much of the “heal and blur tool”. The lips are natural, but the skin looks blurry like photoshop.
I think thats fine cuz, the point of that specific pic was the lips not the skin anyways.

Oh~ I’m so relieved, I asked my sister to buy it for me so she could send it with a friend on Xmas (she is in Canada I’m in Mexico) she was trying to convince me to not buying it but in the end she did ^-^ and now I saw you use the colors I know it has a good payout :D

And I have to agree with you though, even when I like the shadow’s colors for the looks of the movie I would have expected something bolder .

Thank you!

Please can you do a Dior look, it’s so gorgeous! Their makeup and packaging is beautiful and I have never heard you speak of it!?

I really love this set but hated the liquid liner… it didn’t apply smoothly it took a few applications and it just overall didn’t come off solid black. I felt like I had to apply a few coats to get the color pay out.

i have to say i’m not really a fan of the eye look you did but i am a huge fan of whatever you have on your face! your face looks flawless! i keep seeing this kit in Ulta and I’m just not even sure what to think of it.. even now. But I’d love to know what you wore on the rest of your face, flawless!!

I use MUFE Mat Velvet foundation and I apply with a beauty blender egg in rolling motions. I finish off with NARS compact powder and just a spritz of MAC Fix + spray. :)

I’ve never heard of a beauty blender egg, how do they work [*hint* video *hint hint* :) ]? Would you recommend the egg over foundation brushes?

You look stunning, as always. :)
But I’m wondering who got to design the collection, because I can’t see the burlesque about it…

Fia- Burlesque with full on rhinestones glued on etc. is a bit much for the average Smashbox buyer, lol! This is a look for Christina Aiguilera, the Almost Flawless One and a Good Girl. These colors also came in a patent croc train case with more stuff at a great price, $77 USD- wish I’d gotten that. Go see the movie and the make up will make sense.

I like the palette. Grab and go. Aubergine and gray are useful colors to have around and gold and pink are wonderful things year round. I’ll get some good use out of this. And the lip gloss is so good I had to go to Ebay and get a second one. The pot of shimmery stuff bumps up evening eye looks, and I’ve found the shadow lines well. The purple is worth it just for that. I haven’t tried the liquid liner, I have a Black Track open. But it seems like the make up got frozen or something, it needed stirring and shaking. It did ship during a vicious cold spell.

I got this box from the Smashbox site, which I recommend highly. No sales tax, free shipping, and a whole ‘nother es palette AND Photo Op under eye concealer thrown in!!! They have freebies at lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays too. MAC’s never given me a single thing, so I think I’ll branch out. The whole Smashbox look is softer than most, with pearly or shimmery stuff to mix in to foundation and light reflecting powders to hide flaws. Its pretty, but not at all bright like MAC or Make Up Forever. I have some more of their stuff and it’s lovely! And ladylike. And just a different aesthetic.