Review: Model in a Bottle

Now first off, this product won’t make you 6′ tall, 98 pounds, with legs like a Barbie doll- sorry everyone!  But….it will give you smoother looking skin that lasts all day.

Model in a Bottle

What is it?

Model in a  Bottle is a setting spray that you apply after you finish doing your makeup.  It makes your makeup last all day, gives your skin a smoother appearance, and helps keep the oils on your face from breaking down your makeup.  The bottle is 2 fluid ounces and costs between $18-21 (depending on what formula you get).

They Describe It As:

Our makeup setting spray is a one-of-a-kind matte finish setting spray, Model in a Bottle holds foundation and eye makeup in place throughout the day and night.

Where to Buy:

Overall Opinion:

I cannot go to any wedding, photoshoot, or other event without keeping this product in my kit- it really is an amazing product!  It especially works well if you are in a hot and humid climate as it prevents your makeup from sliding down to your ta tas…    I have used this on several brides in all sorts of weather, and their makeup lasted throughout the ceremony, reception, and well… you’ll have to ask them how long into the night their makeup held up!

My only complaint is that the scent is overpowering with the regular formula. So if you are sensitive to smells, get the sensitive formula.  The price does seem a bit steep for the size of the bottle, but a little goes a long way!

Application tips: Make sure to hold the bottle at least 6 inches away from your face and spritz just 3-4 times.  Keep your eyes closed for a good 10 seconds before opening so it has time to dry. If needed, fan your face a bit after spraying.


  • Product:  5 out of 5
  • Packaging:  5 out of 5
  • Quality:  5 out of 5
  • Overall:  5 out of 5
  • Would I buy again?  Absolutely!
  • Price:  $18-21

MUG Seal of Approval:  (5 out of 5)

5 lips

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Where can we buy this? Cause I HATE that my make-up, after taking the time to do it, disappears halfway through my day..

Is this like MACs Fix Plus? What’s the difference between the two? I haven’t tried either, so between the two, which would you get?

If you want something to get rid of the powdery look, get the Fix +. If you want something to make your makeup last a long time, get the Model in a Bottle.

This is the answer to my prays!!! Especially now that the holidays are coming it’s going to be very useful! I bought a bottle to see how it is!! thanks! :)

Hey you’re back! How great is that! :-) Thanx for sharing this! Hope you enjoyed your holidays (if they were any). Have a nice weekend!

I LOVE this stuff!! It was given to me at the last Day Spa I worked at (I’m a hairstylist) as a gift for my upcoming wedding and it works wonders! Living in Texas, the heat and humidity are brutal and I sweat very easily…so of course I didn’t want my make up running down my face in pictures, much less the wedding. It worked like a charm–my make up didn’t budge!

They’re both good, but work in different ways… It’s similar in that it sets the makeup, but the model in a bottle seals in the makeup vs just making the skin appear smoother…

could the two (fix plus and MIAB) be used together to get both effects?? some sort of hybrid uber setting spray…??. i lke the idea of fix plus taking away the powder look but like the idea of sealing as well..

I absolutely LOVE this stuff! I’ve been using it for years. Yes the scent is strong but its worth it. And NO its not anything like MAC’s Fix + spray….no comparison and I am an avid fan of MAC but Model in a Bottle is #1 for setting spray! Model in a Bottle is like hair spray for your face.

Thank you for the website, info about the holiday special and the coupon code! You saved me $$ :-) I just placed my order and I cannot wait!! Living in Florida, humidity is outrageous so I am sure this product will work wonders.

Thanks again!

thanks so much for the info on the discount! just ordered mine and it paid for the shipping, like you said! can’t wait. thanks again!!!

I would love a setting spray after finishing my makeup. I never use this, but I bet it makes quite a difference. I would love to try this one, since I’ve seen that it ranks 5 in your statistics :)Thanks for the review Marlena:)

Has anyone tried this that can say how it compares to Skindinavia’s Makeup Finishing Spray? I personally was very disappointed in the Skindinavia product- I even did side by side comparisons and not only did it not make anything wear better, it creased my shadow. I have been interested in the Model in a Bottle, but since it’s a mail order thing, I’ve hesitated so far…

I love this product and I use it on all my brides ! Her reviews are true and I cannot agree more! Thanks.

Thanks for the review. Would you use this everyday or just for special occasions? I have dry skin and am concerned this product might dry me out since the first ingredient is alcohol. Any comments/opinions on this?

This sounds like just the thing I’ve been looking for! You mentioned it had a strong scent…does the smell go away once the product dries? I’m sensitive to strongly scented products so I’d hate to have to smell it all day long, no matter how well it works.

does anyone have any idea if it works different if used with mineral makeup.
also, does it work on making mascara last longer or should I avoid the eye area?

The instructions tell you to make sure the mascara is completely dried before applying it, and yes you apply it everywhere including your eyes, to set make up all over your face.

This stuff is great! A friend of mines introduced me to it and now, I cant get my hands off it!! I use it ALL the time and get compliments like you wouldnt bellieve!

Its available on ebay for a few dollars cheaper, so dont hesitate to look around!! Its an investment you wont regret!! :D

I just got it and used the 20% discount someone here mentioned. I love it!!!!!!! My eye makeup lasts all day long because I use primer and good qualitiy eyeshadows. However, even with an expensive blush the color just fades a few hours later. Not a problem anymore!!!! with this it lasted until I got back home. Thanks Marlena!

I was wondering the same thing. I don’t typically wear ‘facial makeup’ (foundation, blush, bronzer, etc) because I break out so easily; even makeup designed to for acne prone skin doesn’t help.

I usually can only get away with eye makeup, but in the special occasions that I use full facial make up I would like to know if this is going to add to my acne problem.


No, the orignial formula spray is very gentle to oily and acne prone skin. I have insanely oily skin, and it helps to keep my makeup matte and oil free for at least 6 hours. I’ve used it for over a year now, and have never gotten breakouts from it. I’ve created my own product to wear as a primer and makeup setting powder – it’s called Mattify! Loose Powder ( & it functions wonderfully along with Model in a Bottle. If you dust on the Mattify translucent powder after you apply foundation, you get a nice air-brushed finish and it helps to soak up oil all day. One of the ingredients is Kaolin Clay which continually cleanses skin to keep pores clear. So, at the end of the day when you wash your face, all dirt and oil are washed away because they’ve been absorbed into the Kaolin Clay. This powder is very effective if you’re worried about preventing breakouts on oily skin. Dust it on after foundation and then spray your face with Model in a Bottle for a beautiful oil-free finish.

This works in all weathers so I am hoping (crosses fingers) that it would last through several hours of teaching dance?

Yes. Model in a Bottle doesn’t act as a primer – just as a setting spray after you’ve applied all of your makeup. After cleansing your face, you should apply all of your regular skin treatments, then a primer. If you have oily skin, use a powder primer rather than a greasy slick primer that contains silicones. I prever to use Mattify! Loose Powder as a primer and then again on top of foundation to set my makeup. So, once you’ve applied the primer of your choice, your foundation (either liquid or powder/mineral), apply a loose translucent powder to set your foundation. Then apply your eye shadow/liner/mascara/lipstick/gloss and as your final, finishing step, spray the Model in a Bottle. It will set ALL of your makeup in place! **Note – allow your mascara to dry for about 1 minute before spraying Model in a Bottle. Otherwise, mascara tends to stay a bit tacky and sticky.

this stuff is to die for!!!! i recommend this to anyone who even puts any kind of makeup on their skin everyday. Truly the cherry on top and smells awesome!

What about Skindavia’s Makeup Finish sprays? Has anyone tried those? According to the website, it was featured on the Today Show and in Vogue magazine. They have over half a dozen custom formulas (bridal, nightclub, sports, hot flashes).

We have tested both. It is true that Skindinavia makes the sprays for multiple skin types and needs. One is an anti-shine, one is to keep makeup out of lines, one for bridal pics–anti heat and shine. The difference between the two is mainly in thier technology MIAB is mainly alcohol which serves as a drying agent and film formers which sort of give a lacquered shine…this may be good for very oily skin types, or those perspiring aggressively. The Skindinavia is geared towards using an “air conditioner” for the surface of your makeup–geared more towards long wear, and a dewy finish..great for normal/combo skin types. With MIAB’s high alcohol content–be very careful about spraying in the eye area.

question- what are the quality differences between the sensitive and regular formulas? I ask because if they work the same, I doubt they would make the regular formula with the stronger smell. im confused =(

I’ve used Model in a Bottle for the past year, and don’t know how I would live without it!! Before finding this wonder-product, I would have “makeup melt-down” after only 3 hours or so. Just a few spritzes of this, and foundation as well as eye-shadow last an amazing 8-10 hours. It is especially wonderful for those with oily skin. The more oil you produce, the faster your makeup will break down and disappear from your face. Model in a Bottle prevents this from happening and leaves you with a long lasting matte finish. I’ve tried other setting sprays (Ben Nye and Colortration) both of which leave your face feeling stiff. Model in a Bottle does not leave any residue or heavy feeling behind – once it dries, you can’t even tell you have it on. I love this product so much I will be placing it on the “Partner Sites” portion of my website at – a site that specializes in loose powder and eye shadow for oily skin. If you haven’t tried Model in a Bottle yet, try it now!! You’ll never have to deal with makeup smudges and touch-ups again!

I love Model in a bottle, it was actually on the Oprah show.. I found it in a boutique where I live started using it for my wedding that photo shoots. It really really works….. I love it… I need to purchase more for my kit.

Thanks Marlena, You are an inspiration to all of us Make-Up Geeks! I wanted to add, that after your Primer Reviews, I shopped around and found another great bargain! It is called Vita-K Solutions Silky Smooth….works sooo well I immediately ran back and got one more! It is moisturizing, light and very smooth for all make-up foundations( I prefer the Revlon Colorstay ) I found this at Marshalls, but I have seen this brand in Wal-Mart & Target… for all the Make-Up Geeks who need to watch their wallets, I recommend this, but without Marlena’s tricks I would be lost! Thanks for all the tutorials looking forward to more! Stay beautiful girls!!

To anyone in the UK who might be wondering where you can get it (I looked on the UK ebay and its not there and couldnt seem to find it anywhere else in the UK), I just bought it from for 20 quid. Bit pricey methinks but if it works as well everyone says it does then should be worth it!

I snagged a bottle of the MiaB sensitive formula on eBay, and have used it a few times. It is definitely a good product. I get a BIT of itching from the paraben, but it’s like, the last ingredient, so it’s not much, and not too bad.

hello marlena! i really appreciate all of ur hard work on this cite! i love it u r my fav makeup artist! and u are very pretty! your definition of this product really caught my attention i was wondering were else can i buy it besides onlyne?
thank you!
take care!

hey i bout it and i love it, but i have notice that couple of hours latter the makeup in my nose brakes up, is weird . but you now how i can i prevent it from happening?

I have very oily skin, always have, and I bought the sensitive skin formula – didn’t work any better than anything else I’ve ever tried and I’m 33 years old! I’ve been on the quest to find products which help curb the oil since I was 13. The only thing that remotely makes a difference is Estee Lauder’s Double Wear or Double Wear Light makeup and their Double Wear concealer. I’m returning my Model in a Bottle for a full refund.

I will have to put that on my list to have for the summer…..I have a oily tzone and I am a hairdresser so with spraying oil sheens and sprays I will can get exxtra shiny!

In my opion i believe that it depends on technique and application ….the amount of time your make lasts!

Right now I’m loving the dewy look so I don’t want to matte my foundation!

Hey marlena can u start some tutorials/ looks for prom?????

i actually just received my model in a bottle on thursday. I have to admit that I was hyped with all the comments. Tried it yesterday and I guess i’m the only person that’s disappointed. I bought the sensitive skin version and my face looked very shiny and oily and by the 4th hour, my makeup had faded. Plus, when i received the bottle, it had spilled so i lost about 2 fingers worth of it! oh well, i guess i got the lemon! lol.

My mom just gave me a bottle of the sensative formula yesterday and I’m trying it out today. I’ve only been wearing it for a few hours but so far so good! Sorry you didn’t have such good luck. However my mom had the same issue as far as the bottles leaking, she ordered several and one was leaking all over. She called and the replaced it immediately…had the same issue again so they replaced it. You might to give them a call, they could replace it, otherwise tell them you are unsatisfied…

I just bought this after all the great reviews! Thank you, Marlena….You are so awesome! I feel like I’m visiting an old friend every time I check out a tutorial…Thanks again for everything!