Review: Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Powder

What is It?

A natural mineral pigment powder mixed with active mineralized water to deliver flawless, glowing skin that actually improves over time. By using advances in mineral makeup technology, this product will take you complexion to a whole new level.

Why I like it:

This powder is unlike any other loose powder as it has 20% water infused with the mineral powder to create a smoother looking appearance to the skin!  This powder actually liquefies once it hits your skin and gives the most amazingly smooth finish!  (Can you tell I love this? :) )  I will admit that I have problems with pores showing on my cheeks, but this powder fills them in somewhat and has never once looked cakey on me.  This is one of the few products I can honestly say is worth its hefty pricetag…

It comes in 6 colors ranging from “Ivory” to “Dark Brown” so there’s a shade for everyone.   To apply, I take my NYX flat powder puff and dip into the powder- then scrape off the excess and gently dab on any areas that tend to get oily (around the nose, forehead, and chin).

Where to Buy: Amazon .  eBay . Sephora


  • Product: 5 out of 5
  • Packaging: 5 out of 5
  • Quality: 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 5 out of 5
  • Price: $46

Would I buy again? Absolutely!


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Hi,Marlena. YOU ARE THE BEST :) I need your help. Two questions for you:

1. Do you like Nars Loose powders or Diorskin Nude Natural Glow powder?

2.I’m Mac NW 20/22. Is it medium tone skin?


Hi, Marlena. I am a new subscriber to your channel. Just wondering the actual shade of powder you have this in, bc they all say nude on the back, light beige, medium beige? Thanks

I’m NW20 and I use Diorskin Nude Glow Fresh Powder in Light Beige 020 is simply amazing and completely natural looking, I love it!

Hello! I have not tried this powder yet because, I recently purchased the Lancome loose powder and It is an Amazing product as well. I was debating between the two products as I hear a lot of positive reviews about Diorskin but decided to go try Lancomes loose product and I LOVE it. I have been trying loose powders including NARS (I bought last year) and did not work on my skin :( so, I still have it sting in my makeup drawer. I will however will try Diorskin after I run out my Lamcome product. I think that Lancome loose powder is less inexpensive than Diorskin so…for those of you who are looking for a great loose powder I will recommend the Lancome one. :)

I love it too! I’ve been using it for almost a month and everyday I love it more, I even feel my skin more hydrated without any oily feeling. Whan I bought it there was an special edition with a cute little kabuki brush, but even whet it was lovely I found better to apply it with the puff just as Marlena says.

I would advice you to find out what kind of allergy you have. There is a fair chance its just one or two ingredients you tend to react to. Hardly ever, do I find clients which is allergic to all products like that. Normally I find the Bismuth to be one of the most frequent allergenic. Try it behind your ear for a few days to find out,, Good luck. Morgan

What eyeshadows are you wearing? Thanks for the awesome reviews! Great job on your achievements both personal and professional.

Hallelujah I can hardly wait! I have kind of hoping you would show the technique you used in this video here. You look gorgeous! I admire a lot, how clever you are to put your makeup on, WAU. You are a wonderful sweet person and very sweet to listen to in all your videos.

I wish Dior would offer more colors to their face products so brown to dark people could use it :(

Hey Marlena, I’m sure you can get the Nars Loose Powder on but i’m not sure if it’s only available in the UK or not. Your face looks flawless no matter what you use, your b.e.a.u-tiful :) xxx

MAC’s magically cool powder is more a highlighter powder as it has some shimmer to it- the diorskin one is like a loose face powder to help keep oil at bay and give a matte finish to the skin :)

You should really make a video of the makeup you’re wearing on your eyes !! I would love to see it..

Marlena thanks for the review! I love your videos so much! Quick question, I use bare escentuals mineral makeup for my foundation, do you think this powder provides similiar coverage, as in you could where it alone with no foundation underneath? Thanks so much!

Might just have to try it! (:




-if your a nyx fan you have 12 hours to stock up! :)


Hi Marlene, I go on your site everyweek to see if you have uploaded anything new because your fab!

I have a question though, I am extremely fair with cool undertones (blue veins and pinkish tinge to my face) but wear fake tan almost all the time. which tone of foundation should i use to work with my fake tan and undertones. Also if i am nw20/25 with fake tan on which dior powder shade would i be?

Thanks you so much! xxx

Heya Marlena and MUGs,
Wanted to know if this is a tutorial or just a review? The last several months I have not been able to view the tutorial videos from this screen unless you put the other “mirror” option up. I have been going to the Youtube tv channel to view it but Id rather view it through this site. However on youtube it is still the bronzer tutorial. Help please :) I love to watch the videos :)
Thanks so much

Guys, you could also check out Mac’s Magically Cool Liquid powder made for the Venomous Villains collection. They had such succes with this product that it was decided that it should be included in the regular line. I had my makeup done by a MAC makeup artist who used this powder – both the light one and the dark one to contour and highlight my face. And this powder is honestly the most fantastic product I have ever tried. It felt amazingly cool on my face, it went on ever so smoothly and didn’t cake. It felt wet, but did not ruin the basic foundation and powder which had already been done. My skin is problematic at times, but this made my face very luminous and healthy looking. And it it not quite as pricey as the Dior one.

This is how Mac describes the product:

“A silky, feather-light powder, formulated with 70% water, dusts on to the skin as a cooling mist to set and enhance the look of any foundation. Beyond sheer: light-reflecting and translucent. A virtually invisible way to add luminosity and a soft radiant glow to the skin”

Marlena could you please do a video or refer me to a video of how to apply your makeup from start to finish. Primarily when you apply foundation, loose powder, blush, mineral skin finish, etc. I have a routine, but I want to make sure I am getting the maximum affect. Love your site!

honestly, it’s not that bad of a price considering the brand… when i first heard the brand i though like $96 haha for some reason… i’d spend $46. :) thank marlena, you look beautiful as usual <3


Thanks for the great video! I always like your makeup product reviews! :) I have a question-I’m switching to a power for the summer as opposed to foundation because my skin tends to get pretty oily during the summer. I’m using MUFE powder foundation which I really like but I’ve noticed that once my face gets a little oilier through out the day the makeup tends to smear and comes off pretty easily. Any suggestions? I think I’m going to get the face blotting strips but I wasn’t sure if I should get a setting powder, etc.
Thanks for the help! Hope you’re doing well! :)

why is the Nars loose powder hard to fine when its still on the website? are they discontinuing it?

Hey Marlena!

Love your videos, you are so sweet!!

I think we have similar skintones ( I am in between NW20 and 25…like a 23 ) what is your shade for the Nars powder?


I know from an earlier video she uses beach in summer and flesh in winter (when she is paler)

Love you lip color!!!!!! so pretty and looks great on you. :) can you let me know what lip product are you wearing in this video? Thank

Hi Marlena! You’ve sold me on this product but before I buy it I wanted to know what you use adjacent with this product? Like concealer, primer, etc or do you use it alone??

HI, First of all I love your site and all your videos :)

I am a Dior Beauty Sytlest and have been for a number of years, and after watching your video I thought I would write in and explain how Dior says to use this power. First of all its a Mineral Make-up All Natural. I has a spcific brush that Dior came out with just for this make-up, its not a setting powder its ment to be buffed into the skin similar to Bare Minerials, when you buff into the skin with the right all natural brush you get full coverage, and no need to use liqud make-up or even a tinted moistuizer. and yes as you said it melts into your skin its awesome. and the price is $48 I would love it if you did more videos on Dior There primer is awesome it is pricey at $140 Its called Caupture Totale Illuminator :)

Thanks Carly, I bought this on Friday and was reading the details in the box and thought that I might have bought the wrong thing. It is a great mineral foundation!

Hi, new subscriber to your channel here!
What is the actual shade that you use in the powder, considering they all say nude on the back!!! Thanks a bunch!!!

I’m wondering if this DiorSkin powder would work well for oily skinned girls? and I’m guessing Marlena is using this to set her liquid foundation? or could it be used as a mineral foundation alone? and what is the coverage level?

zero coverage. if you need coverage you’ll have to find something else unfortunately..this just acts as a nice finishing powder and/or highlighter

Hi there! I just need one answer!
How do you open it? I just got it today!!
Thanks awesome video!!! :D

I love this stuff ! I use it everyday but I use a mac 182 and I find it works really well with the powder.

Hey, Marlena!

I super want to buy this powder:) but before i buy, i just want to know what is the difference between this diorskin nude loose powder ( silver cap) and the diorskin sculpting powder? i hear both are great but i just want to know which one is better for me:) thanks :)

Hey marlena. I bought this the minute I saw your favorite high brand products video. Do you think the Dior skin nude powder can be applied with a brush or does the puff work better? Thx. You are beautiful and do an excellent job with the videos. =)