Product Smackdown: Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeshadow Pencil vs. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Shadow Pencils

These creamy eyeshadow pencils are super pigmented, very creamy, and the best part:  they don’t crease!  They come in 12 different shades ranging from teal to brown to purple.  I love how much color these add to the eyes in one easy swipe- the only hard part is blending with them as they really do stay put.  You need to work fast and apply thin layers at a time.   My favorite color is “Clinic”, which is a gorgeous deep emerald green :)

I do think these are far superior than the NYX jumbo pencils, but the price is almost 4 times as much- you definitely get what you pay for.   I would choose just 1 or 2 colors that I know I would wear often (like the color “sin” or “lit” as they’re neutral).   I highly recommend these eyeshadow pencils though as they are great quality!

Price:   $20

Where to Buy:    Sephora  .  Amazon  .  eBay


NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

Now these eyeshadow pencils I have been using for over 2 years now- for good reason, as they are very pigmented and super creamy.  The only downside- they slide like oil on a hot fry pan.  The trick is to apply a very thin layer at a time using a small brush or your finger- don’t apply directly to the lid as they will crease.    My go to colors are “Milk” (for a solid white base), and purple (is a nice deep purple), and gold.

Although these aren’t as good in quality as the Urban Decay ones, I think they’re still worth getting if you want a strong pop of color to the eyes.  They’re incredibly pigmented and do glide well, plus you can’t beat the price.

Price:   $4.49

Where to Buy:   Makeup Geek Store  .  Amazon  . eBay  

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I think you have to review the Sephora Jumbo pencils too. they are only $10 and I personally think they are more better than the UD ones. They don’t crease and will really give you a good base, it’ll help intensify your shadows on it.

I’ve actually always wanted to try the sephora ones but never really found someone that’s really tried it. The UD ones are a bit pricey….

With the Sephora ones, I got their green color and it did stain a bit, so make sure you have a good makeup remover, otherwise, it worked on-par with the UD jumbo pencils.

I completely agree…i was also gonna suggest that too…they’re water proof, so they last for quite awhile and the colors they have are gorgeous…theres about ~10 shades i personally love the beige color…

Hey Marlena! great job! i bought the UD one and my only issue was that is was not creamy at all, i tried to apply it on the lid like i would the NYX ones and it didnt show much creamyness it pulled my eyelid around too. is there something i can do to get it creamier?

Thanks! Keep up the great work! :) <3

I love the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils I have almost every color. Theres a store by my house that sells them for $2.99 & all the other NYX stuff is half price

I love Urban Decay, but I am allergic!!!! Hate that I spent 20 bucks on an eyeliner and now have no use for it. I love NYX, though. Great products for a price that I can afford.

I personally only have one NYX pencil, I got Cottage Cheese because my retailer was out of Milk and I love it. I’m in Canada and we don’t sell NYX in very many place but our price for the pencil is about $5.99 which is still better than UD. I also love the colour range of the NYX > UD. Although there isn’t a perfect dupe of each of the UD ones in the NYX collection I still don’t think I’d spend the money on the UD ones..

there’s a shop i think called phoenix at pmall ( pacific mall ) it’s on steeles and kennedy , they sell legit nyx there, the jumbo eye pencils are $5.99 & there apparently they also sell nyx at vaughan mills ? not exactly sure where in vmills though .

I live in Norway, and they don’t sell Nyx jumbo pencils here, but I’ve ordered them online a couple of times, and I love them! They’re so pigmented and are easy to use!

I would like to know that as well! I know there are Jumbo LIP Pencils, but I’m curious to know whether the Jumbo EYE Pencils are safe for the lips or not.

they work fine on lips:) i use the hot pink shade on lips all the time in shoots. they can sometimes be a bit drying but nothing carmex cannot sort out:)
hope that helped!

I absolutely agree that the UD are far superior to the NYX pencils. If you buy them in a pack, they’re not $20 each. I’d say that’s the way to go.

I use the NYX Jumbo pencil in ‘Milk’, but I use it over a base, because I did find that it creased really badly on me as it does Marlena on its own. With a base underneath it doesn’t crease at all. Although one day I do want to try the UD 24/7 pencils, I think $20 an eyeliner is a bit steep for me at the moment.
Thanks for the great review! Keep up the awesome videos!!!

Hey Marlena! Huge fan- I’ve learned SO much from you and I love the artistic possibilities of eye makeup, and I now know how to express that, AND without looking way over the top ;)

Ive been running into some really frustrating problems though, help!! I use UDPP in Eden as my eye primer and while it does work well as far as staying power, I feel like it really dries my lids out. Like to the point where even with matte eyeshadows, if I’m putting on more than just a quick sweep [dramatic looks] it makes my eyelids look wrinkled. My skin gets a little oily sometimes and i have large pores but at the same time its dry, even my T-zone. I’ve been having some breakouts lately too [im 23]. I’m having trouble even finding a good foundation-i’ll moisturize and let it soak in and my skin looks good but then no matter what type or formula foundation i use it ends up looking so dry and cakey, even with the thinnest layers :( Ive tried using several drugstore face primers too but they don’t help really. I’ve tried Revlon colorstay, photofinish, bare minerals, loreal true match, olay, and numerous random pressed powders/cream foundations/mouse finish/tinted moisturizers i cant even remember. and to make matters worse I’m on a really tight budget so I can’t afford to buy a lot of stuff or really expensive products..
any suggestions you have i would REALLY appreciate!!
Thanks!!! xoxo

Hi, I’m not Marlena, but your skin sounds similar to mine so I figured I’d tell you what I do in the foundation application department.

– Make sure your skin is exfoliated for a smoother look.
– Use a good toner – L’Oreal makes a nice one.
– I don’t wait for the moisturizer to “sink in” before applying foundation. I find that the skin then soaks up the moisture too much and the skin has no “slip”. So, I apply foundation immediately after moisturizer
– I avoid all primers. They seem to make the situation worse and will often “pill” on my skin. I feel they suit those with very oily skins.
-Try different application methods to see which works:
Buy some $2.00 m/u sponges and dampen one. Use this to lightly blend the make-up down the face.
Get a stippling brush. Dampen it slightly and use it to “bounce” the make-up onto the skin.
Use a foundation brush, but use it to apply the moisturizer first and then the foundation. The brush will be lubricated from the moisturizer and there will be less “drag” when you apply the foundation. Make sure you then use the brush to “pat” out the foundation to erase any demarcation lines.
Hope that helps somewhat.

hey i am marlena i read your comment i just pic up make up like or love if hate then i don,t get i use annabell to its good makeup too you know send me back

Hey there! I had a similar problem with very dry skin, and breakouts all the time. My skin would be dry and flaky no matter what lotions, potions, poultices, or salves I put on it! I went to my dermatologist and found out what I had wasn’t actually dry skin, but rather a type of dandruff of the face (sounds weird but what can you do, lol). She prescribed me a cream that cleared up the problem in a couple of days! I would suggest seeing a dermatologist when you can afford it and asking about your issues. Hope you find a good solution!

It seems your problem is dry skin. After you wash your face try a gentle exfoliator, dermalogica gentle exfoliating mask is my favorite. Then put a nice hydrating moisterizer and/ or primer but the less layers the better try laura mercier hydrating primer, its a primer and a moisterizer in one and apply this before your foundation. That should solve the dry skin/ cakey face issue and the large pores as well. but i highly recommend and exfoliator then a moisterizer if your having an issue with cakey foundation and make sure to let it sink in for a few minutes before you apply your foundation. Hope that helps! :)

Hi marlena!

for the next product smack down, could you please consider, NARS lipgloss vs NYX megashine?? and perhaps show us some suitable dupes???

i know your a busy bee, but i think this is one everyone will love =]….

love long time geek <3

Hands down NYX is the best, honestly for the price their stuff is such good quality. I own several NYX jumbo pencils and cant wait to drop by Ulta and purchase more! The Urban Decay ones look great as well, but they are super expensive, i’ll stick with the NYX since they are so cheap and affordable!

Thank you so much for the swatches, it is sooo helpful!!!

How comes these are Made in Germany but not available here :( Had to order a couple of the 24/7 in the UK.

Hello Everyone!

Does anyone have suggestions on how to sharpen these pencils? The regular jumbo sharpener/hole doesnt work very well with them.



hey i am new to this website i also loved love makeup i want to know how to get the perfect mac makeup and at what store every time i go for if i like it i get it if i don,t then i leve it their for someone else.