Product Smackdown: Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner VS Milani Liquif’eye

Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil VS Milani Liquif’eye Eyeliner

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Urban Decay 24/7

Price: $18

Where to Buy: Amazon . eBay . Sephora

This eyeliner by Urban Decay has been my favorite for years now- they come in several different shades, are creamy, glide easily, and are incredibly rich in color. I use the color “Zero” or “Perversion” (black color) daily to line my upper and lower lashline to make my lashes look thicker- I love them so much that I have 3 different ones just in case I lose one! The only complaint I have at all is the price- at $18 a piece, it’s much easier to find a less expensive version. So…. that brings me to the product smackdown competitor: Milani Liquif’eye

Milani Liquif’eye

Price: $6.49

Where to Buy: Amazon . eBay . Most Drugstores

Just like the Urban Decay eyeliner, these Milani ones are creamy, glide easily, and are super pigmented! The only drawback is they come in just a few colors compared to Urban Decay’s massive 21 color collection. If you’re needing a basic black or brown, then Milani is a great alternative if you’re on a budget. Don’t get me wrong- I still love my Urban Decay eyeliners, but I don’t mind saving a few dollars on an eyeliner (so I can turn around and spend on another eyeshadow- haha)

Know of more products that are cheap alternatives for expensive ones? List them below!

Have a fantastic week, beautiful makeup geeks!

-Marlena :)

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Thanks, Marlena! This was really helpful. I love UD 24/7 liners, but if there’s a liner that’s just as good, for a third of the price, of course I’ll save some money (and spend it on more makeup, like you said)! Do the Milani liners as longwearing as the UD ones?

Milani smears on my waterline in the black but works perfect in the brown. It lasts slightly less than my Urban Decay smudged on top but I still love the Milani ones. Especially that teal color they have moreso than Flipside.

I use the Almay shadow base/concealer everyday. It never creases on me and it last all day and night. I love it and it only costs a few dollars. Hope this helps everyone that needed a drugstore shadow base. <3

I don’t know if you or anyone else knows any alternative to NARS orgasm and Laguna? I know people have said ELF makes a dupe but, it is no were similar. Would love to know other alternatives. I tried the Milani liquif’eye and to me it is not that black. Cheap yes black no. I prefer stilla’s eye pencils.

I’ve found a couple great dupes for NARS Orgasm. One of them is the Benefit Bella Bamba, the other is a Neutrogena color called Rosy Glow 40. Now the NARS Multiple stick in orgasm is easy to find a dupe of, check out NYC cosmetics, not sure of the name.

The NYX powder blush in Pinched is supposed to be a dupe for NARS orgasm, except slightly more pink and the glitter is less chunky. I hope this helps!

Hey Mariana, Sleek’s rose gold is a pretty close dupe to NARS orgasm. I really like it. Hope that helped.

Mark. Good Glowing Blush in After Glo ($8) is regarded as a dupe for Nars. You can shop at or if know an Avon/ Mark rep.
(full disclosure- I have never seen Nars in person so I can’t tell you it is a 100% dupe but is it marketed as one.)

I love the wet and wild palletes in lust, vanity and pride. They come in a wide variety of colors that all look wonderful on brown eyes and they not only come in shimmery colors, but matte ones in the pallete aswell. For wet and wild they are super pigmented!!!!


Isnt that the best! I think I have them ALL!! The pigmentation and staying power (with a good primer) is unreal.

Im kinda a sparkle freak, but on days where I have to look more professional for job interviews, or need a more matte look for a show (theatre major) they are a lifesaver!!!!!

The Milani Liquif’Eye comes in 5 colours actually – black, brown, gold, silver and aqua. They have great colour payoff and staying power, just allow to dry for 15 seconds after applying and they’re set for waterproof, smudge proof colour. The consistency is creamy and smooth so there’s no awful tugging on the skin around the delicate eye area. They have liners in other colours like green, blue and purple but I can’t vouch for their staying colour and vibrancy since I’ve never tried them myself.

Great Smackdown! Short, sweet, and to the point! I’m hoping this is going to be a regular series.
I think the NYX Luxurious Black Label Compact Powder is a good Smackdown with DiorSkin Forever Compact.

I went to Sephora the other day to get UD Yeyo but the consultant told me they weren’t getting anymore in. She had me get the MUFE white and it’s more of a shimmer. If any of you know of another long lasting white for my waterline please let me know. Thanks!

I haven’t tried it, but Prestige has a white pencil eyeliner in their Waterproof range. It’s called Star.

My holy grail is Prestige Total Intensity eyeliners. *nods* I find their black one is much more pigmented than UD 24/7 in Zero (and probably as pigmented as Perversion), and I think they stay in the waterline better than UD.

While, like the Milani eyeliners, it comes in fewer colours (eight colours total — black, brown, blue, purple, green, olive, teal, and a slate colour), it’s also inexpensive ($5.50 for Prestige).

I use the Prestige liners as well and they’re great! I have black, brown, purple and green and will probably pick up the teal and slate soon… I don’t know if they sell Milani products in Canada but the Prestige ones come in great colours and are much cheaper than UD and MUFE (I bought a black one and it is not creamy at all and tugs on my eye when I use it)

You can get Milani at some Superstore/Extra Foods in Canada. You have the check out a few though, as some don’t carry MIlani, but I was so excited when I found out that you can get it there! If you are in the area, or going through it, the Medicine Hat Superstore carries a bunch of Milani products (thought I am not sure if the eyeliners are there…).


i have perversion and it is very pigmented, but for some reason it smudges all over the place for me. i don’t have a problem with the other 24/7 eyeliners so all i can think is that this one is just too soft for my watery eyes. le sigh

i love the Urban decay eyeliners as they are creamy and smooth and stay put and as you said they come a veriety of colurs witch i love because i love my eyeliners

This is prob the best dupe I’ve ever found. For all you MAC 217 eye blending brush fanatics out there Crown Brush makes a pretty spot on dupe – it’s called the Pro Blending Fluff and it’s item # C433 and it sells for $5.49 compaired to MAC’s $22.50

if you can get your hands on the AVON super shock black eyeliner ive heard its GREAT & VERY black & long lasting. but its in EUROPE. been looking everyyywhere for it. nowhere in the states or online has it. BOO :(

I haven’t try use Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner unless u guys suggest me? I uses I.D. Bare Minerals Big Brighter eye pencil. I am fan of expensive products because they are good quality compare with drug store brands.

OMG< Marlena, YOu know this is the video I've been waiting for! Im gonna try my best to keep it on topic… so another great dupe for the 24/7 perversion is the new Loreal pencils, I think its called INTENSIFEYE. GET THEM ALL. Also, loreal has a new matte invisible finishing powder- I say its top notch. Milani has a 24 hr liquid liner in about 6 different colors, OBSCENE staying power. I swatced them on my hand after purchasing them all, and through non stop handwashing and sanitizing @ work, it did not budge until I used a remover. Compared to Amazing Concealer, I thought that Coastal Scents does a way better job! Wet n Wild Glassy Gloss is way shinier than MAC lipglass, found that out years ago. Revlons mineral finishing compact KILLS MAC Skinfinish and most other luminizing powders that Ive tried, especially if youre looking for that glowy dewy sheen as opposed to a glittery sparkly finish. I could think of @least 10 more but I'll spare you… but girlfriend thanks to you I have fully invested in my makeup addiction/ hobby. I buy it all, cheap, drugstore, pro, online, I LOVE finding the good stuff whether its $1 or $100!! Gracias!!!

I’m curious about the NYX Slide On Pencil. Looks like it’s as good as UD and has good color range. Did anyone try it? I’d like to know if it’s waterproof and lastlonger. =)

the NYX ones crease, i dont think they are waterproof but from past experience i thought they lasted good with an eyeshadow over top of them lightely..i wonder if u dont want eyeshadow u could try a translucent powder over them??? i have no clue just an idea :P the UD pencils are like 4x the cost depending how much u get the nyx ones for, but the ud ones LAST FOREVER!! i had one last 2 days! i would say if ur not going out for long def the nyx ones, but if there is that absolute color u have to have for that day get the UD :D i have 9 nyx jumbos but only 1 UD

A good alternative that I found to the UD 24/7 liners is the Avon Super Shock gel eye liner. I don’t know if they are available in USA, but in Europe they are. They are smooth and on me last a long period of time even on my waterline (yesterday I did my makeup at 6 am and took it of at 10 pm and it was just a little faded on my waterline, not smudged). It does not irritate my eyes if I apply it on my waterline although I heard some girls saying that if you are a contact lenses wearer and apply it on the waterline, it irritates the eyes. They are 3$ on sale and I think that the regular price is 5-6$.
So…….. for the rest of the makeup geeks that can not get their hands on UD or any other brands that are available only in USA, this a good alternative.

Milani luminous blush is a dead ringer for nars orgasm! It’s highly talked about on the makeup boards. Love this concept! Awesome thanks!

hi i am looking for a cheap alternativefor mac eyeshadow. i tried smh but they are to powderie and absolute not having the quality of a mac eyeshadow. do you have any answers???

thank you dee, but i am looking more for the eyeshadow refills because i am keeping them in my palette

I had the Milani Infinite Liquid Eye Liner in blue for a while now and never used it. Granted it does say on the bottle its for up to 24hr use, but I tried it today and man I’ve had trouble taking it off! My eyeliner always smudges, but this does not. I might just get all of the colors, since they are also super pigmented.

First of all, Marlena, you are amazing! Love all of your videos. I always check your website before I purchase any product. I lost my UD whiskey/zero pencil and went to your page to find a drug store replacement. I had a big issue with the Milani pencil (in black). I wear contact lenses and the Milani eyeliner (which I applied 5 minutes before the contact lenses) adhered to the contact lens. This happened three times in the same night. The only way to get the black off of the lens was to take it out and scrub it with water (I didn’t have lens solution). I’m going to toss it and shell out the $18 for the UD liner.

Hi…the Milani did the same thing to my contacts when I applied it to my waterline…ugh….it was the pits both times I tried it. 2 bad!

It’s great to see someone reviewing the Milani eyeliners you mention here. I found these at the first part of this year and I’ve been happy with them for nearly 6-7 months. They really don’t smudge at all, and the black is by far the darkest I’ve found (darker than UD Zero or MAC Ebony eyepencil). I love them all, but for a nearly liquid look in a pencil, it’s so great, and a good price too. :)

Btw, the aqua colored one is really close to MAC’s teal-green powerpoint pencil released with Surf Baby. MAC’s pencil is just a touch greener, but really nice alternative if you missed the collection.

Just wanted to give another shout out to the Milani liners. I have 3 (black, brown and teal) and I LOVE THEM! They are amazing! I can get 12 pretty decent hours out of them, and still have them look good (and my eyes water like crazy at work!)

i used the teal the other day for your work week looks tutorial and got SO many compliments! It made my blue green eyes look very green and intense. I was amazed at what a small amount did! (I topped with Mac gulf stream… love!)

Hi :) cud u find an alternative for quo makeup brushes since they are very expensive?? Nd I need more makeup brushes but I don’t want to waste money on an expensive brand when I cud of bought one cheaper nd one that works just as good!! Just curious is ELF a good brand?? cuz I saw a lot in USA nd they were rlly cheap. Tnx a lot!!! :))

idk what quo makeup brushes are, but i LOVE ‘essence of beauty’ ones that i found at CVS. i also love ‘ real techniques’; they’re a brand of brushes i found at ulta. ecotools also makes great brushes. you can certainly order MUG brushes from the store because they rock, too. ELF really isn’t a good brand.. their liquid liners are cool but honestly if you can afford better you ought to buy better. i think it’s better than NYC despite being cheaper, but still.

milani’s will NOT sharpen.. no matter how hard i try, i cannot get them to sharpen. i was blown away and for about a week it was the best eyeliner i’d ever found. however, when you can’t sharpen it to a point, heck, let alone a dome, without the pencil itself being all jagged and dangerous to have near your eye, or the liner substance being all bumpy and coming off in broken globs, it’s super frustrating and annoying. if you MUG’s check out blogs/sites reviewing the liners, you’ll see this is a common problem. don’t buy it! love milani but they put an amazing product in a horrible pencil that renders it useless.

haha i just want to say that it’s not me or my sharpener because i’ve never had this happen before.

I know I’m in the minority but I think the UD 24/7 liners are overrated. I don’t know if my eyelids are just really oily but they don’t stay on my eyes. They smear. Does anyone else have this problem with UD 24/7? I’ll try the Milani. Thanks, Marlena!

i’m changing my comment from the other week~ i was looking for a great purple liner and i saw the milani ones.. i knew how rich and metallic the color was and so i debated with myself for a little bit about getting yet another one. then i noticed how on the package it said new- auto propel, meaning that milani liquifeye now comes in an automatic pencil. there were still a few colors, like the brown and gold, in the original pencil form. i decided it was definitely worth a second try because even though the pencil ones will absolutely not sharpen correctly enough (always jagged/blunt or wide product tip) usually automatic pencils avoid those types of problems. i brought it home and the product is just like the brown one i had- rich, thick, opaque, consistent texture, metallic, creamy yet stays put, precise yet easily smudged. the pencil is automatic and i had to turn it many times to get it to start protruding more, and it does not rewind back in and cannot be pushed back down, but it started protruding normally after those first typical several turns. overall verdict: the product is the same as before and is actually just as good as UD’s and now comes in an automatic pencil, which is light years ahead of the horrible pencil material of the original milani liquifeye that simply does not sharpen.