NEW MAC ‘Fashion Flower’ Haul!!!

Hello you beautiful makeup geeks!  Here’s my thoughts on some products from this MAC Fashion Flower Collection…
  • Beauty Powder in ‘Alpha Girl’ & ‘Light Sunshine’  $25 (MAC)
    • I’m not going to lie…. this wasn’t my favorite product as the color was so pale.  Even on fair skin, this blush won’t show up too much but you could possibly use as a highlighter
  • Magically Cool Liquid Powder in “Cajun” and “Truth & Light”   $29.50 (MAC)
    • LOVE these!  They feel like water on the skin but they are powder!  They make gorgeous highlighters- Cajun is great for dark skin, Truth and Light is for fair to medium skin
  • Studio Fix Boldblack Lash  $14 (MAC)
    • Hate this mascara.  The wand is plastic and very small- sorry MAC!
  • Lipgelee Gloss in ‘Budding Beauty’ and ‘Fashion Flower’  $14.50 (MAC)
    • If you like glittery lips, then these are pretty but I’m not a huge fan.
  • Glaze Lipstick in ‘MLLE’ & ‘Summer Shower’  $14.50 (MAC)
    • These lipsticks are quite sheer so they don’t apply much color at all… “Ever Hip” is a pretty color, but “Mlle” and “Summer Shower” are just too light.
  • Eyeshadow in ‘Groundcover’, ‘Bows & Curtseys’, ‘Free to Be’, ‘Aqua’, ‘Lucky Green’, & ‘Fresh Daisy’  $14.50 (MAC)
    • Love all of these!  A few of these are colors from the regular line, so if I had to pick just a couple colors, I would get “Bows and Curseys” and “Aqua”


Also, here is what products I was wearing in this video:





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Love your site….but in need of the other “mirror” to view any videos please. Thank you :) You are awesome Marlena.

Hey Marlena, you haven’t mentioned any eye shadow under products you are wearing in this look…is that right? Coz your eyes look so pretty…how did you get your eyelids to look so smooth and shiny?


could you please start adding the color of your nail polish to your lists of what you are wearing in your videos. a lot of people ask this question in your comments section of youtube. Thanks!

Marlena can you please tell me what kind of color you used on the estee lauder double wear? since i searched for it alot but can not find out. Thankss so much Marlena


“Mlle” is the abbreviation for “mademoiselle” (pronounced “mad-mwah-ZELLE”); you’d likely pronounce the abbreviation as “mill”. :)

Hi Marlena,

This is some information about your MLLE LIPSTICK! First of all MLLE is a french abreviation. So this is how you should pronounced this word.: MA_ DE_ MOI_ ZELLE!

But for the end of the word you pronounce it ZELLE but you have to write it SELLE.

Here’s some information about this word MLLE in English mean MISS. So I am sure you understand. Now some of your subscribers who will read this may ask themself how I know this?? I want to say that I know this word in French because I am French. Yes! French is my primary language, I live in Canada in the Quebec Area. So this is how you pronounced this word. Hope it help. So again you pronounced MLLE:


Hope it help!

i find it an interesting since i really love coco mademoiselle :)) <3 thankss for the imformation Océanne

Hi Marlena, does the cooling powder works for oily skin?which one works better, the cooling powder or the blot powder?i have supeer-oily skin lol

Hello Marlena,

I love your site! My question is, do you think that Diorskin and the cooling powder are similar? Why or why not…if you had to choose one, which would it be? Why or why not…



Hi @Mzbehavin’

I have both The Diorskin Powder and The Cooling Powder and they are very very different. The Diorskin Powder is an actual foundation that is used all over the face for coverage or to set liquid makeup (I like to layer it over my liquid) and the Cooling powders are more of a loose highligher with a lovely shimmer/sheen to it.

Dior does have something kind of similar to the cooling powers, it is called Diorskin Shimmer Star (Amber Diamond and Rose Diamond). It is not cooling or loose but gives a similar finish on the skin

I love them all!! ;) Hope that helped a little



Your videos are always so fun! You’re so bubbly and personable, which makes all of your tutorials and reviews so much more enjoyable than others I’ve seen.

The cooling powders were part of the venomous villains collection, and I am so excited they are back. I should have bought them the first time they came out!


Hi, I really liked the video! I thought you looked great (as usual) and it was nice to hear your thoughts on the collection. I was wondering though, are the Magically Cool Liquid Powders shimmery? I heard that they were and I am considering buying one in truth and light, but I don’t really like shimmery/shiny powders….

Hi there! LOVE LOVE LOVE you!!! Have you changed your camera/videos? The picture is amazing!! Just wondering what camera you use? I noticed it in the past couple of videos!! Looks amazing!!!!

I have been following your blog for quite some time and you have yet to disappoint me! Your techniques have been extremely helpful and my make-up has improved drastically since watching your videos. I would like to request a tutorial using the color “Aqua” from this collection. Also, if you could also do a tutorial using purples, I would appreciate it greatly! Thanks a million!

Hi Marlena!
Every review or tuto you make is such a pleasure and every time I learn a lot about make up.
I find your nail polish very nice in the video. Could you just tell me his name and brand please?
Thanks a lot.

Uuuu what is the name on the lipstick you are wearing in this video? It is very pretty and it looks good on you. It is also pretty to you with neutral makeup.

please do more celebrity inspire looks because they are so much fun to watch and it amases me how beautiful they get :D

hi, just wondering what marlena’s nailpolish is in the video….not sure if i missed it somewhere!!!

I have a question Marlena, probably you’ve answered it before but i don’t know.
So, do you buy everything you show when you make these collection reviews? Or do you get them borrow from a store or is MAC sending them to you? And what do you do with the stuff you don’t like/use? I’m sorry but i’ve been following your site for a very long time and i’ve always have those doubts :P

pleeease let us know the color on your nails in this vid!! we are all dying to know!!!

The Magically Cool powders are from the Venemous Villains collection — they are pretty awesome, but I didn’t manage to get one back in Sept/Oct.

great products you bought! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture below of the girl with flowers around her face! if you could do a makeup tutorial that would be awesome! keep up the good work!