My Favorite Fruity Perfumes for Summer

Now I realize that I am a complete makeup geek and not a perfume geek, but I thought I’d share my collection of fruity perfumes which are great for summer!   Now if I could just share the smell of these through the computer, we’d be all set! ;)

I’ve listed these in order from my favorites to my least favorites, so….. let the fruity goodness begin!

Escada Taj Sunset

I LOVE the Escada perfumes! Taj Sunset is one of my current favorites as it has that tropical scent with an undertone of mango and blood orange.  To me it smells like the orange drink “tang” (if you’re an 80’s kid, you’ll remember this yummy sweet drink ;) )   If I could drink this perfume, I would- it really smells that good.    I wear this every weekend as it is fresh yet lasts a long time- I think it’s the ultimate summer scent.  The packaging on this is nice also- very sleek yet fun.

Smells like:   blood orange, mango, and raspberry









Price: $43 – $72

Where to Buy: Amazon   eBay   Sephora


True Religion Hippie Chic

Next to my beloved Escada Taj Sunset, this is my favorite perfume!  When I tried this one at Ulta, I snatched it up immediately as I fell in love with the light and fresh fruit scent!  This is a great everyday scent as it’s not overpowering, smells clean, and has a slight citrus scent for a lil’ kick.  The packaging is very sophisticated and clean (minus the dumb looking charms hanging off the bottle- needless to say, I took those off right away).   Thelasting power on this is pretty good- not an all day scent, but pretty dang close.

Smells like:

Price: $59 – $79

Where to Buy: Amazon   eBay   


Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Ribbon

Although this one is more sweet than fruity, it has that berry undertone to it.  I love this one as the scent is strong enough to last all day, but not overpowering.  I wear this one a lot on weekends when I’m going out for a nice date :)  ooh la la!    I think Mariah had 3 different lollipop perfumes in her collection, but the “ribbon” one smelt the most fruity to me.

I think the bottle is cute- a little teenage girly feel to it, but unique with the butterfly on top (very Mariah Carey-esk)

Price: $17 – $28

Where to Buy: Amazon   eBay


DKNY Be Delicious

This was my first fruity perfume to get as I loved the apple like smell and the unique bottle!  It smells super fresh, isn’t too overpowering, and doesn’t have that overly sweet smell that so many fruity scents have.   This is my everyday scent as it is subtle yet clean smelling- my only complaint is it’s hard to smell unless you spray quite a bit.

Price: $40- $72

Where to Buy: Amazon   eBay   Sephora


Bath and Body Pearberry

I realize this is a body spray vs a perfume, but it still smells amazing and has that light fruity scent.  It smells like a yummy fruit basket!  I wear this one during the day when I want something quick and light- it even works great on the sheets or towels if you want a hint of scent throughout the house :)   I absolutely love Bath and Body’s scents as they are light and fresh, plus they don’t break my wallet.

Price: $10.50

Where to Buy: Amazon   eBay


Escada Ocean Lounge

I found this one at Sephora one day while shopping for makeup (of course) and fell in love with this fruity yet floral scent.  Escada is probably my favorite brand for perfumes- I’m hoping to get all  of them at some point!  “Ocean Lounge” has a slight citrus undertone and is slightly tart which gives this a kick- it’s not overly sweet or spicy.  The staying power on this one is amazing too! I also love the clean and simple bottle- very sophisticated and easy to spot on my overcrowded dresser ;)

Price: $29- $48

Where to Buy: Amazon   eBay  


Rue 21 Revert Eco

Not all perfumes need to cost you an arm, leg, and kidney so… this one is amazing and super cheap!  I found this 2 years ago while shopping at Rue 21- the bottle is still 60% full and I’ve worn it almost every week.  This one is super fresh and slightly citrusy- I can smell a ting of cucumber and orange.  The lasting power on this is pretty good and it’s not overpowering at all.  This is another perfect everyday scent as it is refreshing, light, and clean.

Price: $9.99

Where to Buy:   eBay 


Viva La Juicy

Because this has been raved as one of the best fruity perfumes, me being the nosey person that I am had to go try it and find out for myself what the hype was.  I’ll admit it’s not my favorite but still one that I will wear from time to time.  I love the hint of berries mixed with subtle floral notes- the only thing is it’s fairly sweet.  The major strong point on this one:  it lasts a long time!

Price: $47- $89

Where to Buy: Amazon   eBay   Sephora


Britney Spears Radiance

This one to me reminds me of the Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy- fruity yet sweet.  With a mixture of berries, orange blossom, and jasmine, it has a great mixture of fruity and floral.  It also has a touch of musk which balances out the sweet.  This one isn’t my favorite perfume, but definitely worth keeping as I still love the berry and orange scent.  I would wear this one on weekends or at night as it’s not as fresh as some of the others…

Price: $49.50

Where to Buy: Amazon   eBay


Ed Hardy Women

Let’s face it, the Ed Hardy fad has come and gone so I was a bit hesitant to try this perfume… BUT, I was pleasantly surprised at how fresh and fruity this was.  It has a combination of mango, strawberry, and grapefruit so it is a bit sweet but with a hint of tang.  I bought the rollerball version so I can’t say much about the packaging, but I know the full size is a bit tacky looking.  Not sure if I would buy this one again, but it has a unique scent so it’s a nice change from my other perfumes.

Price: $

Where to Buy: Amazon   eBay    Sephora

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I love fruity perfumes so this is pretty useful to me. I have the Escada one from last summer that I LOVE. If you like the Escada Taj Sunset you might want to go ahead and pick up the big bottle now. Those “summery” scents by them are usually sold just in the summer. So it may not be around much longer.

Rue 21 does still have that perfume, and a few other nice ones too! Also, if you like cheap and still smells great and natural, try essential oils. I know that sounds very geeky, but they are amazing! The best scents are probably snow apricot, rose, and lavender. You can get them through amazon.

Love this post because I almost exclusively wear fruity perfumes (other scents often give me a headache). I usually love the Escada scents. I’m going to have to check out the rest of these :)

I bought like 10 bottles of Pearberry lotion when it was on sale, haha

Your perfume choices were great :) I have Mariah Carey’s and Juicy Couture’s Perfume and i love it especially for the summer time :)

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That’s weird… I had tang and i was born in the 90’s. I may have drinken some in the Phillipines, though; they still sell those babies back there!
Great article Marlena keep up the good work! :o)
But unfortunately, I can’t wear perfume. My skin doesn’t like anything with fragrance to it. :o|

I adore Rue 21’s eco! I recently ran out and am so disappointed! I need to go back and get more. <3

If you like those fruity smells you need to try Ralph by Ralph Lauren….. so delish! I used to were this perfume by Rimmel london that smelled soooo fruity and amazing but unfortunately they stopped making it several years ago….. I hate when that happens!

Escada and Mariah really strike my interest. You smell and look pretty! lucky guy who gets to go on the date with you

In case you want to get all the Escada perfumes, you can go to a Escada store (like in Vegas or South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA). They might still carry their whole line. I have all of them. I got introduced to Escada perfumes by my husband when we started dating, and I love them!!!!
Love your videos!

I’m obsessed too! I started back in 2002 with Sexy Graffiti. I’m very close to bidding on eBay for a bottle. My current favorite is Moon Sparkle but I have another 5 from them. My hubby gets them for me when they come out every summer.

This question was not for me but im such an Escada junkie i couldnt help it but to jump into the conversation. ive been wearing magnetism by Escada for more than 4 years. i might like and buy others but i always go back to magnetism :)

I started with Sexy Graffiti too! I tried to collect all the Escada summer perfumes but it was too much for me to finish!

Omg marlena if u want something truly amazing try “Lola” by Marc Jacobs it’s my all time favorit!

I went to a cosmetics store yesterday and came away with three samples. So hard to pick a new scent. I really don’t need one anyway. I love the True Religion and Viva La Juicy. I picked up samples of Pucci, Georgio Armani Code Sheer and Aqua de Gioia. The weird thing I’m finding is many scents smell similar to other scents I own or smell similar to cheaper lines like Bath and Body Works. Nothing wrong with Bath and Body Works and when the similar scent is $72 for 1/4 the amount – I have to pick Bath and Body Works.

Gorgeous :) Pink looks GREAT! on you!! You should try Juicy Couture Peace, Love Juicy :) its really good!!

Take care,
Jessiana :)

Try Light Blue by Dolce&Gabanna, I get headaches from most perfumes and I dont from this one! It smells great and lasts allll dayyyy long!!

I agree! I love Light Blue. It’s has such a refreshing citrus scent that I absolutely adore.

I’m so with you!!! Love the Escadas!!! I have every single one since of their summer fragances and I’ve been wanting to get the Ed Hardy.

Another good fruity perfume is Nina by Nina Ricci. I use it every day and I love it. It’s a sweet apple smell with undertones of vanilla, orange blossom and musk. I’ve gone through two bottles! Anyways, just thought I’d suggest another yummy one. :)

Hi Marlena i luv ur videos but i have one quick question i have oily skin n i just bought the laura mercier foundation n i was wondering if MUFE foundation would b better for a more natural look.

I’m not a massive perfume nut, but I like DKNY’s other Be Delicious perfume; it’s called Fresh Blossom. It isn’t fruity, but it smells gorgeous, very subtle.

I was totally going to recomend Fresh Blossom too! I love it, very light and fresh smelling.

I just met you at the yogurt shop and wanted to say you are even more sweet and beautiful in person! I totally frooze up when I met you and felt like I had a celeb moment :) Just wanted to that I really admaire you as a business women and hope to start my own one day. You are not only an inspiration to women our age but of all ages. It was a pleasure to meet you and thanks for the picture…my sister is going to freak!

Hi Lena,

Very nice video since I love perfumes & colognes. I so love your website and hope you continue to post tutorials about anything girly.

I have question though, what type of make-up will go with pale pink lips? Thanks…

The funny thing is that not nly am i a makeup geek, i am a perfume junkie. I stopped buying large bottles of fragrance, no matter what the incentive is, because I simply have sooo many that they go rancid before theyre finished. I have very little in common with this post because its very rare that i find a suitable fruity scent for myself:( I took me way too long to realize that although i may love a fragrance in the store or on someone else, it may not smell so great on me. this is why I own so few fruity ones. I love them but dont feel good wearing them. I do like SEXY GRAFFITTI, get lots of compliments on that one.

You should try Ralph by Ralph Lauren, Pink Sugar by Aqualina and Can can by Paris Hilton. Theybare 3 top favorites of mine.

I absolutely love fruity smelling perfumes! I have 2 favorites! I had Escada Pacific Paradise…awesome! My other favorite perfume is Versus by Verace…time for pleasure. Guy’s LOVE this. I have gotten tons of compliments on it! I can’t wait to go to the store and look for Marlena’s faves!

OMG so glad you put Escada Taj Sunset on the list. I wear this almost every day, I LOVE IT. I actually bought it without smelling it first based on the ULTA employee’s recommendation and because the store sample was “missing”, my thought was if it smelled good enough for the sample to go missing then I might as well give it try. xoxoxo

Hi Marlena,

I don’t know if it’s just my computer but whenever I open a tutorial the page automatically reloads (kind of goes blank then goes back to the page). It’s not a big deal, but I figured I would just let you know :)

But the rue 21 eco one isn’t fruity it’s floral ??? I have it and it’s a great spring and summer perfume because is smells like flowers.

I love Escada perfumes although all there perfumes smell the same, but i dont mind at all =)

I really love the DKNY Be Delicious! I got it as a present and haven’t used anythign else since! I really need to try something new – I’m not short of ideas after this blog!!

Great blog, thanks

Jenni x

I love all things Self Tan

Welcome to the world of perfumes! I hope you have a long a fruitful journey (bad pun, sorry). For a stunning and sophisticated tropical fruit, try Badgley Mishka (i think there are a few with that in the name, but that’s the *full* name of this particular one). I’m not always a fruit-lover, but Pleasures Exotic by Estee Lauder was my signature for 4 years and I still adore it. It has this juicy, yummy guava with other tropical fruits. I’ve always gotten plenty of compliments!

I have Escada Sexy Graffitti too. Its a really pretty smell. Its not too fruity but still fruity enough.