My Experience With Latisse

Hi beautiful muggies!  I wanted to share with you my experience with Latisse since I’ve had so many of you asking about my lashes.  Here’s my thoughts on it, with some pictures showing the before and after!

My lashes have always pretty long but not as thick- I wanted to see if Latisse actually worked like it was advertised.  I started using it 4 months ago and spread out 2 bottles worth.  Normally you apply it every night, but I used it every other night since it is so pricey!  I started noticing longer lashes after 3-4 weeks of use, and slightly thicker lashes after 3 months.

Here’s 4 months after using Latisse (2 bottles worth):

Each bottle costs $120 (ouch!) and lasts one month if applied daily.  Is it worth it?  um…. not so sure.   It did make my lashes longer and darker, but honestly I’d rather spend the same amount of money for lash extensions that are dramatically thicker and longer.  Plus the monthly upkeep of them is $40-60 a month instead of $120.   If Latisse would drop their price to maybe $20-40 a bottle, I may consider buying more.

I have not had any side effects- no problems with vision, no change in eye color, and no discomfort whatsoever.  The only thing that bothers me is you have to apply every single night or it will not work.


  • Longer, thicker, and darker lashes
  • Does not damage natural lashes
  • Too expensive
  • Have to apply it every night
  • Is not a permanent solution. When you stop using, your lashes will eventually go back to normal length.

Price:  $120

Where to Buy: Your local dermatologist

I did find a generic bottle on Amazon- not sure how well it works, but it may be worth a shot.    (Amazon)

If you all are interested, I will do another video later about just lash extensions.  Have a wonderful weekend!  Much love, Marlena


The eyeshadows I’m wearing in this video are:


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teehee, if you look closely she does move them, just subtley. Maybe someone didn’t get botox and you’re just being a jerk…lol

she is absolutely moving her eyebrows… are we watching the same video? even if she were to get botox, who cares??? teehee

Thats silly, you will have to use it for the rest of your life, when you stop using it
the lashes go back to the way they were…

Hey Marlena, it really does look like it made a big difference, however it is so pricey! I wanted to tell you about a eye make up remover that I use on my lashes because it makes them grow. It is the Loreal Clean artiste for waterproof and longwearing make up. It comes in the green bottle. I discovered it after hearing about it from another guru. Was skeptical and didn’t think it would work..I have super thin and short lashes..after a couple uses..I noticed my lashes were longer! I’m not sure Loreal really knows their make up remover can do this or else they’d be charging more lol Just thought I’d share..I even made a video on it on my YT channel. Thanks for sharing your experience!

The best is “RapidLash”, it cost £40, and it last for 2 months (+ , – ), so it isn’t so bad!
My lashes are now longer than before, thicker, and not falling out! Im beige 100% genuine!
Its my 3rd “bottle”. Try it! Its worth it! Not expensive, and really works!!!! You will be surprised!
You can buy it on ebay cheaper.

Unfortunately for me, RapidLash didn’t work. :( But, that’s not to say that people shouldn’t try it.

thank you for the imput. I never knew it was THAT much for that..

Can you do a tutorial on the look you are wearing? love it!

For what it’s worrh, I’m a Latisse user and have had great results, but like you, not enough to warrant spending that kind of buck. However, instead of shelling out 120 clams for Latisse, I ordered four bottles of Careprost at ten dollars a bottle. It’s the same thing as Latisse (bimatoprost opthalmic solution .03%), just a whole lot cheaper.

Could you possibly fwd me the link with the product and website you order your gen. latisse from??? Thank You

As Goddesslily stated, you can get it at the alldaychemist web site. For 11 dollars a bottle, you get a bottle and an application brush. For 10 dollars a bottle you just get the bottle.

Some people had issues with their Credit Card #s being stolen, tho some have not. My solution was to buy a prepaid gift card and make my purchase that way. Shipping is 25$, so it’s most cost effective to buy in bulk.

As far as application and making the solution last: Many people put a drop of solution into the divot in the cap and use a fine eyeliner brush to apply it; there is plenty of solution in one drop for one complete application of both eyes and eyebrows.

Hope that helps.

I use Carepost too and get it from the same site.
I get great results. And the price can’t be beat.
The only down side I have experienced is some slight darkening of the eye lids. I noticed but I don’t think anyone else did. And when I wear liner and shadow, it can’t be seen. The darkening did fade away when I was not using the product.
I have very short lashes and the product lengthens them significantly and the discoloring is so slight and managable that I find it worth it.
I agree with Sharon application and making the soluation last.
Once you have reached the length you desire, just use the product every 3 days to maintain. I have gone longer in between applications and still maintained just fine.

Happy Holidays! :)

Latisse strongly advises to use a sterile new brush each time you apply, even for each eye to prevent infection. have you had any concerns about this? you say you use an eyeliner brush? do you use the same one repeatedly and wash it? please share!

Hi Jenn,

I believe Allergan’s goal is to sell as much Latisse as they can, and at 120 per bottle per month, they can net a nice profit. The brushes that come with the set are thick, coarse and absorbent. Much of the product, then, is thrown out in the trash with the applicator. That justifies a customers need to purchase one bottle per month.

My concern is not to contaminate my bottle – hence the single drop in the divot of the cap. (FWIW, I trust myself enough to determine if I have a raging eye infection or not, and in the case that I did, I would cease to use Latisse until said raging infection would abate) I make sure not to touch the tip to the cap and wipe it with a cotton pleget after application. I generally use a new fine liner brush (MUG angled liner works beautifully) for each bottle. After application, I rinse the brush with alcohol and leave it to dry. It’s worked well so far and I haven’t succumbed to any dastardly eye infection, so there’s that.

Hope that helps.

Oh, I wanted to add that I have not experienced any eyelid discoloration. I find that a bit surprising as I am lighter than NW 15. I believe it is due, at least in part, to the fact that the latisse is only applied to the very junction of eyelid and eyelash; hardly any Latisse at all goes up on to my lid.



Yes, please! I have wanted to get extensions for a while now but didn’t know enough to feel comfortable to go through with it.

have you noticed any of the discoloration of your eyelid? that’s the one side effect all my friends bring up when they consider trying Latisse (and the reason they are reluctant to try it). you look fine from these pics though!

Hmmm…I can’t really tell a difference, except that ur lashes got darker. Luckily mine are already long, so i’ll def pass

Careprost is the generic version of Latissee, you can only buy it from the “Alldaychemist” website. It only cost $11, that’s right $11 but it also cost $10 to ship so do a group order or order a few bottles. We did a group order on MUA, shipping took about 2wks but it’s so worth it!

Hi – I work at a place that sells Latisse – and I myself use it regularily…
Out of curiousity – do you apply it with the brushes they give you? If so, there is a way of applying it that helps the bottle last 2 – 3 months (mine lasts me about 2.5 months).

You should try talika lipocils, it’s 40 dollars and sold at sephora! I’m Asian and I have tiny lashes, I’ve seen such a huge difference after I used it! Deffinately worth a try! :)

Hey Marlena!

I have the shortest lashes in the world! Promise! Lol I started going to this cosmetic surgeon’s office in my town for microdermabrasions and the esthetician recommended I use revitalash. Now she gave me a trial sample and I was hooked!! She told me it was $50 for the tube. I’m not sure if that’s the price everywhere but what she gave me literally lasted months!! and my result were amazing! what ppl noticed the most was how full they look now. Maybe it’s something you should look into:) all the best!

please please do a tutorial doing this eye makeup! I really want to see how you got this look, also could you do a tutorial showing how you do your eyebrows, mine always turn out bad and i would love some tips!

I have used Lilash, and it worked wonderfully for me. I had had lashes fall out and grow in really short from applying false lashes every day. I must have had a reaction to the glue. When I used Lilash, my lashes grew in really long and thick. I must have sensitive eyes because I did notice a little stinging and redness the first couple of weeks I used it, but that went away. They run BOGO sales, so you can get it for $45/$50 a tube, and it lasts way longer than a month (mine usually lasts 3 or 4 months).

i def wouldn’t spend $120 every month on it. I have Asian lashes so of course anything thatll help my lashes grow I’m interested. I’d love to see a video on lash extension. thx =)

You had really long lashes to begin with. I have pretty short lashes naturally so when I used Lilash (think its pretty much the same as Latisse) it made a really big difference to the way my eyes looked.

Hi Marlena,
You can order “careprost” which is the generic brand for latisse for $10. If you google it, it is the 6th wesbite down (ADC) dot com. It is much cheaper and works exactly the same. I have been using it for almost a year, but i just use it once a week or so to maintain my lashes now. Shhpping is more expensive because It ships from India, but I buy like 3 bottles at a time and to make up for it and I’ve been very happy.
Good luck!
Happy Holidays

I cant believe how expensive this product is! A few months ago i decided to use the vaseline trick out of curiosity, and honestly it works. My eyelshes are a lot than they used to be, it takes a considerable amount of time but its worth it.
Lizzie x

Yes please do present a video on lash extensions. I am most interested in possibly getting some. Thank you, Marlena! You are such a beautiful person both inner and outer beauty.

ive always had short lashes so i recently started perming my eyelashes and i love it!! they look full without mascara and even more dramatic with it. i suggest it to anyone unhappy with their lashes.

i ve been using latisse for over a year now and it really works, my lashes are thicker, darker and longer… the good thing is i work with a dermatologist and i get it for free…
but anyways i wanted to share a tip we give our patients when they buy it… in the instructions it tells you to use one applicator per eye every day( and what happens is you run out of applicators before you run out of product).. you definitely can use one applicator for both eyes..

Marlena thanks for all your tips and tutorials i love it…

I think the use of this product is silly considering that you would have to continue to use it forever to keep the desired results. I think our imperfections are what makes us beautiful and unique.

I’ve been using Talika Eyelash Lipocils for a over a month now & I’m already seeing results. My eyelashes are longer & I’ve noticed that they’re a tiny bit thicker than usual. I have A LOT of new baby lashes that are way thicker than all the others & that are also growing out with a nice lift. I haven’t had any side effects, but I have read that your eyelashes might start falling again once you stop using it (I wouldn’t know yet because I use it once in the morning & once before going to bed, everyday). I got it from for $40. I use it on my eyebrows as well, which is where I believe I’ve seen more results. I use to have a little gap near the end of one of my eyebrows, but now that area has tiny hair growing out of it :) I would totally recommend it. If it doesn’t work on your eyelashes, you can always use it for your eyebrows.

Rapid Lash works GREAT for me! Way cheaper, the product lasts for months, and the ladies
that sell latisse always assume that’s what I’m using. It took about 6-8 weeks to notice the results, and from then on I have had beautiful long, thick lashes.

Hi! I agree its way to expensive!! For less you can have the Ultimate mascara and the make-up remover with vitamin E from Mary Kay and it’ll do a difference. And Marlena you look gorgeous as always ;)

Hi Marlena!

thanks for this video!. Have you also tried any product for making brows grow?. I have seen good reviews about M2brows (from M2beauté). If anyone has tried, could you please share?. I am a bit sceptic, as it is also very expensive..but I do really need something to help my brows grow up.

By the way, thanks for all your videos!!, I always rely on your opinion!

I buy the generic brand on-line for only $10 a bottle….and a bottle lasts me about 3 months…a tiny drop on a very thin brush is all youu need to coat both lash lines-it works fabulously! Marlena, you must be squeezing out too large a drop or glopping on a bit too much if a bottle only lasted you one month. You need to gently squeeze the bottle and it lets out a very smidgeon of a drop; that’s really all you need!

I have blue/green eyes and I tried using Latisse. I found after a couple of weeks of use, the color of my eyes started to change a bit… too weird. That was enough for me to give it up.

You should report your findings to your physician so they might notify Allergan.

As it stands, there are no reported cases of Latisse causing discoloration of the iris. Physicians are compelled to warn patients because when it is used to treat glaucoma (Rx: Lumigan) in significantly higher doses (which are applied directly to the eyeball), discoloration has been seen. However, in those instances it has been rare.

If this has, in fact, occurred in your course of treatment, you would be doing consumers a favor by reporting it.



I highly recommend you use what I use and I got 2 tubes if it off Amazon for $60.00. I learned about it through my hair salon that has a facial spa in it and the lady that does the faces used to sell Latisse when she worked at,another salon but the owner switched to a cheaper and more effective sooner and it is called NUTRALUXE LASHMD. When the lady moved to my salon she introduced us to it and they cannot keep it on the shelf. The first day I used it my lashes grew. It says on directions use once daily but I use twice. I would never use another product. my lashes grow so long I have to trim them with my husbands beard trimmers. Its better to turn the trimmer sideways instead of trimming strait across in my opinion kind of like a choppy haircut! I promise this stuff works.

hey marlena, i just got the Bobbi Brown dual ended eye liner in jet/chrome, and can u PLEAAASSEE do a tutorial on it with great ideas

Been using it for a year and a half ( and not every day or even every other day)

It works

Black, long, thick – and eventually very straight lashes!!!!

We are talking I need a mechanical and heated cutler to make a dent in these things. They’ll be thick but they will also be straight and harder to curl.

Oh PS . Slightly oily lashes. Thank god it looks like you have mascara on bc it won’t stay not even waterproof.

Taking it bc of past chemo tx.

Hey Marlena!
I just bought all the eyeshadows for this look. Can you please do a tutorial so I can see how you got the look above in the video. Thank you so much! I love all the tutorials and tips and you have become my daily have to look at website!

what lipstick are you wearing in the video? Have looked through all the comments but does not say! love love love it

My lashes are long, fine and straight. I’ve been using Rapid Lash and have had great results! I found it online at for around $25-30, I cant remember what I paid but it was the lowest price I could find at the time. My lashes grew longer and started filling in. I haven’t noticed them getting thicker, which is why I tried the product but I will give it some more time and be consistent with application. Another product that I love is Lancome lash primer. I’ve noticed that my lashes have curl on the own and they are softer and stronger. I’ve always had to use an eye lash curler but not anymore!!!

Hi! LOVE your site btw. I wanted to mention, yea Latisse is awesome and you do see results, but I had to stop using it because my eyes where ALWAYS bloodshot:-( I know its different for everyone but I figured I would throw that out there for anyone who is thinking of spending 120$ on this item. That fine print on the box is there for a reason;)