Maybelline “Stylish Smokes” Eyeshadow Quads

If you’re looking for great pigmented blendable eyeshadow quads for cheap, the Maybelline Stylish Smokes Quads are just what you’re looking for.  The quads come with four different shadows including a base, lid, crease and liner color.  These quads come in 14 different shade combinations to accommodate every complexion and eye color.


I really enjoy the Maybelline Expert Wear Stylish Smokes Quads.  I feel they are great quality for an amazing price.  I love how I am able to throw these in my purse if I’m in a rush or traveling, and being they are so blendable I’m able to even blend with my fingers! I feel these quads would be a perfect match for any beginners starting out in makeup.  Maybelline makes it so easy to apply these shadows by labeling the shadows such as lid and crease.  They even have a small diagram located on the back of the quad that shows where the eyeshadows go.


My only complaint with these shadows is they aren’t nearly as pigmented without a primer.  However overall, I’m really impressed with them and they are now my favorite drugstore eyeshadows!


  • Product: 5 out of 5
  • Packaging: 4 out of 5
  • Quality: 5 out of 5
  • Price:  5 out of 5
  • Would I buy again? Yes
  • Where can I purchase these?  Any drugstore




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I miss out a lot because of where I live… This combo is something I can look for though… The band is not available here:(

I feel Maybelline improved their e/s formulas with their new eyeshadows. Softer and more pigmented. These smokey quads are amazing.

I seen all the hullabaloo on Youtube about this quad so I bought it and I rarely ever reach for it, not a big fan. The color pay off is terrible but I will say it does have more pigment then any NYX shadows I’ve tried. It’s definitely a hit or miss with me on this quad.

Yeii I have the Chai latte… When I looked at it, I knew its a great buy.. Its gorgeous! Thanks for the review. :)

I really like the Modern Metallic shadow quad! I just bought myself another one yesterday along with a triple compact of silver for my cheering competition tomorrow! So excited Makeup Geek decided to promote these! See, you DONT have to spend lots of money for the same style!

i have to be honest; i really don’t think you get any where near the pigmentation of higher end eyeshadows from maybelline. i’m mean it’s great to buy the best that you can if you really can’t afford to save up for sephora/mac/ulta, but i’m so shocked that this got a 5 out of 5. i don’t want to be too critical; i’m only trying to be helpful, but if you look at the quad there are two distinctly different shades of purple as well as a total black shade, yet in the video it appears you have just a sheer wash of lavender with a light gray liner. it’s nice for just a very sheer, incredibly light barely smokey eye, but it’s just not going to cut it for me or most people who do save up (or are simply loaded haha) for more expensive brands. marlena once did a Q and A video with someone else and they were at panera and she gave an interesting bit of advice when answering a question related to photo shoots. people look washed out and cheaper/less pigmented makeup always seems to disappear when there’s a camera taken. so, if you really want to know the quality of an eyeshadow, i recommend applying it, waiting a few hours, and then taking some pictures. drugstore/walmart/etc brand eyeliners, lipsticks and glosses ABSOLUTELY hold up to their more expensive counterparts, but ever since a year ago when i got into more expensive makeup, i will never again buy eyeshadow from those brands. i’m slowly but surely getting rid of collection of that and moving in new palettes from UD, kat von d, too faced, lorac, tarte, etc.

I totally agree with you. After watching this review, I went and got one of the quads. The layout is a little bit different here in Europe. The shadows are placed in a row and numbered not labeled. Not only is the quality/pigmentation disappointing, I think they also made a mistake during production: the color which is supposed to go into the crease is much lighter than the lid colour. It doesn’t show up at all. The guiding drawing on the back though shows that this color is darker than the lid color and slightly lighter than the liner. Almost seems as if they mixed up the numbers. All in all, I would not recommend it.