The Best Eyeliners Ever!

Hi Makeup Geeks!

You all know I love to try new makeup products, so I’ve compiled my “Best Of” series stating my favorite makeup products of all time!  My top picks are completely unbiased- I simply want to help you spend your money on only the products I know are amazing.  Trust me, I have tested, swatched, and worn just about every makeup product out there ;)

Enough blabbing…. On to the best eyeliners ever!


Urban Decay 24/7

What it is:
Richly colored, creamy eye pencils that come in a wide array of colors.

Why I Like Them:

Because they are creamy enough to apply to the waterline, yet resistant enough to not end up on my cheeks by the end of the day…

Price: $17

Where to buy: . Amazon . Sephora . eBay


Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof

What it is:
Richly colored, creamy eye pencils that come in a wide array of colors.

Why I Like Them:

Because they are creamy enough to apply to the waterline, yet resistant enough to not end up on my cheeks by the end of the day…

Price: $20

Where to buy: . AmazonSephoraeBay


Stila Kajal Eye Pencil

What it is:
These richly hued pencils are formulated to mimic the ultra-soft texture of the Indian eye darkener of the same name.

Why I Like It:

My favorite color is the topaz one- I haven’t found a nude colored eyeliner (most are white).  I use this in the waterline to brighten my eyes and make them look bigger.

Price: $18

Where to buy: . Stila Kajal Eye Pencil – TopazAmazon . Sephora . eBay


Milani Liquif’Eye Metallic Eye Liner

What it is:
Extremely smooth eye pencil with the application and feel of a liquid liner.

Why I Like It:

These eyeliners are not only very inexpensive, but work really well! They are super pigmented and glide easily- they compare to the UD 24/7 eyeliners.  The only downside is there’s just a few colors…

Price: $5.49

Where to buy: . Amazon . eBay


Loreal Hip Color Chrome Eyeliner

What is it:
L’Oreal’s first chrome eyeliner for bold definition, with a striking metallic effect.

Why I Like It:

These are another creamy yet inexpensive eyeliners that compare to the UD 24/7 ones.  The colors are gorgeous and are very pigmented.  Downside: just 5 colors…

Price: $9.99

Where to buy: . L’Oreal Paris HiP Studio Secrets Professional Color Chrome Eyeliner, Violet Volt, 0.03 OunceAmazon . eBay


Bobbi Brown  Long Wear Gel Eyeliner

What it is:
A best-selling, award-winning formula that makes lining your eyes like a pro easy.

Why I Like It:

These gel liners do not dry out like most other gel liners, and there’s tons of colors to choose from! Very pigmented and glide easily.  I use “Black Ink” almost every day now.

Price: $21

Where to buy: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner Black InkAmazon . Sephora . eBay


MAC Fluidline

What it is:
An ultra smooth gel liner that can be applied to the waterline or along the lashline for a beautiful pop of color.

Why I Like It:

Although I like the Bobbi Brown ones better, these gel liners aren’t bad. They apply easily and are very creamy.  My only complaint is that they dry out more quickly than the Bobbi Brown ones…

Price: $15

Where to buy: AmazonMAC . eBay


Palladio Eye Ink

What it is:
A portable, fine tipped liquid liner that comes in 6 different colors.

Why I Like It:

Unlike most liquid liners, the brush isn’t very pointed to get that precise line.  Also, these you don’t have to dip the brush in the liquid, making it much easier to handle. You just shake, then apply.

Price: $6

Where to buy:   Makeup Geek Store


MAC Superslick Liquid

What it is:
A pigmented, shimmery liquid liner that comes in 9 amazing shades.

Why I Like It:

These liquid liners are shimmery and very pigmented!  I love the felt tip as you get a much finer line, and the colors are truly gorgeous.

Price: $17.50

Where to buy: . AmazonMAC . eBay


Too Faced Metal Eyed Liquid Shimmer Eyeliner

What it is:
A long-lasting, non-smudging shimmery liquid liner.

What it does:
Metal Eyed Liquid Shimmer Eyeliner is formulated to deliver the dramatic definition of liquid metal with one easy swipe. This unique water-based formula has intense color payoff and light-reflective properties that create a maximum shimmer and make eyes pop!

Price: $17.50

Where to buy: . Too Faced – Metal Eyed Liner – Dirt BagAmazon . Sephora . eBay


NYX Glitter Liner

What it is:
A glittery liner with a brush ended applicator to apply a glittery line with just a hint of color.

Why I Like It:

These glitter liners are great for a night on the town  OR during the day.  The glitter isn’t too over the top as it has hints of color and can be applied sheer if you want. Plus you can’t beat the price!

Price: $4.29

Where to buy:  Makeup Geek Store . eBay


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Hi Marlena-

When you use different colored gel liners, do you use the same bent brush or do you have different ones for each color?

Also, do you clean your bent liner brush after each application so it doesn’t dry the bristles out?


Possibly in the future could we get a tutorial in how to incoorpirate some fo those more funky/coloful liners like the MAC super slick, or Too faced metal eyed liners into a look? I lovelovelove the colors, but am lost on how to go about using them. I usually wear brown/nude smokey eyes.

Thanks! :D

I know you get this a lot – but your eye makeup is gorgeous and would be perfect for every day. Mind sharing what eye makeup you’re wearing?

Hi Marlena!

Thank you so much for this tutorial! I have been in disperate need of a good eyeliner! I’ve asked around to see if anyone can point me in the right direction to finding a good eyeliner and its been a no go so far haha! BUT thanks to you I have a whole lot of options =) you have definitely helped me out! you are the BEST!

Thanks =)

I love the Stila Kajal Eye pencil in Topaz. I really need something to open & brighten my eyes! I will be getting soon. Thanks Marlena!! Btw, are names sound similar :)

Hey Marlena, I luv that your so easy to watch, you dont bore me like some other make-up “gurus”…haha. I wear contacts and always, ok maybe not always but 99.3% of the time my eyeliner (waterlines) seems to “rub” off on my contacts and hello blurry vision…would you have any recommendations for eyeliners that wont do this?…greatly appreciate it!

ps you look awesome! I’m on my own weight loss journey and watching your progress helps me keep my goal and hope…so proud of you! hugz Charli

Hey, Girl, hey!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharring with us! Wonderful tips. And YOU are wonderful!


dear marlena im going on my honeymoon in florida and we are also going on a cruise, its in the summer so its going to be super hot and there will be lots of water. which one would you recomend for the day and which one should i use for those fancy cruise ship dinners?
thanks soo much for all your hepl for those of us that always loved makeup but never realy knew what to do with it. :)

Could you please do a tutorial on how to use these cool colors into your everyday look or for a night out? I love colored eyeliners but never know how to add them to my everyday look.

Great post!

Urban decay is my favorite! love rockstar color.
I asked you recently about concealer for older women, and i tried eva pearl but didn’t like. Just got “it cosmetics bye bye undereye concealer with collagen” and love it. Doesn’t cake or crease and is makes undereye very soft. I purchased from QVC don’t know where else it is sold but you might want to try it.
Love watching your videos and your website!

I noticed you mentioned the Milani eyeliner is comparable to the UD in terms of pigmentation and consistency. However, do you feel it has the “lasting power” of UD eyeliners? Or does it tend to run or melt after a short time?

I’ve been wanting to find an eyeliner that actually stays on my eyes, without having to spend 17$ on the UD one.

Those eyeliners all look very nice and pretty, but I am sticking with my Bourjois eyepencils:) Works best for me

thanks for the info……..i think i’ll be doing some shopping……the only thing is that i live in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean…..and so the exchange rate is $1 US to $6 TT

I almost fell over laughing when I saw your facal expression after you discovered that the name of the Too Faced liner was “Dirt Bag”. Thanks for including the inexpensive liners as well. I’m thinking I might try the Milani one.

i love all things palladio! i get my ink liners from sally’s its the same just dont have to pay shipping and it’s instant gratification lol.

Man, I cant wait to get the UD set, but I was wondering if youve ever tried te REVLON COLORSTAY retractable liners? I buy them in bulk when theyre on sale because the last so long! I wear them to work for long shifts and they dont budge! I have every color altough the color variety is very basic

I love your ring, so gorgeous :) Thanks for the video. I’m hoping you’ll do a look using gold eyeliner soon. I have one that I absolutely love but rarely use because I feel like it doesn’t look good on me. I usually wear black/brown eyeliner every day to thicken and make my lashes appear longer, but the gold one is so light it doesn’t do that so it looks…strange. Would love to see how to pull off gold eyeliner ;)

usually if i use a bright liner like gold or medium blue, i line my eyes with that a bit thickly, and then line my lashline (or just very close to my lash line) with black to have it contrast more.

You should try out the Korres pencil liners. They come in so many colors, are so soft and creamy, and are just my absolute favorite. :)

you know how youll like show urban decay items then say youll tell us where to buy it,well do we buy them from you or do you just tell us where we can but it.Also how do you make money off this do you work for urban decay or something? Im wondering because im in the process of making my website and i was wanting to know because i loovvee you website!

Marlenas, is the Milani Metallic Eye Liner waterproof???
I got so much problem with eyeliner melt down after a while DX
the only one that i didnt have problem with is the urban decay one

Loved the video. Can you do a look for a baby shower. I am having a boy and want to look great for the shower and pics. Also where do you shop for your tops you always look sooo cute!


I’m surprised I didn’t see MUFE in here, not because I think they’re amazing but everyone says so and just would like your opinion on MUFE’s eyeliner and how it fares in comparison to those mentioned here.

Hi all,

Just wanted to know if Marlena or anyone has ever tried the Kevin Aucoin Products and what you think about them in comparison to other brands. I used the highlighter and like it though it was a little pricey. Unfortunately, his products were discontinued from the local Sephora from which I got it so I would have to get it online to purchase anymore items of his. I have one of his makeup books which I love. Any imput would be greatly appreciated.

I really liked this video. I’m glad that you mentioned Milani! The liquif’eye are great eyeliner pencils! Especially people who like that intense black!

Trying to use the “contact” link at the bottom of the site, but the “submit comment” button underneath the text box does not appear onscreen. Any idea why? Have no idea how else to contact…Help!

I clicked on the contact link and then selected a message topic from the drop down menu that appears, after that a message box similar to the leaving a comment message box appeared. Perhaps try refreshing the page?

Hi Marlena ! I just wanted to give u a tip : You like nude eyeliners ? Try “Kryolan eye/lipliner 905 Cream ” I thinks its better that the stila one in topaz! :)

I have a question about the UD 24/7 liners, I have two that came with the book of shadows vol. 2, do they require a special sharpener or do I need to use a knife? The standard double barrel sharpener I have can’t seem to do the job on that almost plastic like ‘wood’ the pencil gets butchered in either barrel and I’ve already wasted a ton of product just trying to get a nice non-eyeball piercing tip…. :(

Hi, Urban decay sell a special sharpener called “Grindhouse” you can get it on their website or there is a free one in the UD15 limited edition set. It just looks like a normal sharpener but maybe the blade is sharper?

hey marlene, i have seen your videos in youtube! i think your very talented!!!!!! what is the best type of makeup i should wear? i have not one idea!!!!!!!1

My fav is Loreal Intense Eyes,its just like Loreal HIP only not chrome. You should try it :) Its very creamy.

I have still not yet tried Urban Decay tho. :(

Get well :)

My eyeliner smudges through out the day all under my eyes… How do I keep it inplace and last all day like I just put knob… Also same thing with my foundation… Any advice

Dear Marlena,
Happy to know you’re out of the woods from surgery and taking full on recovery. Keep it up.
Do you have a favorite white eyeliner? Since there are so many varieties (metallic, shimmery, matte, pearly, etc.) Can any white eyeliner serve as a shadow base?
Thanks and take care.

Hi Marlena, quick question…why is it so hard for me to find a good dark brown pencil? UD has a bourbon which I’ve tried but it’s not dark enough; Stila…same thing. I looked at Milani and again, not dark brown enough for me. Any ideas? The UD has the pencil eyeshadows and has a dark brown I really like. It’s a shadow, but I figure I can use it as a liner. Problem is that it has a very wide tip. Let me know when you can. Thanks!

Hi Marlena…i know you are still getting better from your surgery but i was hoping that once you are good to go, you could do tutorials using the Urban Decay 24/7 color pencils. I bought them and would love ideas on how to wear all the different colors for day and night. Thank you…. hope all is well.

Hi Marlena! :)

Hope You are doing well :) I just wanted to let you know how much of an inspiration you are to me. Firstly, you’ve inspired me to be healthier, and its really nice because it makes me feel really good about myself. Also, you’ve inspired me to wear the unwearable when it comes to makeup!! I always do your looks!! You are so amazing. :) PS- can you use the Milani liner on the waterline?

Lots OF love,

PS- I am 12 and I want to be a makeup artist just like you! Oh, that would be so fun!! I do my friends makeup for parties and stuff:) Luv Ya!!!!

Hi Marlena im a huge fan i ave been applying eyeliner on my lover waterline for years but i just can not get it on d lid n upper waterline do u ave any tips it wud really help

Thanks Keep Ding Wat ur doing ur my idol :)

hi Marlena im a big big fan…i can apply eyeliner to the lower waterline but i just can not apply it in d lid n on d upper waterline…if u ave any tips i wud be really greatful

keep up the good work…your my idol :D

I love your nails in this video. Can you describe how i can do this? Would love to know. Thanks! I prefer if you email me because I don’t check this often. Thanks!


Thanks Marlena, I have the MAC superslick in a metallic dark olive colour (went back and bought another two since its LE!!) and also love the Urban Decay (have a set of the 15yr box on the way from ebay – here in Australia its impossible to get anything other than MAC or the traditional (expensive) brands Estee Lauder, Clinique etc). On your suggestion I have ordered a couple of the Nyx Glitter liners and also a Stila Kajal in topaz! I agree with some of the earlier posts can we have a tutorial on incorporating coloured eyeliner into looks?