Product Smackdown: NARS Orgasm vs MUD Glow Blush

Hello gorgeous Makeup Geeks!  Here’s my next product smackdown, where I compare a “high end” product with a “budget” one.  I’m comparing 2 blushes today- the ever popular NARS Orgasm blush vs the MUD Glow one…

NARS Blush – “Orgasm”

NARS blushes are known throughout the makeup community for being the smoothest and richest blushes out there.  The top selling color of all time is “Orgasm”- a slightly shimmery peachy pink color that looks great on just about everyone.  This blush gives a subtle glow and warmth to the cheeks (um… maybe why it has it’s name? ;) )    The only downside is the price- at $27 it is a bit pricey for a blush

Price:  $27

Where to Buy:   Sephora  .  Amazon  . eBay


Makeup Designory Blush – “Glow”


When I first tried the MUD blushes, I was actually very impressed!  The texture is very similar to NARS- smooth, richly pigmented, and not overly shimmery.  This color “glow” is almost an exact dupe for the ever popular NARS “orgasm” but is 1/2 the price.  My other favorite colors by MUD are “bubblegum”- a nice bright matte pink, and “soft peach”- a nice warm peach color.  I honestly have no complaints about these blushes- you can get in refills to put in your palettes if you like, or buy in a pot like the picture above.

Price:  $9.99

Where to Buy:   Makeup Geek Store


I am going to say that it is worth trying the MUD blush to save some money- this doesn’t mean that I don’t still love my NARS one!  But as you can tell from the swatches, it’s an easy way to save some money :)

Have a wonderful weekend, muggies!!!






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Is “Soft Peach” a matte shade? I’ve been wanting a new peach blush that isn’t shimmery, since I already own Orgasm and Coralista… Was debating buying Tarte’s Blissful, but if MUD has a matte peach if similar quality and lower price, I’d rather save the $$!

I love mug and I think they look just alike! I would by the one the mug carries anyday!

And sorry to tell you, but this isn’t even a product smack-down of MUG vs. NARS. It’s a MUD(Make Up Designory). Hahaha.

I have nars orgasm, and I have to say I’m a little disappointed with it- I find it so sparkly and shimmery that it shows up any bumps on my cheeks. And I paid $60 for it (Australia) which is ridiculous! I won’t be buying again. thanks for the review marlena xxx

i dont think they are the same. Guys, if you really like the dupe for a high end NARS ORGASM to a budget friendly one its going to be MILANI minerals luminous

I have to say that Tarte Blissful is now my favorite (from her haul)- Nars IS nice but way too glittery!!!

I know I praise Mary Kay products alot but it’s hard not to when I’ve tried so many OTC beauty products over the years and have been really impressed with MK’s line.

When I saw NARS’ Orgasm blush it made me think of Mary Kay’s Strawberry Cream mineral cheek color. They’re both a pink color with golden shimmer, very similar. MK’s blush is $10.00 which is great compared to the $27.00 for NARS; however, you’d probably spend more to get a refillable/reusable compact so that’d add to the final price.

Thanks for the smackdown, I’ll definitely have to check out the MUD colors and texture!

Hey, I enjoyed reading your post – I definitely see the similarity in the two blushes.

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Keep on blogging :)

I know that Too Faced recently came out with “Who’s Your Poppy?” that was modeled exactly after Nars’ “Orgasm” except they say it’s more highly pigmented. It’s mid-range… $19 in the states.

While on vacation this summer, I read in a magazine that the closest drugstore brand blush with a colour that comes closest to NARS Orgasm is Cover Girl Rose Silk. Since I am not about to shell out $27 for blush, the CG price tag was very appealing and its my go to colour for pink blush.

Marlena could you try comparing some ELF products to expensive products. I think the Nars Orgasm blush and ELF Blushed/Brozed Duo are very similar. The ELF only cost a dollar.

I have both and the ELF product is nearly identical to the NARS – I love the product and LOVE saving about 24.00!!

Great heads up on a new product!

To join in the conversation: For me, a dupe has to be not just the same color or close to it, but it has to be long lasting and same kind of pigment and texture.

I don’t buy a lot of drugstore brands because the color payoff is horrible and the color doesn’t last through the day, but I’m not saying this is always the case. I have found that my MAC $18 blushes go a lot farther because they are so pigmented I don’t have to use as much and re-apply as often.

I love Nars blushers, but some of them break me out. Maybe I’ll try the MUD ones and see if they work better :)